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15-2, Jalan Riang Singapore 358987
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Wimbly Lu is an out-of-the-way cafe that prides itself on its handmade, France-inspired chocolates. The cafe also serves a variety of chocolate-themed desserts and beverages.

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15-2, Jalan Riang
Singapore, Singapore 358987


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waffles with salted caramel ice cream & chocolate sauce
chicken nuggets
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I love their waffles

Wimbly Lu chocolates is located at Serangoon, about a 15-20 min walk from Serangoon MRT. While it slightly hard to find as it is obscured by the landed property in the area, it is definitely worth the search. Even though it is famous for their gourmet chocolates (they have a huge spread of it displayed at the counter!), I really like the waffles they serve. They are light and fluffy while slightly crunchy on the outside. The batter also has the ideal blend of eggs and flour and has a very pleasant flavour. The waffles also come with a scoop of ice cream and I usually get salted caramel flavour.

Besides dessert, Wimbly Lu also serves main courses such as baked rice and savoury finger food such as calamari, although their menu is highly limited. The cafe is decorated very intricately and gives one a vintage-feel. Their crockery are extremely beautiful and insta-worthy, a cafe to visit if you want to decorate your feed with pretty cafe pictures while enjoying your meal.

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Awesome Buttermilk Waffles that Live Up To The Hype

Most people have heard of Wimbly Lu, and there have been many rave reviews on their signature buttermilk waffles. As a Wimbly Lu convert, I can confidently say that their waffles are 100% worth the trip down to Jalan Riang.

Although their spread of cakes, tarts, and various other desserts may tempt you, go straight for their waffles. Dusted generously with powdered sugar, these golden discs are crispy and melt-in-your-mouth fluffy, with a distinct buttery aroma. Paired with a scoop of their homemade salted caramel or chocolate truffle ice cream, Wimbly Lu’s waffles are absolutely sublime. What’s more, they are consistent with the quality of their waffles. At $6 for a plain waffle and an additional $2.50 for a scoop of ice cream, they are incredibly value for money.

As it is situated in a housing estate away from the main road, finding your way to Wimbly Lu may be a bit of a hassle, especially if you don’t have a car and/or are very bad at using Google Maps. But I feel like its quiet, ulu location adds to its charm, and hasn’t stopped the throngs of people that descend on weekends and Friday nights. Go on weekdays, if you’re hoping to avoid a queue.

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(Updated: August 14, 2014)

Best Waffles

I would pick waffles over pancakes anytime, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside - it's the perfect kind of waffle. Not forgetting a single scoop ice cream and chocolate syrup drizzle on it.

I've been on the quest to find the best waffles in Singapore, but Wimbly Lu hands down has the one of the best I've ever tasted. Reasonably priced with a cozy ambiance, especially if you're there on a rainy day, the cafe gives you a very comfortable feeling with it's decoration.

It's not just the waffles that's key to the place, but the molten lava cake and root beer cake with vanilla ice cream are must tries too. The root beer cake may sound weird, but the moment you've put a piece into your mouth it melts. You would crave for a second spoonful cause one's not enough.

Not forgetting the Lemon Meringue Pie, I've been looking for the perfect lemon meringue pie, and I wasn't too sure if I wanted to order a pie there cause I only knew they were famous for chocolates and waffles, but I knew I had to try and it exceeded my expectations. It had a sour, tangy flavor in it and I instantly fell in love with it because of the crust around the tart, it was amazing.

Wimbly Lu Chocolate is a place to just chill and hang out with your friends, and if you need a fix of chocolate, it's the place I would recommend you to head to. The only improvement on the place would be that the staff could have been much more attentive, other than that, it's the perfect place to have a good dessert.

Also, try to avoid the peak hour period because the place could get rather crowded despite the inaccessibility.

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Waffle lover's hangout

I knew I was walking into a sugary, fattening trap. But being the 'don't really care so much about the consequences' guy that I was, i simply moved on, and boy, I had a good time. Waffles are often perceived as instant-baked special treats, and in my opinion, goes pretty well in pretty much any flavouring. Hence, being a chocolate lover myself, the desserts offered by Wimbly Lu Chocolates are heavenly indeed.

Waffles are made from a special type of liquid pre-mix, which can be solidified into the well known treats under 5 minutes. I had grown up with waffles, the treats only costing $0.60 for the plain version and at most $1.50 for a combination of 2 flavours (I often got peanut butter and chocolate), well back in my primary school days. Hence, I was no stranger to the wonders of chocolate waffles, but a few points make what Wimbly Lu, in my opinion, stand out.

Many cafes have popped up in recent years selling similar products. However, I felt that the waffles offered by Wimbly Lu were well baked, not to the extend that its burnt, but crispy enough such that it tastes crumbly and the flavour releases fast. Moreover, the chocolate spread are pleasing in terms of texture and melts readily in your mouth. Moreover, you can request for the chocolate to be heated, a bonus in terms of improving the taste of your dessert.

Other desserts, moreover, includes the quaint and rarely seen. Take their root beer cake, for example. Prior to stepping into Wimbly Lu, I did not know that root beer can actually be used to make cakes, and if it would actually taste good should one be created. My fears were put to rest here and i simply have to congratulate Wimbly Lu for coming up with such a marvelous creation. Moreover, Wimbly Lu, being an out-of-way cafe and quaint, confers an atmosphere rarely found in shopping mall cafes, without the bustle and the noise of shopping mall crowds. It is with trepidation that I expect to hear a pin fall at any moment in the cafe whilst savouring my dessert. However, it is not that out of way thankfully, especially on hot afternoons (walking distance from nex shopping mall and Serangoon MRT)

Highly worth a visit!

