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Although Kim Choo produces a wide range of products including chicken curry, satay, fresh otak, and nonya kueh, it is most famous for its sweet and savoury dumplings. The family-run business continues to use a secret recipe to produce its dumplings.

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Peranakan and proud

The stretch along East Coast road is home to many Peranakan food stores and restaurants and even the Peranakan museum, afterall most Peranakans used to live there as well.

Kim Choo is run by a Peranakan family and this is evident from the distinctive flavour of their food products, as the Peranakan culture is very similar to the Chinese culture and most of the food products served are ordinary local fare, it takes a lot of effort to be able to detect the subtle differences. The nonya dumpling for example is sweeter than it would have been as Peranakans like their food to be sweeter. The otah also has more coconut milk. Overall, I love the food here very much especially their dumplings and the otah.

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Best dumplings in Singapore

My family has only one source of nonya dumplings - Kim Choo. Part of the reason is that it's near our house of course. But the bigger reason for our loyalty is the quality of Kim Choo's dumplings. I don't remember having any other shop's dumplings in recent years. We did before, but chose to stick to Kim Choo.

What I love best about their dumplings is the fragrance. As you unfurl the oily pandan leaves, you can smell the lovely aroma of the pandan and the glutinous rice. I'm not sure, but I suspect that most Singaporeans only go for the nonya dumpling. I'm one of these people.

Kim Choo's nonya dumpling is generous with the filling, approximately half rice, half filling. The pork is not too dry and there is a just-right balance of meat and fat.

Really, you don't need the Dragon Boat Festival to roll around to get your fill of Kim Choo's dumplings. They come in regular and small sizes so those health freaks won't feel too jelat when getting their share of dumplings!

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Nonya dumpling
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