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#B1-43, Wisma Atria 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877
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Serving the finest in freshly baked Cookies since 1983 in Singapore.

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Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
Avg Price:
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
City/ South
• Wisma Atria
• 313 @ Somerset
• Ion Orchard
• Cineleisure Orchard
• Marina Square
• Bugis Junction
• One Raffles Place
• Paragon

• Tiong Bahru Plaza
• Toa Payoh HDB HUB

• Parkway Parade
• Tampines Mall
• Compass Point

• Jurong Point
• Lot One Shoppers’ Mall

• Causeway Point
• Northpoint



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Why so expensive?!

I can never pass by Famous Amos without at least buying 100g of cookies. The smell tempts me so bad, I'd have to give in. It's a shame though, because their cookies are quite expensive and I would always feel guilty spending so much money on so little cookies.

They're really, really good though. I would always get their no-nut chocolate chip, and when that first cookie pops in my mouth.. heavenly. But there's only so much I could eat before I'd get a bit sick of how sweet it is (doesn't matter, I still love them).

I really do wish that they would at least try to make prices a bit more affordable so I could enjoy their cookies minus the guilt..

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Everytime I walk past a famous amos outlet, the sweet toasty scent of freshly baked cookies wafts up my nose and really ignites my senses. I rarely know anybody who can resist the magical smell of these delicious little treats!

Famous amos cookies are something I would buy to treat myself after overcoming an examination or something of that sort. It has that kind of comforting or rewarding effect on me every time I eat it. Thus although I know it is much more expensive than regular cookies, I am totally willing to pay that price for the feeling of a reward. Also, for 100g you get about 7 or 8 cookies and the small amount makes it seem even more special and I savour every single one. Even though the amount is so little, I am still willing to share with my friends as well because it tastes so good I have to let them try it too.

The cookies have a very unique sandy texture, yet it does not crumble down easily. You still get the satisfaction of the crunch, yet it also easily melts in your mouth. It is not a taste that is easily described and the best way to understand is to try it yourself! My favourite is always the no nut chocolate chip, a definite must try for all cookie lovers!

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Best Part:
No nut Choco Chip
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Too pricey to indulge in frequently

You'll smell them before you see them. Famous Amos Cookies have a strong, fresh aroma that'll unwittingly pull you in as you're walking past. Before you know it, you're struggling between their white chip macadamia cookies or the no-nut chocolate ones.

Prices are rather hefty though. At $10.90, a mere 200g bag of sheer goodness can be easily devoured by one in a few minutes, so be sure to savour every crumb! Alternatively, you can always make a trip to JB to load more back at a cheaper price.

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Me love me cookies

We all know their iconic smell. The tendrils of the scent of freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies waft into your nostrils and wrap around you, pulling your helpless, salivating, body towards their store. Just me?

I jokingly refer to Famous Amos cookies as ‘atas’ cookies among my friends, because boy, are they expensive. I usually end up at Subway whenever I need a strong dose of cookies, but Subway’s soft cookies are no replacement for Famous Amos’s crunchy, crumbly cookies. If my cravings hit on days when I feel particularly rich, a.k.a at the start of my allowance, I’d usually get 100g of Chocolate Chip and Pecan - the nuts just add to the crunchy goodness.

Instead of Chips Ahoy, I usually get Famous Amos in NTUCs too. Though not freshly baked, it still tastes as good, and is definitely a worthy substitute nonetheless!

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Famous Amos Cookies is one of the first few cookie shops in Singapore. When it first hit the stores many years back, it was extremely popular and Singaporeans would queue hours just for a taste of the cookies. It then expanded and opened many more outlets in Singapore.

However, the popularity of the cookies have waned in recent years as chocolate chip cookies are extremely easy to make at home. While famous amos boasts that it has a secret recipe, it is now all over the internet. (whether they are credible or not, im not sure) Hence, many famous amos shops have closed down nationwide with a few surviving shops such as in Orchard Cineleisure, Parkway Parade and Bedok Mall.

I mean, who would pay $7 for a bag of cookies you can bake yourself in the company of friends and family?

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Want. Some. Nowwww.

How do their cookies smell sooooo goooood? I find it extremely difficult to stop myself from buying a bag of cookies whenever I walk past one of their outlets. The distinct aroma of their cookies is sure to tempt ANYBODY, whether they eventually give in or not.

My favourite cookie flavour is the White Chocolate Chip. Even as I'm typing this, I can see the cookies vividly in my mind and my craving is getting stronger by the millisecond. I highly recommend their cookies to everybody, young and old. They will delight you. For sure.

One thing that stops me from getting their cookies as often as I would like, is the price. I don't remember exactly, but a 100g bag can cost about $4 to $5. Having said this, perhaps their cookies can be reserved for special occasions, as gifts to friends, or as a once-in-a-while reward to yourself.

