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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 19, 2012    

The FIRST and original AUSTRALIAN rock candy store to grace the shores of Singapore in the year 2008. The hand-made candy making process is fascinating to watch, and, when mastered by a skilled confectioner, can lead to beautiful and highly intricate designs.

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Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
List of Outlets:
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road
#01-02, Singapore 239695
Tel : +65 6737 8879
Fax : +65 6737 6207
[email protected]
Opening hours :- 11am - 11pm EVERYDAY

2 Jurong East Central 1
#04-12, Singapore 609731
Tel : +65 6684 3039
Fax : +65 6684 3102
[email protected]
Opening hours :- 10:30am - 10:30pm (Sundays to Thursdays), 11am - 11pm (Fridays and Saturdays)

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Variety of colours and flavours

Remember those days where you spot crowds and snaking queues at Sticky stores? Now the hype has died down, gone are those long queues and large crowds. Noticed this as I walked past their outlet in Jurong East a few times in the afternoon and evenings, there were not too many people in the store, probably just one or two.

Their creativity of making candies in the variety of colours and flavours is commendable. I remember when it first came to Singapore; I was fascinated by how they can include small letterings into the candy. Once I went to an event and these candies packed into small jars were given as gifts. Then I realized that Sticky does customization of these candies too. Not a bad idea for weddings or events.

Yes, at a minimum weight of four kilograms, buyers are able to choose their own letterings to include as well as their favourite colour. Over the past few years, it has become a popular choice for couples to give out as wedding favours too. Otherwise, for individuals who want to purchase them, head down to either one of their stores and get your favourite flavours.There are so many to choose from and I would say the best is subjective to individual’s taste. You can choose to order online too. Just submit your orders and you can choose between delivery and self-collection. The payment method would be by PayPal or bank transfer. They have got unique ones with Singlish words too, no doubt made in Singapore!

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Enjoyable but pricey

Indeed, these rock candies are fun to eat. Moreover, visiting the confectionery has always been a pleasant experience because the candy makers are always putting on a demonstration of how the rock candies are being made and packaged for customers and bystanders.

However, the candies are very expensive. Despite so, the rock candies are very tasty, flavourful and they do not melt quickly, which proves the high quality.

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Sugar rush!

I remember my good friend in secondary school was simply obsessed with this Sticky candy. She'd always have a pack with her every day and sometimes, she'd finish an entire pack in just a few days all by herself, which was a little disturbing. But I can understand her behavior since honestly, once you pop one into your mouth, you just can't stop, unless you really dislike sweet things.

Sticky is definitely for those who have a terrible sweet tooth. I love sweet things but I also like to chew, which makes the experience a whole lot more painful. My advice is don't bite on it because for those with sensitive teeth, it can really hurt. Also, when it breaks, sometimes the fragments are really sharp and can cut your tongue and gums.

Sucking on it can really give you that sugar boost which will help energise you for a good few hours, but don't eat too much at once because it can really dry up your mouth.

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Sweet and colourful

I first tried it when I was on the edge of falling asleep in class, the sweetness just 'wake' me up and entertained me throughout the class. I was offered by my friend and ever since, I would keep a packet or two by my side and popped it in to keep me awake. Subsequently, on one occasion, I managed to see how the confectioners make the candies, I was so awed. I always thought that the 'hand made candy' isn't like, really hand made, because I don't know how could anyone make these candies by hand. Sticky offers quite a wide variety of flavours and fun designs, not to mention how they are always so colourful. However, the down side is that it is pricey if you buy a few bags at one go and finished it in a few days. The candies will be gone in no time, by just sharing it around and popping it in one after another.

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Sugar, sugar

Sticky first caught my eye at the basement of The Central while I was standing around, rather bored, mind you. There was a small pocket of people watching as this blob of sugar was stretched and moulded and form a picture?? I was amazed by these colourful packets of hard candies and I immediately stepped forward to get a pack, only to realise they're quite heavy on the pocket for candies.

I've always had a sweet tooth and eagerly took a chomp, only to slice my tongue against one sugary shard, so be careful! I personally prefer the Sticky pillows since they seem to a balance of sour and sweet rather than a in-your-face sugar explosion.

