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Chinatown MRT Exit A 203 New Bridge Rd Singapore 059429
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on June 15, 2013    

A well known Bak Kwa (asian jerky) stall that has been operating since 1938. They recently opened a branch in Orchard ION.

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Chinatown MRT Exit A
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There’s no place like Lim Chee Guan (for Bak Kwa)

We Singaporeans are famous for queueing. It’s not that we love to queue per se, but we’re willing to trade our time and energy for what’s worthy, like Bak Kwa. A case in point: snaking 5-hour long queues at Lim Chee Guan when Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Some would say that’s borderline insane, but it’s a small price to pay for Lim Chee Guan has perfected the Bak Kwa ($56/kg). It has the right amount of smokiness, tenderness, and chewiness - something that’s hard to achieve even among its more established competitors.

If there’s one queue you should brave this coming CNY, this is it. It would be worth every bit of your time and effort.

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bak kwa royalty

A few years ago my family made the switch from Bee Cheng Hiang to Lim Chee Guan, and I’m never going back. Bak Kwa contains a whole lot of calories, so we have to make these calories worthwhile by eating only the best in town. I prefer my bak kwa a little charred and smoky, but still tender and not too sweet. And that’s exactly the kind of bak kwa I found in Lim Chee Guan.

I find that their jerky is much more tender than other brands, but still chewy and full of that savoury pork flavour. I love the smokiness of the meat, which is not too overwhelming and barbequed to perfection. In terms of fragrance and texture, the thick, moist slices of bak kwa from Lim Chee Guan win hands down. The standard of their bak kwa is consistent and every bite just leaves you wanting more.

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Quality Bak Kwa

Avoid the conventional, there are plenty of alternative brands worth your time. My parents and i used to think that Bee Cheng Hiang was the only brand of bak kwa worth getting for its quality and flavour, and spent up to hours quening for it especially during the Chinese New Year season. It wasn't until a few years back that sick and tired of our customary practice of Bak-Kwa-Quening-At-A-Specific-Store, we decided to try something new.

Since we happened to be in Chinatown, we decided to try out Lim Chee Guan. For us, the formula for a good bak kwa was crispiness up to the point of being burnt, chewy and having a flavour that explodes readily when we taste it. Whilst having these qualities, the slices should be big enough not to seem stingy and not too hard to bite off. While such expectations seem contradictory, I can assure you that you simply feel heavenly should you taste such bak kwa.

Lim Chee Guan didn't disappoint us. Their bak kwa was not only chewy and crispy, but juicy and full of flavour as well. The relatives loved it, and so did my grandparents, though they were lacking in a complete set of molars. It is definitely an excellent alternative to traidtional brands like Bee Cheng Hiang. Whilst prices can be slightly steeper, the taste and texture, not to mention quality, more than makes up for it.

Worth trying and worth buying for Chinese New Year!

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My Favourite Bak Kwa!

Even though most people buy bak kwa from Bee Cheng Hiang, I personally prefer the ones sold at Lim Chee Guan.

The bak kwa sold here is much more tender and fragrant than other brands. In terms of smell, taste and texture, Lim Chee Guan's bak kwa definitely wins hands down. Also, I like how their products are simple and no-frill, unlike other brands which come out with a confusing array of products in every size and packaging colour.

I love Lim Chee Guan but it's such a pity that they have so little outlets, which makes buying a hassle, especially during the Chinese New Year periods, when the queues are so ridiculously long.

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Jerky? yes. Crispy pork floss? No.

Out of all the jerky chains, this is my family's favorite. It's a pity though that their chains are not as widespread as the others if not it would be easier to get my bak kwa fix. One thing I like about their products is that they don't do all those fancy frills like the other chains. Fancy frills meaning the selling of all those elephant shaped, christmas tree shaped etc bak kwa and other miscellaneous keropoks which can be bought anywhere else.

Having tried the pork floss from the other outlets, I wanted to give theirs a try. I got a packet of their crispy pork floss but hell, it wasn't crispy at all. What a major disappointment when I expected pork floss the likes of BCH and fragrance.

So yes for their thinly sliced pork jerky and NO, for their crispy pork floss.

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(Updated: June 19, 2013)

king of bakkwa!

Bak kwa is another name for barbequed meat which is something that is very popular during Chinese New Year. During that time of the year, many bak kwa shops can be seen sporting long queues of eager customers waiting to get their hands on the fragrant bak kwa! There are a lot of shops in Singapore selling bak kwa and it is hard to know which shop to buy it from. I would highly recommend Lim Chee Guan for their bak kwa. This place is a shop that has many years of history and people who have tried bak kwa from here, never turns back! It is so much better than the overly commercialized Bee Cheng Hiang.

The bbq meat from Lim Chee Guan is really soft and chewy. It has a nice sweet taste that is complex to your palate. It's something that once you start eating, you find it hard to stop. I had it until I developed a sore throat!! I don't know much about pricing because my mother is the one who always gets them for the family. We always cut it into small pieces and have them as snack, or sandwich it between two slices of toast bread with cheese. Iit is so good! Give it a try today and I am sure you will not regret :)

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(Updated: June 15, 2013)

Best Bak Kwa in Singapore!

I personally find the Bak Kwa better tasting that the ones by Bee Cheng Hiang. The meat is more flavorful and its texture more moist. So usually when our overseas friends come over we would recommend them to buy from here instead to take home.

I think Bee Cheng Hiang is so permeated in Singaporean culture that its hard for people to switch and start buying Lim Chee Guan even if it tastes better. Because Bee Cheng Hiang is what people expect. Whenever my Mom buys Bak Kwa for my relatives, all she ever buys is Bee Cheng Hiang. Either way I am glad that Lim Chee Guan is gaining some popularity now, though I am quite surprised nobody listed it on TSL yet.

Competition is always good for consumers!

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