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Renae Cheng
Listing created by Renae Cheng on September 08, 2015    

Local rapper and hip-hop artist Shigga Shay finally releases his eponymous debut album. On National Day, no less. How's that for patriotism? Expect a mix of songs upbeat, dubstep-infused tracks to soothing and soulful ballads, showcasing Shigga's rap capabilities as he spits his rhymes in a flurry of English, Mandarin, Malay, Singlish, and even Hokkien lyrics.

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Bursting With SG Pride, Certainly Worth The Wait

Guys. The wait is over. Shigga Shay has finally released his debut full-length album! As a diehard fan of rap and hip-hop, I have been waiting and waiting for our humble little red dot’s very own answer to the genre. No doubt, Shigga Shay has proven to be the one who will put Singapore on the map, spawning hits over the past year like Limpeh and my personal favourite, Lion City Kia. (“Live and die, red and white. Song bo?” will forever be my #sgpride anthem)

One track that stood out for me at first listen was Afraid To Love, a catchy, bass-heavy ballad with fellow homegrown artist Joel “Gentle Bones” Tan showing his vocal prowess on the hook. Shigga’s understated delivery combined with his powerful verses show a deeper, more emotional side of the rapper. He tells a tale of struggling to find love, with a handful of lines talking about how he’d much rather be snuggled up to that special someone rather than mindlessly drinking yet another night away at a club. Hey, we don’t have to be famous to be able to relate to THAT!

Another favourite of mine would be Siala, a high-tempo collaboration with Wang Weiliang (of Ah Boys To Men fame) that just SCREAMS Singlish and local flavour. Hold on for a wild ride as he and Weiliang proceed to jam-pack a flurry of lightning-speed rapping, clever rhymes and witty punchlines in shortly under three minutes. I played this for my mum and even she was impressed. (she particularly liked one of Weiliang’s verses where he proudly proclaimed “Wang Weiliang likes to eat kang kong”. seriously, he said THAT and somehow managed to make it sound full of swag. HOW?!)

Make sure to catch the other collaborations as well, namely Tosh Rock and The Sam Willows’ very own Benjamin Kheng on Ang Moh Pai and Red & Blue respectively. I use them to psycho my non-Shigga-loving friends into listening to his tunes.

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