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Listing created by Bel on August 10, 2012    

Founded in 2007, Mr YouTiao (formerly known as Breadbar Café) is the first and only in Singapore and the world. 2 engineers, who were growing tired with their day jobs, set-out to innovate and offer new ways to enjoy YouTiao, an otherwise plain and traditional snack. After years of perfecting the recipe, we are proud to serve you the best YouTiao in town. It is less oily, crispy, tender and fluffy all rolled into one. You gotta try it to believe it! You will also be pleasantly surprised with our ongoing new creations. In doing so, we hope to also maintain its unique tradition and sentimental feel.

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almond youtiao!

I absolutely adore the almond you tiao!!! the dough fritters are freshly made, i can witness to that having seated down at their shop for 4 hours once! they fry in small portions so they re-cook every 30 mins. and it really does taste fresh and crunchy. not soggy or soaked in oil unlike other stalls. the almonds are sliced thinly giving it an extra crisp and adding to a nutty flavour to the dough fritters, which was a unique yet complementing combination. i would recommend this to all you tiao lovers especially those who nut-lovers! they have many other nuts and sunflower seeds etc. do try it with the soy milk too, it's a dou jiang you tiao relationship as said by the Chinese! I have also tried their curry chicken rice which was not too bad, going at $5 per set which includes a drumstick (yay!) , vegetable side dishes and a drink.

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almond youtiao
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A disappointing letdown

As its name Mr Youtiao might suggest to anyone out there is that this shop specialises in just dough fritters. And where else to buy dough fritters than Mr Youtiao itself?! It has innovative creations like green tea youtiao, almond youtiao, sunflower seed youtiao and onion youtiao, which calls out to the adventurous to taste them, and a youtiao sampler costing 5 bucks for all the flavours of youtiao plus a drink. The youtiao do not come cheap, and at $1.20 each, it's a premium over those found in hawker centres and even those found at dough culture.

I bought the original youtiao and somehow it just did not taste very nice. The youtiao was cold, probably due to the lack of business at the shop and even though the shop attendent re-heated it for me, it just did not taste right and like any other youtiao I had eaten. The inside was not in the least bit fluffy. It was pretty tough and one of the lousier youtiaos I have eaten.

I would give it credit and buy it once in a while for its innovative flavours, but the taste of the singaporean favourite was definitely not up to par.

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Not Worth It.

Ordered chicken porridge and beancurd for dinner.

Chicken porridge was generously topped with youtiao & chicken slices, and the portion was big enough that I had to share it with a friend.

However, I was gravely disappointed with the beancurd. If not for the syrup, the beancurd would taste bland and devoid of taste. I couldn't bring myself to finish the bowl, though it was cheaply priced at $1.70 for 2 bowls.

The service was unprofessional. They not only ran out of soy bean, they didn't bother to replace it with another drink. I even caught the staff arguing with one another because of this. Oh well.

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