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A medical aesthetic clinic that offers the latest cosmetic procedures, such as Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Botox, and a range of top-end skincare products.

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HORRIBLE, CHEATER Please Please dont go to this clinic!!

I can feel the resentment for these people giving bad reviews to this clinic. Please dont go to Aesthetics and Dental Specialist at Marina Square. Felt so cheated to be there. It is just ridiculous and frustrating! I wish I read more online reviews from customers about this clinic before coming. I went out the clinic teary eyed to such experience. It would be fair for all customers to advise the prices before doing anything. It is still our right to know and decide if we want to do it or not. Such a bad experience. I could have saved the money and done it somewhere better, reliable and honest. If you could only see my tooth now, it is more visibly cracked. Thanks to you doc! I regretted it soo much. Now I have to see another clinic to fix it. Spent for pricey horrible service. So true, Please do not go there. I will never recommend it.

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Marina Square
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After reading the other poor reviewer's story here, I decided to share my experience as well. I totally agree with the other reviewer - the service at this clinic is lousy and dr aaron pang is a liar and a cheat. This is also my first review here as I feel I should let others know before they are tricked into treatment by this clinic.

I am an expatriot working in singapore and decided to look for a place for laser hair removal. In my own country (Australia) laser is much cheaper, so I was quite shocked that in general, prices in Singapore are ridiculously high. I don't think the pricing is regulated very well here and asthetic doctors are getting away with overcharging customers. I only found this out after my experience at this clinic. Anyway back to the topic...

I searched around the internet and discovered that St Chappelle Clinic has the particular laser I am looking for, so I called the clinic to make an appointment. They told me that I can do a consultation however if I proceeded with treatment the consult fee would be waived.

The first time I came to the clinic, I wanted to do laser on my face, which Dr aaron pang quoted me a large sum for (for 4 treatments, I cannot remember the amount I paid). I was shocked at the price but decided to go ahead as there weren't any other clinics around that had this laser (or so i thought). I did 3 treatments with him and finally went back to my 4th treatment. On this day I decided I wanted to do my arms also. I consulted with him and we discussed the price. He told me it would cost me $4000 for 8 sessions (which i now find to be ridiculously overpriced). I told him since I was an expatriot I may not be able to fulfill the full 8 sessions due to commitments back home. He then said it was ok to do a session that day, then I can see how I go. He told me per session it was around $1000 so I would pay for that session and then come back if I was able to fulfill the package.

I did one session for $1000. By the way, I have repeatedly been told by my therapist in Australia not to laser the upper arms, as it might stimulate hair growth. However, dr aaron said it was fine and went ahead and did it. IT WAS NOT FINE. I ended up getting worse regrowth and now my arms are worse than before. He clearly has no idea what hes doing, or he is just doing it for the money (which is what I suspect). But the story isn't over yet.

Dr pang was very talkative and chatty during the treatment, but never once did i get the feeling he really cared for my wellbeing. I get the impression patients are like dollar signs to him. He is not empathetic or understanding, clearly he doesn't know what he's doing if hes lasering areas he shouldn't be! Of course if there is regrowth after laser treatment it means more money for him. An honest person would not behave in this manner. I did my last face session - he did that part but since my eyes were covered it was hard to tell who was in the room. I believe he left the room when doing my arms and allowed his nurse to do my arms!

After the regrowth the following month I came back to his clinic, wanting to do one session more before I went back home. I did the treatment and again, he left the room while his nurse did my treatment! Am I paying him or his nurse to do the treatment for me? I went out to pay and they charged me $1400. I left and I stupidly didn't question it.

The next day I called the clinic and asked to talk to Dr pang. I asked him why he charged me $1400 for one session of laser on my arms? He said it was because I was paying off my package! Which in fact, is a lie. Because I had told him, like I had the first time, I may not be around to fulfill the package so I prefer to pay per session. What he said to me was mind blowing - he said "oh ok then well what you have paid settles your treatment so far so it's all paid up". He also said next time I come I can pay the remaining $1600 for the remaining 6 seesions if I wish.
So essentially he is saying they charged me $2400 for 2 sesions of arm laser. So $1200 for one session of arms. You have got to be kidding me. I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF. And not only that, my regrowth is worse than before. I stupidly paid what I shouldn't have. I AM SO ANGRY!

Dr aaron pang is extremely unethical and money hungry. He does not care about the patients, he is just after your wallet. Please do your due diligence. My advice - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

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Experienced the most horrible service I ever had in my life. The doc told me one thing on the phone and a totally different thing when I was there, so not credible! Feel so cheated , it is just ridiculous and frustrating!

I was looking for a place for botox and started searching for such a provider. I did botox 2 months back and wanted to do some touch up for it (as my muscle at my jaw is just slightly protruding and isn't not obvious) Based on my previous treatment (about 10-15 units on each side), I don't need that much of units this time since its just a touch up.

After scouring around, I managed to find Sainte Chapelle Clinic, so I called them for inquiries. I was told that they don't do botox but something that is similar to botox called dysport and that it cost $8 per unit. They said the consultant fees of $80 will be waived off if I do the treatment. So I told them that I just wanted a touch up maybe even 5 units (as I am willing to spend on up to $200) and asked them if I can choose the amount of units I want. Dr Aaron Pang said I can choose the units I want just that it may not be as effective as compared to doing more units. Oh and he told me not to worry about the consultant fees. Upon hearing that, my mind was fixed on doing it since I can do around 5 units and hence proceeded to make an appointment with them.

However on the day of the appointment, during consultation, Dr Aaron said a totally different thing. He said I must do 50 units which will cause me $400 if not I have to pay the consultant fees! WHAT ON EARTH IS HE TRYING TO DO?!?! He told me that I can choose the units and now I have to do 50 units if not pay consultant fees?!! It is just ridiculous! He tried to trick me by being so accommodating on the phone just so that I will turn up for the consultation and it's a dead trap for me as I have to pay either way, do or not to do.

I said exactly what I wrote above that he told me I can choose the units I want but his reply was "oh I have to assess your jaw first before knowing how many units you need." Think about it, if that is the case, why did he even said I can choose the units I want in the first place? If on the phone, he told me I can't choose the units, its up to the him to choose for me. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL TURN UP AS PRICE IS MY CONCERN TOO!

Such as liar and during the consult he kept insisting its either I do it or pay consultant fees. And even told the admin lady to let me think about it first if not take the consultant fees from me. From my point of view, of course it is not worth paying the ridiculous consultation. I was misled into going there and I had in mind of doing approx. 5-10 units (nothing more than $200) and now I have to pay $400 for that much of units with no compromising? So I choose to do it.

This may be a small amount for some of you. But the root of the problem is this: It is not reasonably sound for a doctor to trick a potential customer to turn up for the consultant by using all means by pretending to be so accommodating on the phone. The feeling I have is SO FRUSTRATING!

VERY VERY POOR AND LOUSY SERVICE. I never posted reviews on any clinic before, this is my first time. Which simply shows what a terrible service I was being treated and no one will ever like the experience I went through. ( being so cheated and left with 2 options that you are not comfortable with due to the cunning trick that the doctor had imposed on you.)

I hope this will help you in choosing the right aesthetic clinic.

Thank You.

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