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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 03, 2012    

New York Skin Solutions was established in Singapore in 2004 and has since expanded its presence to Malaysia with more than 30 outlets specialising in skin treatment.

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bad customer service

I sign up for the $18 trial facial treatment online. Miss Mandy who working in nyss Westgate outlet called me and book the appointment for me.miss mandy sell me a facial package in the room for about 1.5 hours. At the first facial treatment the service is very good. At the 2nd facial treatment miss Mandy who want to sell me a new facial package however I rejected her. After that she anyhow do the facial treatment for me. The facial treatment time was shorter from 2 hrs to 30 minutes. I called the nyss hq and request to transfer outlet to do my reaming facial treatment at other outlet. Miss Mandy show me a super black face and she was very unhappy when I sign the paper work for transfer of outlet to do the reaming facial treatment at other outlet . Miss Yuki my new beauty consultant. Miss Vivian Choo offer me 3 in 1 facial cleaning as a free gift for compensation. Miss Yuki pass me the 3 in 1 facial cleaning and she show me she is very unhappy. Miss Yuki told me transfer back to Westgate to settle the problem with miss Mandy . She told me not I want transfer i can transfer. I am the customer I have the right. I almost want to call media .she quarrel with me. Ms Yuki resign from the company. I waste one facial treatment because of miss mandy. My new consultant ms Anna. The service not bad.she always want to sell me a new facial package and I always reject her. She always say nyss give me a special price and special promotion and i do not believe her. I remember one time she change my appointment date. Maybe she give my appointment slot to new customer who have just sign up. How profession she is. I remember one time she say my skin condition is very bad and need special facial treatment package. I do not believe her. She just want to earn money and hit the sales target. During the last facial treatment Anna told me sg 50 promotion $3000 for 30 times facial treatment. She say hq give me the special promotion. I do not believe her. This is my experience with New York skin solutions. one beauty consultant serve few cutomers at the same times. you can hear the counter customer service staff always remind beauty consultant customers at which room number. this is my bad experience with new york skin solutions.

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ngee ann city
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Hard-selling Destroyed the Otherwise Relaxing Experience

As a student, I am always out hunting for new skin care products and routine – a result of the nagging from my parents to take charge of my personal grooming. I have never been to a facial before, thus after receiving a complementary session from NYSS, I made an appointment just to get a sense of what it was like. No harm trying, free what.
Boy was I in for an experience.

I had expected hard selling, but not to this extent. The consultant first starts off by asking you how you gained courage to change the condition of your skin. Obviously I replied I wanted to try out a facial, not what she mentioned. Then she started to lecture me. She employed a variety of methods. These include guilt tripping, inciting fear through amplifying the condition of your skin and promises of “student discounts that are affordable for me”. As I declined, their “evaluation” of my skin went from objective, to borderline insulting.

While the facial itself was definitely relaxing, the interaction with the consultants made the whole experience a terrible one. I felt coerced into paying for another session of facial. It was only after I paid, that they relaxed their hard selling methods by a fraction.

Definitely not looking forward to that session and not returning thereafter.

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A painful experience

I’m not a regular but I’ve been over once for their trial facial with included consultation and analysis. They did the usual hard-selling; I don’t really blame them, it’s the only way they increase their customer pool! As it was my first time receiving consultation at a skin-care centre, they were very patient in handling all the questions I was firing, explaining them nicely and slowly.

The process of the trial:
1. Cleansing
2. Mask for pore-relaxation
3. Extracting (for pimples and blackheads)
4. Application of Collagen cream (30%, not a 100 because it was just a trial….and they wanted me to get the whole package)
5. Hydrating mask
6. Clean-up
7. Application of moisturizer

The whole process was so relaxing I actually slept. My beautician was really friendly, talking to me throughout about school, life and so on but stopped when she realized I was dozing off. Which was why, I had a complete shock when they started the extraction. It was so darn painful and because I’m sensitive to pain on my face, I sneeze every single time they pricked and squeezed. I ended the session with a clogged nose and a really bruised face. Other than the painful 5 minutes, all was well.

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Commercialized Skin Center

In the past I had serious skin conditions, so after seeing the advertisement I headed towards their stores and tried their facial trial before I decided to sign up for one of their packages for 10 sessions. No doubt, their hard selling methods was really powerful but at least the packages I signed up fir still met my budget range, and if may have been worth it to solve my facial problems.

The ambiance is really very relaxing and after each session finishes, you will be served a nice cup of tea. I can say I am very lucky because during my last session of the packages, my main beautician was not around and a newcomer substituted her session. Hence after the final session there was no more hard selling for signing up for packages. After the 10 sessions, my skin condition improved but only slightly.

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Desperate tactics!

New York Skin Solutions have been creating a name for themselves recently due to their large investments into their advertising and marketing. However, they are one facial salon that I will never step foot in again!

I was actually looking for a new place for facial since my package with my previous beauty salon has ended. So I was lured into texting them for a trial through their almost daily large advertisements on TODAY newspaper. Initially, the sales staff who returned my call was polite and accommodating to answer all my queries about the trial and we went ahead with fixing an appointment. Due to some work related issues, I couldn’t make it for my appointment so I called in to inform them that I’ll be calling again to arrange for another date. This time round, the lady was quite inpatient and insist I give her a date on the spot, which obviously I wouldn’t and can’t do that!

