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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on January 31, 2014    

Sylvia Ratonel is a Temasek Poly graduate became the first female finalist and runner-up in the history of “Singapore Idol” competition in December 2009 and was touted as ‘The Beautiful Talent’ in the third season of “Singapore Idol”.

After the Idol competition, Sylvia inked a management contract with MediaCorp and a recording contract with Universal Music. 

In 2010, Sylvia became the first local celebrity to be named the brand ambassador for international make-up brand Maybelline New York. She released her self-titled debut album which she co-wrote several songs including two 987FM chart-topping hits “Fly” and “It’s Raining”. She also performed a duet with Idol winner Sezairi Sezali at the” National Day Parade” and sang the national anthem at the “Singtel F1 Grand Prix”. 

The same year, she was ranked as part of the Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM magazine and she also won the Breakout Star of the Year ELLE Awards. 

In 2011, she was the voice behind the NDP theme song “In A Heartbeat”. 

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Royally amiable Without Being All Too Royal

Sylvia Ratonel seems to have the balance of both the facial appeal and vocals. She can actually be featured in the billboard charts or something if she’s recruited in a proper management company that handles her music career like they’re treading on a stream of gold. Unfortunately, I do not think she was offered by any management or if she is under some management, they do not seem to be managing anything. There was neither a new album nor any performances made by her the moment Singapore Idol ceased to an end!

My friends and I caught sight of her at an eastern vicinity. Her height was akin to a human skyscraper. She was the ideal picture of amiability as she smiled at those who recognized her. She even engaged in some sort of small talk with those fans of hers. Singers don’t usually do that! Especially those from either Korea or Japan. They’ll usually plaster a frozen smile and zoom across their fans like they’re royal beings.

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Stage Presence and Social Media Presence

Sylvia singing her heart out on stage really inspires me. Being someone that is really interested in the music industry, I find anyone that has talent naturally attractive for me - the way that she sings is so natural that it actually gives me some sort of confidence that perhaps maybe someday I can be like her.

On the stage, Sylvia exhibits a strong amount of stage presence with her uplifting and unique voice that resonates through the place. Even the song that she sings complement her voice really well that makes her shine out of all the other contestants. In addition to her stage personality, she also connects with her fans well and makes sure that she engages with them on stage and off stage. I have had friends who are loyal supporters of her just because she was friendly and even replied them on twitter.

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