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Lin Ying

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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 08, 2016    

Linying is a Singapore singer-songwriter who performs in live shows and collaborative releases. She is part of the Noise Singapore's The Music Mentorship Programme since 2014, and performs occasionally in small festivals at home and abroad while working on her debut album.


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Local hippie music you cannot miss out on

People like Lin Ying are living proof that Singapore is not falling short in the Arts and Music department. Her voice is music to the ears, and falls perfectly under the hipster category.

Her music varies from slow and reflective originals, to upbeat and rhythmic remixes done through collaborations. The catchy tunes and unique effects keep me addicted and I can’t help but press the replay button over and over again. Two of my favourite remixes from Lin Ying are “Shine” and “Eagle Eyes”. Magical is the word I would use to describe her voice. Magical, and enchanting.

If you’re searching for some indie music, do check out Lin Ying’s music on YouTube, and get ready for hours of replaying her uplifting songs.

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