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Best Part:
Everything except price
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(Updated: March 25, 2014)

Absolutely Amazing

Famous Amos cookies are one of the best out there. They're crunchy, they have an delicious aroma, and boy do they taste good. Take one bite and you'll find it difficult to stop your hands from taking another, and another, and another. My personal favourite is No Nut Chocolate Chip.

People who prefer chewy cookies might not fancy the crunchy Famous Amos cookies, but they are still worth a try - you might just change your mind about what you prefer! One downside is the price of the cookies, but if you make a trip down to Malaysia, you'll find that the price is almost halved as compared to Singapore.

Also, this may shock you, but from what I heard, the distinct Famous Amos smell you never miss out whenever you pass by a store is actually a marketing gimmick. The aroma is deliberately made so strong to attract customers. It sure has worked!

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That distinct aroma

Whenever I smell a very distinct aroma, I know that a Famous Amos outlet is nearby.

This is the one shop that I will turn to whenever I want to get someone something lovely. I love how the cookies are baked freshly everyday and has a nice crispy but hard texture.

The downside? It's very expensive. It is just something that I will indulge in one in a while.

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Can't resist!

Famous Amos cookies really beat out that notion that once businesses expand into huge franchises, the quality of their food declines severely. Their cookies always have the perfect degree of crisp and softness to them and is rich in flavour. Nibbling on it while it's still warm is simply a great feeling. All that buttery goodness melting onto your tongue, agh.

I also really like their packagings. I have a crazy fixation on minimalism, and Famous Amos manages to get cross that "these cookies are from Famous Amos" without printing their logo all over the place. They keep their packagings simply yet still pretty. I personally think it'd make a good gift when you're in a hurry and don't have the time to wrap your gift, or maybe it's just me liking Famous Amos too much.

The only offset to Famous Amos is its price and disproportionate small portions. But it's worth it to pay so much for such quality, I suppose.

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Too tempting to resist!

Because of how expensive it is, as much as I am tempted to get these little cookies and experience a little of heaven, I would get away from the store as fast as I can, stepping out of the zone where the air is filled with the aroma of the cookies.

It was like that, till the moment my brother brought it home, and all hells broke loose. He bought the white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts cookies and I was so addicted to it. I don't even need to control my hands to pop it into my mind, it just happened. Then my mom joined in and we had a cookie fight all together, not to mention my brother's involvement in it. Nevertheless, it finished in a jiffy, and the next day I head down to the store and get another 200g of it which amounts to around $11. It is quite expensive considering how fast it finishes, blame it on the bite-size cookies that makes it so easy to keep popping into your mouth.

Needless to say, another cookie war broke out and this always happens whenever Famous Amos got home. Another one of my favourite is the chocolate chip cookies that is equally delicious. It isn't as sweet as the white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts cookies, but equally good. Once in a while, I would get Famous Amos to share with the family, it's another kind of family bonding.

If you are wanting to try new flavours but not sure if you would like it, try asking the staff to test try the cookies, the staff are quite generous in this aspect to let you try out the flavours!

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Lured by its aroma

Famous Amos has always been my favourite brand for cookies since young! Without fail, my family would buy me a heart-shaped cookie from the store and present it to me as my birthday cake annually. Having said that, Famous Amos provides its consumers with a wide array of 'packages' that are specially done for special occasions such as birthdays or even Valentine's Day.

Being a huge Famous Amos cookie lover, I never fail to forget to purchase at least a 100 grams of No Nut Chocolate Chip back home. Whenever I go shopping at Wisma Atria, its fragrance always lures me to its store successfully. Seeing all those freshly baked cookies, I can't resist but to give in and purchase a packet to enjoy the goodness!

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
No Nut Chocolate Chip
Branch Location:
Orchard, Wisma Atria
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I can smell it from a mile away.

Now (obviously) the title is a joke, but honestly the first thing you will notice upon coming near a Famous Amos store, is the aroma. It fills your nostrils, overpowering your senses. As you search for the source, you zoom in on the Famous Amos logo. Then you start moving slowly towards it, the scent grows stronger and stronger until you reach the counter. That's what happens to me every time I get near a Famous Amos store.

Do not be fooled by the price. This is good value for money. Once you bite into the cookie, you will realise that it was worth every cent. My personal favourite, is the one with Chocolate Chip and Cashew nuts. Both fillings compliment each other very well but if that does not suit you, worry not. There are plenty of other choices for you to select from.

If you ever see a Famous Amos store, don't think. Buy first, regret later. Although if you actually tasted the cookie, you'd agree with me there is nothing to regret.

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