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Listing created by equina on March 06, 2013    

Specialises in imported chocolates and confectionaries.

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List of Outlets:
Candy Empire (Vivocity)
1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-32/33 Vivocity
Tel: 63769610
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am-9:30pm

Candy Empire (Changi T3)
65 Airport Boulevard
B2 Mall @ T3 (Basement 2),
Public Area Changi Airport Terminal 3
Singapore 819663
Opening Hrs: Daily 10am-11pm

Candy Empire Minis (Millenia Walk)
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-95/98 Millenia Walk
Tel: 63369390
Opening Hrs: 10:30am-9:30pm

Candy Empire (TripleOne Somerset)
111 Somerset Road
#01-17/18/19 TripleOne Somerset
Tel: 67373998
Opening Hrs: 11am-9:30pm

Candy Empire (The Star Vista)
1 Vista Exchange Green
#B1-31 The Star Vista

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Heaven for a sweet tooth

Candy Empire is a feast for the eyes, a feast for the nose, but not a feast for the stomach if you’re not looking for a tummy-ache. Just looking at the colourful rows of display of candies and chocolates by the shop window is enough to give you a sugar rush.

Candy Empire sells all sorts of sweets, even those not available in ordinary supermarkets. They carry many different variants of treats you never knew existed. Cadbury, Hershey, The Naturals – you name it, they have it. Candy Empire is like the candy Toys ‘R’ Us. It is the perfect place to hunt for unique goodies for gifts.

However, the prices of treats at Candy Empire aren’t sweet at all. Candy found in normal supermarkets are sold at a significantly higher price at Candy Empire. Maybe it’s because they are of premium quality, or maybe it’s because they are stored in an environment untainted by other foods. Candy Empire is not just a shop. It’s paradise.

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Mouth-Watering Temptations

Ahhh.. The Empire which stood alone in the beginning but was soon joined by another, Candylicious. Candy Empire is popular for their huge range of chocolates, candies, lollies and everything that can put someone in a sugar comatose if addicted. The store also offers confectioneries imported from all around the world, making it easier for locals to have a taste test without the need to travel overseas.

I do find that some of the confectioneries available are not very wallet-friendly, especially those imported ones, but I suppose that's the price I'd rather pay instead of the price of a flight ticket to that particular country. Another good word of advice is to stay away from the chocolates and candies which are priced based upon the total weight you collected. If you are anything like me and have no will power to stop, you will probably end up having to spend over $10 for a mere 250 grams worth of mouth-watering temptations.

I definitely recommend popping into Candy Empire if you ever feel the need to feel like a kid in a candy store.

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Variety Galore

Candy Empire truly lives up to its name. I love how the atmosphere of the store is cheerful and bubbly and is stocked with so many different kinds of candies and sweets and chocolates that there is bound to be something that you like. You can choose from pre-packed imported sweets, branded chocolates or even DIY by shovelling whatever amount of candy/chocolates you want into a bag. Even with being such a great to-go store for candy, their prices are still affordable, which makes them an excellent place to shop for friends or family members who have a sweet tooth.

When I visited the outlet at Vivo City, the staff there were pleasant and friendly and even gave me recommendations and ideas as to what particular type of candy I should get. However, one grievance that I have is that on weekends, it can get quite crowded and swarmed with little children bustling about the store and pestering their mothers to get them all shapes and sizes of candies. The crowd makes shopping slightly more uncomfortable but if you already know what you want, then it should not really pose much of a problem. I suppose you could try shopping earlier in the day or even on weekdays if you really dislike crowds like I do.

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Candy heaven!

Candy Empire truly lives up to its name. Those with a sweet tooth will definitely be spoiled for choice here, as it stocks almost everything, from classics like M&Ms and Hersheys to uncommon candies from overseas, like Reese's. I think I even spotted some Giotto there the last time I visited!

Another thing I love about the store is the sweet, robust chocolate fragrance that they sometimes use. It smells so heavenly, I practically drool upon entering the store! The staff are generally quite cheerful and pleasant, too.

If you're mad about candy and chocolates like I am, you'll definitely walk away from Candy Empire feeling satisfied!

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Paradise for those with a sweet tooth!

Candy Empire is not just a store. It’s heaven for those who have a sweet tooth, and yes, that includes me. I loooove candy, and my weakness is jellybeans. They’re like happy pills, and they never fail to brighten my day. Unfortunately, they can be pretty hard to find, so I usually get my fix from Candy Empire.

This store has an insane amount of candy, and the best thing is you’ll always find something new to try. Its wide variety of imported sweets never fails to amaze me, and I always find myself lost among the aisles of sugary goodness. Of course, I always get stuck at the jellybean section, but you can hardly blame me, because their selection is huge!

The only down side about a premium candy store is the price. The sweets here are definitely a lot pricier than those that can be found at supermarkets. But then again, they are so hard to come by, so I think the price is justified if it’s an occasional treat. I try to limit myself to buying 3 types of candy each time, so it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket!

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Source for imported sweets!

If I had to summarise what Candy Empire means to me it would be that it is the wonderful amazing place I get all my cravings for imported sweets and confectionery satisfied and said imported sweets and confectionery often cannot be found in supermarkets. So thank you Candy Empire for existing and bringing in all the goodies! One might think that the price tag to these goodies would be inclined towards higher price ranges especially seeing how most products are brought in from western countries. This is not true as products are rather pocket friendly and reasonably prices.

My favourites include: Nerds rope and Jelly beans!

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International goodies!

Mention "Candy Empire" and you will hear squeals of excitement. Candy Empire has fabulous in-store visual merchandising. Once you walk into it, it's as if you are in candy land. They sell a wide range of goodies from chocolates to gummy to biscuits to chips, pretzels, liqeuer chocolates, jam puffs and basically anything sweet you can think of!

They have high-end brands to lower end self-pick individually packaged bite-sized gummies and goodies sold in dozens. The idea of mix and match-ing with your friends gives a very unique experience as you pick a particular product up & tell stories about it, dumping it into your basket and soon enough, your basket piles. At least, for me, that is. People have unlimited wants and they wouldn't mind paying for it because it isn't a necessity, you don't have to think twice if you need it or not, you want it means it's going straight into the basket! The whole concept of small packaging also gives an idea of "cheap" and better value as you can get to eat many of your different goodies with one price.

My favourite part about Candy Empire is that they import goodies from all over the world! I can guarantee you they carry any and any (western) famous product whether is it from Australia or America or Europe! My favourite buys are Rocky Road (Australia), pretzels, waffle biscuits (France), tons of chocolate (I'm trying new brands everyday) and recently I spotted my favourite Grain Waves chips!!! Hooray! No more begging from friends to buy them everytime they travel :)

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Branch Location:
Vivo City
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