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55 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 21, 2012    

Selling all sorts of confectionery from ondeh ondeh, kuih dadar to english snacks like ladies fingers. 


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This should be on your bucket list

Nyonya pastries are one of the most challenging and time consuming to make. So it's no surprise that not many places that make, good, authentic nyonya kueh. Glacier is a rare gem.

Glacier’s Ondeh Ondeh will burst in your mouth like a frag grenade of gula melaka, so take it all in one bite. Their Pandan Coconut Roll, has a skin so thin it can barely prevent the coconut from bursting out. After you take the first bite, be sure to suck the coconut juice out of the roll as well. It tastes delicious and that’s the sign it was made with fresh coconuts just hours ago.

Glacier Confectionary is so good, people will risk stopping at at yellow zig-zag line for it. On the weekends it’s even not uncommon to see at least two cars on hazard lights outside their shop.

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My mother was lucky enough to chance upon this shop after a marketing trip one day, and we have been great fans ever since. What keeps us going back, more than just their cheap prices, is how consistently good their food is.

One must-try item would be the Kueh Dar Dar, a crepe like pastry shell encasing shaved coconut. When I first bit into it, I was surprised when juice burst through the crepe. Never would I have imagined shaved coconut to be so juicy! We have been loyal customers for a few years now, and the Kueh Dar Dar I had yesterday was the same Kueh Dar Dar I had the first time.

Another thing that they do so well is their Chinese New Year goodies, which see my mother going back annually to fill our CNY guests with. I would definitely recommend everyone to give this place a try, especially if you’re living in the Tiong Bahru area.

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This store has been around since I was born. Amazingly, it still looks the same.
I remember celebrating my birthday when I was five, with a hello kitty cake from this place. My mum once mentioned that her wedding cake was also from this very same place!

They sell unique buns such as milk bun, and also normal buns like chicken floss. During Chinese New Year, they do sell homemade snacks and I love their kueh lapis.
They also make kueh kueh on the spot in the morning, such as kueh dar dar, for only 70 cents!

Once in a while, especially during the durian season, they tend to bake a whole range of durian items such as durian cake, crepes and puffs.
Personally, I’m a fan of their Oreo cheesecake. It’s not overly sweet and the texture is just right.
If you want a traditional treat, do try their polo char siew bun.
Definitely worth every dollar!

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You have to try their donuts

The shop is very unassuming. If you are walking around the neighbourhood, there is very little to even attract your attention, visually. For me, I was drawn to the shop by the familiar smell of donuts.

They have another outlet in Serangoon Central. That was where I discovered their donuts. But the one in Tiong Bahru is where it all began. Their donuts is large, thick and fluffy. In other confectionaries, their donuts may be small or tough to eat...some almost as hard as a bagel. Galicier has gotten the recipe just right.

If you do love donuts and love them old-school....give theirs a try.

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