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Cornery is a Singapore-based gourmet popcorn manufacturer and retailer. Its mission is to revolutionise the conventional perception of popcorn in Asia, bringing it to a totally new realm of eating experience.

Cornery brings all sorts of new taste sensations for your gourmet popcorn using only the highest quality ingredients, guaranteeing a popcorn experience that one will savour, enjoy and remember.

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Sample and sample

When I passed by this store, I was curious. I knew that now Singapore had a few stores selling very expensive popcorn. I thought this was also one of the stores. I walked to the counter and was surprised to know that there could be so many flavours for popcorn.

While I was standing there lost and not sure what to choose, the salesperson offered me sample. She started by giving me the more conventional caramel flavour (I looked traditional so she was playing safe). It tasted nice and slowly, she let me tried the butterscotch and then move on to the more exotic flavours. As the flavours moved further and further from convention, I started to not like the tastes more. In the end, I just bought a pack of caramel popcorn, I tried too many samples already so it would not be nice if I left without any purchase.

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Taste like Maggie! I like!

The variety of flavours runs like those of an ice-cream parlour. Many many to choose from. I prefer the savoury ones to the sweet ones. The sweet ones are a little too fanciful in the colours and it makes me feel like I'm taking in too much of artificial colouring. Very unhealthy! The caramel ones are nice though but the colourful ones, I think bubble gum flavoured, tasted horrible.

Their Savoury range, like the kimchi, nacho cheese and buttered are my favourites. Not too intense in the flavours and just right for a snack. Anyhow, before you decide to get a pack, the nice ladies over the counter will be pleased to let you sample the different flavours.

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Weird flavours with weird taste

I discovered this popcorn through a canvassing project in my university. They were going around the hall selling popcorns to raise funds. I bought 2 boxes of them and had mixed feelings about them. The cheddar cheese popcorn didn't taste anything like cheese. Even the colour was a bright orange colour. It was just salty and had this weird taste that I can't put my finger on. Needless to say, I couldn't even finish a quarter of it.

Next was the caramel. It was quite good but how can anyone go wrong with caramel, really. After a few of it, I couldn't take it anymore because it was just too sweet. Definitely not for the health conscious. It felt as though I would be down with diabetes that moment itself. In the end I just gave it to a friend who likes sweet stuff.

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Reasonably priced gourmet popcorn

Gourmet popcorn you say. Gourmet I assume because they serve popcorn that deviates from the sale ole boring flavours of sweet, salty or mixed. And gourmet they are, some of the flavours that they serve are simply tantalising.

Standing at the counter (during non peak period of course) and requesting to taste the various flavours before purchasing is akin to taking a step into Willy Wonka's factory, you simply do not know what to expect from some of the more exotic sounding popcorns! However, aside from the variety of flavours and similar to boring old popcorn, it is common to get sick of the popcorn before even finishing half of the container.

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Tonnes of variety to choose from

There is one thing that separates this popcorn store from the rest, and that is variety. While they do offer the more common flavors like caramel and cheddar cheese, they also have many other funky flavors as well. Fancy some green apple popcorn? They've got it. How about tandoori chicken flavored popcorn? Not a problem at all. While some of these flavors may seem a bit odd to you, they do generally taste good.

Of course, if you compare the quality of the popcorn to the likes of Garrett popcorn, then it fails in comparison. There is a reason why Garrett's popcorns are Oprah's favorite popcorn after all (I know it's a marketing gimmick, but I won't be surprised that it's true. Go ahead and try it). But taking into account that it is cheaper than Garrett's and offers much more in the weird flavors department, I would give this Cornery a shot any day.

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Awesome variety of flavours

I discovered Cornery one fine day after my sister showed me an article about it in a newspaper. What really drew me to the popcorn gallery were the really interesting and large variety of flavours, from savoury flavours like cheese, to sweet flavours like grape. Just hearing 'grape popcorn'...sounds really unique, doesn't it?

Anyway, at Cornery, you can ask for samples, and boy let me tell you, they are really generous with their samples! In fact, they are so generous that once you have tried a couple of flavours, you'd feel bad if you didn't buy anything! They sell popcorn in different bag sizes, and even the large bag costs below $10. For the large one, you get to choose up to 3 flavours, so I'd recommend it if you want to eat more than one flavour. It's big though, you have been warned.

The popcorn at Cornery is really good. Just their caramel flavour (sounds boring, huh) itself is so delicious! The big amount of flavours will leave you curious to try as many flavours as you can and be spoilt for choice!

I honestly find Cornery to be the best popcorn store in Singapore, even better than Garett, in fact. I just love their innovative flavours, and I will always come by to try out their new flavours whenever I drop by, and if I happen to have a craving for popcorn, Cornery will be the first place I think of.

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