So for the next few days, they called me up twice a day to pester me for a date! Seriously! Do they have to be so desperate? When I told them that they can drop me off their list because I’m not keen in their trial anymore, guess what she replied? She told me – NO, there is no drop out after you sms us.

This led me to some thinking, if their facials are as good as they claimed, why are they so hard up for business? I have one friend who signed some eye treatment package with them and honestly, I see no difference even after she completed her package and they are always trying to hard sell to all customers and this is really irritating.

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Will never step in again!

This company gave my mother and I the worst experience ever. We signed up for New York Skin Solutions’ trial for $10, because we were looking for a new facial place at that time, and this promotion seemed like a good way to try out their services. Huge mistake.

The facial itself was alright, it was the hard-selling tactics of the beauticians that was such a complete turn off. Throughout the facial, they would not stop trying to convince us to sign their facial treatment package. My mother eventually gave in, and signed a package of 10 facials because the lady who attended to us promised to let us both use the package. I never went for another facial again, because I found it to be such a frustrating experience. My poor mother, however, had to go for all the sessions to get her money’s worth.

My mother dreads going for her facial, and after each session, she would rant to me about how the annoying beautician kept trying to get her to sign new packages. Once, the beautician tried to get my mother to sign a $9000 package for 10 facial sessions. When my mother rejected her offer with the excuse of financial difficulty, the beautician eagerly tried to work her way around the “financial difficulty” by offering my mother the same package, with 5 sessions instead of 10. Now, rather than being nice and cordial, my mother has to resort to curt replies and threats in order to get the staff to back off. I just don’t understand why there is a need for so much hard-selling. If New York’s treatments are so good, let the customer decide for themselves! Promoting is one thing, and hard-selling is quite another. New York Skin Solutions really needs to get it right before it starts scaring all its customers away!

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White Sands shopping centre
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trials temptation

New York Skin Solution has left a rather positive impression in my head, looking professional both in its treatments and service. Other than the signature hard-selling by staff, which was the nature of the spa & wellness sector, I have heard mixed or rather, extreme comments about it.

When the advertisement for a $5 facial trial flashed on the television I was tempted to give it a shot, but was stopped by my mother just before entering the shop. She said she'd explain to me when i'm home and i'm glad she did. Several months ago, my mother and sister had went for a free facial trial and it was extremely effective in treating skill problems. For my mother it was wrinkles and pigmentation and for my sister, acne. The staff was meticulous, knowledgeable and there was a noticeable improvement in the skin a week after the facial. My mother was impressed, but yet cautious and decided to purchase 3 more individual facials thereafter. She shared with me how carelessly and casually the staff treated her when they knew her treatments were already paid for, which made her utterly lose respect for that very same groups of staffs. Even worse, the 3 treatments combined were not as effective as the first trial. My mother was thankful she was not persuaded by the convincing staff to purchase packages of 12 or 24.

Upon reading online reviews, I noticed a similar trend that positive reviews were mostly from newer customers and poorer reviews from frequent customers. It really says a lot about the sly business tactics to lure first-time customers into trying their top-grade products and then hypocritically treating them like dirt once the bill is settled. If you really want to try this company, go ahead, but don't go beyond the first trial.

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A big no-no

My mum and I went to the branch at Bishan Junction 8 for a $38 facial promotion. We were greeted by a lady who served us tea. After settling us down comfortably, we had to fill up our particulars and then the consultant started to analyse our skin conditions. We were then sent off for our facials.

Soon, the consultant who attended to us started to introduce the various packages to us and I could almost immediately feel that she was using hard-selling techniques on us.

When she realized that she could not convince us, she asked to be excused from the room and soon another young lady came in, locked the door, and introduced herself as the manager. What does this appear to you? By then, I was already rather disgusted by their efforts to force us to take up their packages. I told my mum that we should just leave since we are not obliged to take up any packages. And we did leave after much insistence.

Honestly, I felt that I have tried better treatments elsewhere. Their treatments techniques may be good, but the pressure-selling technique was a real turn off.

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(Updated: December 27, 2012)

Its' a non-relaxing experience.

I have a package there at New York Skin Solution at White Sands and the facial was not very good. I had better ones at cheaper places. What makes the facial experience there so horrible was how chatty the lady, every single one of her “chat topic” inevitably leads back to asking me to buy some product or go for more service.

Having facial is supposed to be a relaxing experience, I was not able to relax when I had to think through and reject her requests. it was unpleasant. After my package has ended, I will not visit New York Skin Solution again.

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Really commercialized skin center with hard selling

I used to have a package at New York Skin Solutions for my skin condition was pretty bad then.

Didn't go for the high end one of course. If my memory serves me well, my package was $800+ for 10 facial treatments.

While the results were mere satisfactory, the thing I hate most about the New York Skin Solutions was the hard-selling attitude the people there adopted. For every session, they were trying to sell me certain things, either products like ampules (which cost $100+ for a small 5ml I think) or higher range facial treatment packages. They were quite firm with their selling, so much that they wanted me to pay a low sum of down payment (say $100) when I said I didn't bring my cards out. It became rather irritating after a while with their sales pitch that I dreaded returning for my next treatment. I stopped going there nowadays, even though my package still has treatments left over.

I would believe their treatment does really works, but that's only after you've spent thousands (and possibly tens of thousands) on improving your facial condition.

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