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Waffles & Chocolate

When I first step into Wimbly Lu, the aroma of waffles and chocolates hit me so hard I knew I would love this place. The cosy cafe with pretty origami pieces and fairy lights hanging all over made it a good spot for a romantic date or have a catch up session with some friends.

We ordered the waffle with ice cream. The waffles was crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. The warm waffles paired well with the ice cream. No wonder we see every other table ordering the waffles. No doubt their best selling dish. We also order the iced chocolate baileys and not only did it look pretty. It was very well blended in the right proportions of thick dark chocolate and baileys. Not overly sweet.

Since there is no GST or service charge, their prices are pretty competitive. The only downside is that because it is located at Lorong Chuan, it can be rather inconvenient to take public transport and challenging to find parking lots there as well.

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My favorite waffle place

Wimbly Lu is the place that I go to whenever I think of waffles!!!! Wimbly serves both hot food and sweets but every single time I come here, my heart and stomach can only contain their waffles with cheesecake ice cream. Their waffles are eggy, fluffy and fragrant and goes so well with their cheesecake ice cream that I absolutely LOVE. I usually opt for two scoops of cheesecake ice cream on my waffle because their ice cream scoop size is really small and one is not enough for something as awesome as this. I will also choose to have maple syrup drizzled over the ice-cream and waffle...I've tried the other ice cream flavors (honey cinammon, salted caramel, milo...) and nothing comes close to the cheesecake ice cream. I guess it's really popular because I went there one evening and they told me the cheesecake ice cream was completely sold out. :(

Wimbly Lu is a very popular place despite its 'ulu' location so its better to drive there. Please avoid going in big groups ( > 4) during peak hour because you'll either face a long loong looong wait or you'll be seated separately, which kills all the fun. And do bring some sort of perfume or spray because you'll walk out smelling like waffles and food (not in the good way) becausethe fumes from the kitchen will stick to your hair and clothes.

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Cheesecake ice cream
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I guess this place really isn't the place for me - I am someone who dislikes chocolates. It's something weird for a girl to say, I know. Even so, this place seems to be heaven for most girls - yes my friends included.

I had no qualms about coming to this wimbly lu place, say, it sounds exotic enough - sounds like the kind of place I would love to go to to enjoy an exquisite western meal. I was so wrong - I was brought to the face of my greatest enemy. Jokes aside, I must admit the atmosphere of the place was pretty cosy, a really nice place to get together with friends. Chocolate wise, while I would not be a fair gauge of it, I must say that the chocolates were creamy and rich.

By that I meant that they clogged up my throat but nonetheless, its a great place to be. And if my friends who love chocolates think so, I guess this is the place for you, chocolate lovers!

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Good ambience but disappointing service

Firstly, do note that Wimbly Lu is located in a secluded location which is hard to find. My friends and I started walking from Lorong Chuan MRT station and went around in circles before we found the place.

Upon entering, I was attracted by the layout and comfortable ambience of the place. We were led to a table promptly, but the servers took EXTREMELY long to give us the menus and take our orders. It wasn't as if they were busy; there was just a bunch of servers standing around idly even though a couple of them obviously saw us waving at them.

Food wise: We were underwhelmed. The only dessert that I thought was decent was the Root Beer Cake. The waffles and molten lava cake were mediocre at best. Also, I ordered the Mayan Hot Chocolate, which was extremely spicy and bitter for even a spice lover like me. Try not to order this drink if possible. On the other hand, the other hot chocolate drinks were pretty nice and not too sweet for me. This place has a couple of desserts worth coming back for but I hope that they improve their service.

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Chocolate Heaven

My first trip to Wimbly Lu was not entirely pleasant as I had gotten lost on my way there and mistakenly ordered something that did not suit my taste, which was why I paid the place a couple more visits to ascertain that my friends weren't wrong about it being absolutely wonderful.

As a lover of all moist, rich cakes, I thought the Tofu Chocolate cake looked like something that would fit the bill, but it was not quite as sweet as I thought it would be, which was a bit of a disappointment. In addition, I ordered a Mayan Hot Chocolate, and to all non-lovers of spice and chilli; this is definitely not your jam. I thought the waitress had been exaggerating when she said that it was 'spicy' but she was only too right.

Fast forward about two weeks later, I took another trip down to meet with an old friend at the same place - this time, I tried their Cake Chocolate Cheesecake and Blackout Cake, which were both better than the previous one, thankfully enough, and I'd highly recommend getting their normal Hot Chocolate because it wasn't too sweet for me, but still retained its deep flavour of cocoa. Also, I had the chance to try the Root Beer cake, and though I would argue that the scoop of ice cream was a little small, the combination of vanilla with root beer was absolutely splendid, especially after it melted.

All in all, my experiences there were all good and now I have lost count of the amount of times I have gone there.

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Serangoon Gardens
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Good, but not great

Went there for a brunch date with my sister, and overall I'm neither disappointed nor impressed. Getting there is pretty tough, my sister and I got lost for about 10 minutes under the hot sun before finding it tucked in a little corner. So, lets just say we didn't arrive in the best of mood.

The ambience is really charming though, very whimsical and quaint. The service was a tad inefficient; we waited near 15 minutes for the last dish to arrive. Out of all the food we had, only the waffles stood out. We had it with salted caramel ice cream, and both the ice cream and waffle were top-notch.

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever visit again, as I believe its possible to find similar standard food at cheaper prices. But if you live in the area and crave a quiet place to while away a lazy afternoon, Wimbly Lu is worth a try.

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