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Since it first started in 2000, the apple strudel company has been expanding with its ever-growing franchise outlets across the island. Famous for its apple strudel, Ritz also makes strudels in six other different flavours that include mango and strawberry. In its individual outlets, there are also other selections of pastries and light meals.

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Opening Hours:
930am- 10pm
List of Outlets:
Bukit Timah
No. 833 Bukit Timah Road
#01-10 Royal Ville
Tel: 6469 3470 Fax: 6465 4776
10am - 9.30 Daily

North Bridge Road
No.534 North Bridge Road
Tel / Fax: 6337 4381
12pm - 10.30pm Daily

Bugis Junction
11am - 10pm Daily

East Coast
27 East Coast Road
Tel/ Fax: 6348 0756
12pm - 10pm Daily


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Good Apple Strudel

Ritz Apple Strudel is up there with some of my favourite desserts. Crispy pastry filled with sweet cream and slightly tangy apple bits to offset the sweetness - the perfect dessert to end of the night. My favourite part is the carmelised crust of the pastry. If it wasn’t for the caramelised crust, the apple strudel probably won’t be half as nice! After years of eating Ritz Apple Strudel, one hack I discovered would be to buy the mini strudel instead of the full sized one because the caramelised crust to strudel ratio is greater.

I’ve tried their durian strudel before too. It’s not bad but it just tastes like a crispy durian puff on steroids. The apple strudel still remains my favourite out of all the different flavours. Indeed, the original is always the best.

Although the initial hype when Ritz Apple Strudel first set up shop in Singapore has died down, there still remains a constant demand for these pastries. With so many outlets peppering our sunny island of Singapore, it has become really easy to grab one on the go!

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(Updated: November 30, 2014)

More than just apples

The first time one of my friends bought from Ritz Apple Strudel, I thought they only sold apple strudels until I came across one of their stores. They have got more than apples to offer; mango, blueberry and durian, just to name a few.

Prices go from S$12.50 for half a loaf up to S$23.50 for a full loaf. While there are more unique flavours such as durian and chocolate cost slightly more than the others. Fret not if you are looking for a smaller portion for yourself, there is a mini version to this strudel with prices starting from S$4.50 each.

If you are into baking, search up recipes for strudels to bake and you will realize that the end-product tastes similar to those at Ritz. Easy to make, just time consuming. The strudels by Ritz Apple Strudel are good if you do not have the time to bake yourself at home.

At Ritz Apple Strudel, they sell more than just strudels. You can expect to find apple crumble, tiramisu and brownies. They do take orders for parties or events. Just enquire at the counter or their website. It is guaranteed with no trans-fat or additional preservatives, sounds good enough to convince myself to go back for more.

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Crispy, creamy and fufilling!

I have been eating Ritz Apple Strudel for as long as I can remember! I really do love the strawberry strudel in particular, and I feel that the strudels really do live up to the slogan, "love at first bite." The crust of the strudel has a layer of melted crystallized sugar which is simply delightful to bite into! Beneath that, there is a layer of fresh strawberried lathered with a layer of rich and smooth cream. It is really tantalizing to the taste buds and I think it is the best strawberry strudel in town! The prices are reasonable for the quality and taste of the strudel and I would really recommend this to anybody looking for a delightful tea break and for good strudels. I really do love it and would obviously go back for more!

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Clementi Mall
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Delicious strudels but at high cost

I love going to Ritz to enjoy my 'high tea' chit-chat session with friends. Needless to say, their signature apple strudel just tastes heavenly (so much so that sometimes I feel like stealing their recipe and bake it at home). I like their mango strudel too! Honestly all their strudels are way beyond words, be it its a peach, apple, mango, durian, strawberry or even blueberry strudel, I love them all! I have not taste any strudels as delicious as what Ritz is offering so far, but the price of $21.90 for a full loaf apple strudel is a little too expensive, isn't it? Alright, I understand that they actually prepare their strudels daily, but I still find it hard to accept the price for its freshness. Hit the Like button if you agree with me that the strudels are a little overpriced, thanks!

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Crispy and sweet

I just can't get enough of the strawberry strudel! Every time I buy from them, the strudel is perfect and never defect. The pastry has delicious layers of crispiness and sweetness, and the tartness of the strawberries and buttery smoothnes of the custard complement the crispy pastry perfectly. It is just so hard to refuse one, and I always buy 2 mini strudels at one time.

The apple strudel is also not bad, but definitely incomparable to the strawberry strudel. However, I would advise you to give the durian strudel a miss, as it tasted foul to me.