The bright colours and patterns never fail to brighten up my day!

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Branch Location:
The Central
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Rainbow rocks

What really intrigued me at first was the process of making the candy. The first time I went over to their outlet at Clarke Quay, I spent at least 40 minutes standing outside their "open window kitchen" watching them add colourings and knead the huge chunk of sweet stuff into somewhat the shape of a log on a hot stove, before pulling at one end to produce long, thin sticks of hard rock candy!

It tastes as good as it looks. I found it highly addictive-- I bought back a few packets and a jar and found myself popping one into my mouth non stop. I liked in particular the peanut butter crumble and apple flavoured ones among their wide variety of flavours, including grape, cola and mango pudding. If you're looking for something different to satisfy your sweet tooth, this would be the thing for you.

It could be pricey for some though. I wouldnt exactly consider $3.90 per packet cheap, however they could make a great gift for that price! This is especially so when Sticky comes out with various designs to suit occasions, such as Birthday or Teachers' Day stickys. What makes it more unique is that you actually get to customise your own designs and flavours! My school alumni custom made stickys representative of the school and had them on sale once to raise funds. This can only be done if you're ordering in bulk though.

One more thing, be careful as you suck on those sweet delights! Being the hard rock candy they are, they can cut tongues!

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I like the candy from sticky as it is unique and different from other candy. It has different designs and it taste really good, not that sweet as well. It is handmade so many people are more interested in it. I think that it is quite affordable as well, for a packet of candy. It can also be gifted to friends and family as a birthday present since we can choose to ask them to design our own candy.
The candy makes me feel happy when I look at them as they are so colourful and not boring as well, since they are of different shapes and designs.

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Hole in the wallet.

I discovered Sticky by accident when I was wandering about in Central. I walked past Sticky and the colours caught my eye immediately. I then found out that you could actually customize your sweets! How interesting. I was never a fan of rock candy.. Or any candy that isn't chewy in general.. But sticky won my heart (and stomach). They have really interesting flavours and to name a few that you wouldn't want to miss: Peanut butter crumble and cola flavoured ones. They make pretty gifts too!

It's a bit too costly for sweets but I think once in a while is fine. Everyone has a different liking for flavours so I think I'll leave you to choose from the wide variety there is at the store!

Be careful, you might cut your tongue while eating that!

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Delicious but painful.

When I was in sec 3, there was this big hype about Stickies. They were everywhere! In magazines ads, in my friends' bags, on facebook, twitter. So I decided to give them a try. They cost about $3.90 for a 100g packet. The candies itself are really cute. You can choose from a really diverse range of colors and flavors. If that doesn't satisfy you, you can even custom design these rock candies for special occasion. " I

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Sweet hand-made Singapore success

I often wonder, what can be more enticing about sweets than how appealing the wrapping is on top of the taste? I was blown away when I found out a local Singaporean have began a business of making sweets in front of people. Just like any curious Singaporean, I went to have a look.

The pioneer stall which i visited was at the basement of Central Shopping center. It does not have a young teenager crowd like one would expect of Orchard road, but it was packed with people at the shops. From office ladies looking to bag a few tasty treats for the office to students curiously finding about the new flavour for them to try out on, it was packed when I was there in the late afternoon just after office hours have ended.

I was definitely intrigued with how the candies are made on the hot stove and the trained staff always ensure to put up a great show. From the moulding process to cutting up the candy, their prompt and precise speed spills forth as professional candy maker. It is not everyday you see this on someone resume, do you?

my recommendations will be the watermelon candy. Looks like a watermelon, taste just like a watermelon and not a bit more. Its richness in taste could deter some people who are looking for milder taste which I would then recommend the mint. All in all, this is definitely not your mentos or fruit-tips you get at a convenience stall which you finish the roll at the end of the day. This candy is more cultured and demands a longer time on your shelf. One candy into the mouth produce a lasting taste of luxury and deter you from just about any other candy. after maybe a week or two staring at the pretty candy, you will soon be tempted to pop just another one in. But beware, if you are a candy monster make sure to hide them before they are long gone from the mysterious candy ninjas around you.

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Clarke Quay
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