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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on December 29, 2013    

Marketing a range of crispy fried vegetable pastries with toppings such as crabmeat, prawn and even oyster, Happy Crispy Veg spans among numerous outlets in Singapore, with its latest outlet having opened in Rivervale Plaza, Sengkang.

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Side dish of the day

So, there was a period of time when I felt I was taking in too much meat, hence I came up with a resolution, snack on vegs instead. Whilst I toyed with the thought of losing some pounds over the new choices of fare, it never really did come true.

Happy Crispy Veg's crispy fried vegetable pastries accounts as the explanation. The pastries are simply delightful and mouthwatering! Though it has some setbacks in that it is oily and packed high with calories, there are honestly plenty of nutrients too as its main base and ingredients are vegetables. Moreover, what I liked about it is the variety of toppings such as prawn, crabstick, anchovies and even oysters, for the healthier minded, there is plain pastries.

Whether eaten alone or as part of the meal, I find that the prawn pastry is extremely good. It complement a meal (either noodles or rice) perfectly and when eaten alone, bliss comes from crunching the exterior shell of the prawn. The others are delightful as well, though in the case of the oyster pastries, it might be quite dubious as oysters' tastes are a league of its own.

Overall, definitely worth a try!

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