I think their strudels are reasonably priced, and even if they were to increase the prices, I would gladly pay more for some awesome tasting strawberry strudel.

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Great dessert; but rather expensive

I've been eating Ritz Apple Strudel for years now, my dad used to buy it home as a special treat, and now I go there and buy it back for my parents sometimes to surprise them, it is my mum's favorite desert.

I've tried two flavors so far. The classic apple strudel is really just delicious; it is layers of puff pastry, sandwiched with soft apples bathed in pastry cream and custard. The very top of the puff pastry in the strudel is glazed with sugar or syrup and so it adds that crunchy texture in contrast to the soft cream. The apples are not too soft, still with some bite to them, and the dessert is not overly filled with cream such that it sickens you. If you do not like custard though, you may not like this very much. It is best eaten on the first day (don't feel guilty, just finish it!), you can keep it in the fridge for a few days but even overnight you can taste the difference as the puff pastry begins to absorb the moisture from the cream and become slightly soft rather than crunchy.

The other flavor that I tried is the mango strudel. It is also really good and a good change if you have only been eating the apple strudel. The mango is fresh and juicy and still goes well with the custard and pastry. Somehow I also felt that the mango strudel is less sweet than the apple strudel, which I prefer. My mum's favorite is still the apple strudel though so I still buy that!

I usually buy it home to share with my family, but there the shop has quite a big sitting area. When I go on a weekday afternoon, the place is usually empty and quiet so it seems like a good place to have a meeting, especially when you want to talk!

In the past few years I think they have raised the price and it is a tad expensive for my liking. Having said that, I have trawled all over to find a recipe to make this kind of strudel (there is another kind of apple strudel which is more like a pie) and have not found it! It is still therefore a unique desert and a great treat!

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Best apple strudel around!

I was introduced to Ritz Apple Strudel only last year, and I absolutely fell in love with their strudels within the first bite. The combination of cold fruits, custard, and sweet pastry is heavenly. I have tried both their apple strudel and mango strudel, with the apple strudel winning by just a slight margin in my opinion. It is best to eat when fresh, when the sugar coated pastry is still crispy, to be able to fully appreciate just how delicious a simple strudel can be. Even putting it in the refrigerator "for later" will cause it to lose some of that crispiness. A normal size strudel may look deceivingly small, but it is actually very filling (and a complete mess!), so unless you have a huge appetite, take caution when deciding which size to get!

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awesome stuff

This has got to be THE BEST apple strudel I've ever eaten. With it's crispy layers of golden pastry and creamy custard filled with apple chunks - with just the right amount of sweetness too!

They come in many other yummy flavours as well, such as mango and durian which the older generation love to bits. That's why Ritz makes good take-home snacks and visiting gifts; I've never seen anyone refuse such a tasty treat no matter how picky an eater!

However, eating the strudel will get rather messy as it flakes everywhere. This makes it difficult to cut into portions on your own as well, so you might want to request for the service staff to do it for you when you buy it. I suppose you could do it on your own with a serrated knife (bread knife) though.

The custard will also become less viscous over time and make it runny, so do remember to keep it chilled! That's when it tastes best as well :)

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Apple goodness

Eating ritz apple strudel on a weekend afternoon, coupled with earl grey tea makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. Ritz apple strudel consists of layers of goodness, with a glazed, golden top crust, followed by smooth and sweet cream and apple bits. I love the golden colour of the strudel- baked perfectly. Ritz has perfected the recipe for apple strudel. I cant think of a better apple strudel than theirs! Best of all, their prices are reasonable, and their classic apple strudel's taste has always been this good since I was young. My perfect pastry fix, I really love this!

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great for a dessert or afternoon snack

Although there is a wide range of different flavoured strudels sold at Ritz Apple Strudel, I still think that the best tasting one will be the apple strudel. The crust of the strudel is crunchy and the apple filling is soft. However, the height of the strudel is rather thick, and it is difficult to cut straight through it and I prefer splitting it into half before savoring each portion. The half loaf serves about four people, as the strudel can be too sweet to eat in excessive amounts. Each small slice makes a good dessert or a light afternoon snack.

Ritz Apple Strudel also sells other desserts, like cakes and beverages at its fixed outlets. There are times when a temporary stall is set up in the heartlands, which is where I usually get my strudel fix. The quality of the strudels is as good and delicious. Best part, there is often no queue; although they have limited stock at these various makeshift outlets and sometimes I have to make do with the mango strudel instead.

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