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Takashimaya #B2-07 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 12, 2012    

Modanyaki is actually an okonomiyaki with noodles inside, which is panfried with vegetables and after that slathered with japanese brown sauce and mayonnaise. 


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A rare find in Singapore.

I had intense cravings for Okonomiyaki the other day when I chanced upon this stall at the basement of Takashimaya selling the noodle-y cousin of Okonomiyaki. Given the rarity of these food relatives, I was excited and immediately placed an order.

For a price of $3.50, I ordered the ‘J’ Sauce Modanyaki which was essentially fried noodles wrapped in an omelette, slathered with Japanese brown sauce and mayonnaise. While the first few bites were delicious, it got a bit jelak after awhile. Perhaps the other options such as the ones with cheese or bacon would fare better in the taste department.

It wasn’t the best modanyaki I’ve had, but I’m thankful that I was able to satisfy my cravings at a low cost. Also, take note that it would be good to eat it while it’s hot as I realized that after awhile the noodles get clumpy and unappetizing.

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I have a constant craving for this.

Not sure if it can be considered street food but this is my favourite street food ever! I actually just found out the name of this noodles when I want to review this. I usually call it "the Japanese noodles downstairs at Takashimaya" and everyone knows.

First you queue and order your noodles, they only have around four to five flavours but I've tried all and all are awesome. Then you excitedly watch them grill your egg and your noodles cooly on this huge grill plate while you wait. Then you pay and take your noodles and find a seat in that crowd to enjoy it.

It is like omelette, with noodles inside, and with sauce and mayonnaise and the best part is definitely the egg. Everyone should really try it!

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