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Vivo City Level 2 Singapore 098585
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Listing created by bxbong on November 13, 2012    

Softie-In-My-Lolly started with the intention of sharing a unique European candy (long liquorice strips) with fellow Singaporeans. The candies are eye-catching and delicious at the same time - they simply make people happy.

Appealing to both young and old, candy from Softie-In-My-Lolly come in a variety of flavours. Not your typical hard candies, they are chewy, come wrapped in either sour or sweet coating and have a soft, creamy fondant filling inside.

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12:00 - 22:00
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< $10
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Orchard Cineleisure
Level 1, Singapore 098585
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Costly candy

Admit it, you’re guilty of always freeloading on the samples whenever you pass by - I know I am. While yummy, I couldn’t see myself buying One Long Thing for $3.50.

But these were being sold in some school Open House one day, and hyped up by all the spirit and festivals, I decided to finally give into my temptations and splurge a little. There was nothing like enjoying a long piece of Strawberry lolly all by yourself, instead of nibbling on tiny pieces that you shamelessly hoarded from the stall. Walking past the stall in Cineleisure, I’m often reminded of my almost spiritual experience in that random school, and would beg my friend to split the cost with me, an offer they always refused.

Yes, it’s good, but too overpriced. Try getting a nice friend to share it with, or if all else fails, just give me a call!

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One long sweet thing!

Whenever I go to Vivo City, I am usually tempted to purchase 'One Long Thing'. If I'm feeling generous for myself, I'd consider a 'Threesome'.

...What are you thinking?! These are the names given to the candy strips being sold at Softie In My Lolly! They are really delicious and sweet, and come in a variety of flavours, such as bubblegum, strawberry, sour grape, lemon cola, and so on! At Softie In My Lolly, you get to try as many flavours until you have found the flavour you really want, so no worries if you are not sure what to pick.

I don't really have a favourite as of now. At this candy stall, I like to try different flavours every time I decide to purchase 'One Long Thing', because they are constantly changing all the time, although, yes, there is a limited amount of flavours. Everyday, different flavours are being sold, so depending on how lucky you are, you may get to try a flavour you'd really like, or you might be curious to try something else again next time.

I wouldn't consider Softie In My Lolly to be 'cheap'. Actually, it's still acceptable to me, because I cannot find this anywhere else other than Vivo and Orchard Cineleisure, so it is definitely worth a buy, especially when you are craving for sweets! Highly recommended.

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Would you like 1 Long Thing or a Threesome?

Softie-In-My-Lolly indeed sells really unique candy. When I first saw the outlet at Vivocity, I immediately noticed the long strips of candy in all sorts of flavors and colors encased in clear plastic containers. Mind you, these strips are really long; they definitely measure more than 50cm long.

Upon closer inspection, I was intrigued by the little board that showed the prices, namely “1 Long Thing @ $3.50” and “Threesome @ $10”. Anyway, the staff was really helpful. Sensing my curiosity, she told me about the candy and even offered to let me try some flavors.
I have to say that I like their lychee flavor the most. The taste of lychee is strong and the chewy red outside really compliments the soft white fondant filling on the inside. Also, I like it that they package the candy by cutting it into bite-size pieces into a small paper bag, making it convenient to carry around.

One last note though, I feel that $3.50 for a piece of candy is a little overpriced. Or it is just me? Nonetheless, it is worth a try, considering the fact that you can even opt to sample some before buying.

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