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Sun Ho is a Singaporean pop singer and pastor who is also the wife of Pastor Kong Hee, founder of City Harvest.


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Plight for God to judge

As a Christian, when the news of City Harvest Church's scandal went viral, I was shocked that someone could do something like this. However, having known Ho Yeow Sun as someone with a pastor's status and nothing more, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and check out the videos of Ms Ho. flooding my facebook timeline attached with negative backlash and insults.

After watching "Kill Bill" I was horrified - I had no idea how this was according to her saying that it would spread the gospel. If anything, it seemed that she had tarred the image of Christians. It wasn't the concept of the video that was disturbing but the title and the endless repetition in the song with the explicit mention and reference to killing a man, Bill.

Although I am horrified by her actions, her plight is only for God to judge - after all, who are we to judge others when we have, too, sinned.

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at a loss for words

Objectively speaking, Ho Yeow Sun has little talent to speak of. Her vocals and dance moves are barely passable, and very much smacks of wannabe. Her music videos mainly consist of very sexually suggestive dancing around in skimpy clothes among numerous buff men, and incomprehensible lyrics. Seriously, I can't find a redeeming factor anywhere, and couldn't finish watching the video China Wine.

It would be bad enough to stop there. But to make things worse, she's a pastor's wife, a highly respected member of a megachurch, and those cheap, wannabe music videos of her showing too much skin is supposed to help spread the love of God.

I'm truly at a loss for words here.

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Really, a pastor?

Like many others, Ho Yeow Sun’s name caught my attention only after the City Harvest Church incident and prompted me to look up this so called “pastor” of one of Singapore’s mega churches.

I had heard of City Harvest Church and their pastors prior to the dramatic scandal but have never thought much about it. As the church’s scandal got exposed and videos of Ho Yeow Sun’s “China Wine” music video circulated online, I found myself appalled and mortified by what I saw. Is it really appropriate for a pastor to act this way, really?

Ho Yeow Sun is supposedly using her music to spread the gospel overseas and to bring more people to church. This façade of a holy and spiritual plan is unconvincing and doesn’t do much to explain the way the female pastor is acting. I find myself wondering, if God called her to be a pastor, I’m sure He didn’t mention that she had to act this way in order to save more people right?

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I first heard of her with the controversial song she released, "China Wine". Even without knowing her background, I thought it was a horrible song with raunchy dancing and nonsensical lyrics. Needless to say, the video got plenty of dislikes on video sharing website YouTube. Imagine my horror when I found that she was a pastor, and what's more, the pastor of a leading church in Singapore with thousands of Christians attending their services every Sunday at City Harvest Church.

I think that it is absolutely disgusting that a pastor perform such dirty dance moves. This really leaves a bad impression on her, on her church, and even on Christians. Producing music is not the issue but it's the way that the music comes across, and in this case, it is just downright degrading and definitely not a manner in which a pastor should conduct herself.

I hope that she was just momentarily caught up in the idea of fame. But I also wish that she will learn from her mistakes and focus on being a good pastor and conducting herself in a manner that people will want to emulate.

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What a disgrace.

Ho Yeow Sun. Sun Ho. Prior to the City Harvest Church incident, neither of these names had popped up. Well, not in my life, anyway. When I heard that a pastor’s wife had a career as a pop singer, I thought then that I had to see it.

Now, I wish I could un-see it.

Like most other people, I went to watch Sun Ho’s China Wine music video. Oh. My. Gosh. It was a disgrace to say the least. She’s the perfect example of a wannabe - she can’t sing or dance to save her life, and has zero talent. The only thing that might have kept her career afloat was money, and speaking of which, how were so many people convinced that she was spreading the word of God? I mean really? By being barely covered up and gyrating on a dance floor? What was she thinking? What were they thinking?

China Wine truly brings shame to all Singaporeans. Someone please take that video down already.

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(Updated: September 10, 2013)

Holy Cow! Seriously??

Like the most of us, I got to know about her through the City Harvest Church scandal. Lets be honest here, nobody would know her due to her great rapping skills. She can shake her bottom and make suggestive posses pretty good, but make your way down to any clubs at Clarke Quay at 1am and you would see hordes of other girls do the same as good as she does.

What amazes me is the fact that there are so many people, so many multitudes of people,blindly paying them to waste it on some talentless woman's doomed music career. If you give her money, of course she will take, but why give? In whole of the Bible the word "hip-hop" never appeared once I can bet, so that's not the kind of music God prefers. Dancing half naked and flaunting money was never the way Jesus recommended as He championed poor people. How can the Pastor and his wife be following Jesus and God by doing everything He asked you not to?

She is the collective proof of public's gullibility. The way people can be influenced to do others biding. Though it seems funny at first that so many people paid their hard earned money trying to build the career for a nobody, on the long run, it points towards a scary future.

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Ho, Ho, Ho? No merry Christmas for you baby!

This is a pastor's wife? If she had decided to make a trip to Nashville to embark on a Country music career nobody would have batted an eyelid. Nobody would have cared. She might get a few votes of approval. She might have the congregation singing "Hallelujah!". That is until everyone remembers that she can't sing to save her knickers from being ripped off by a drunkard.

So what's my point? Firstly, she chose a genre of music that is overtly at odds with the morality(?) that her husband preaches. Secondly, she can't sing. That is why she chooses dance music. Nobody pays attention to your singing ability in dance music.

What I am really interested to know is just how much of church funds was used to "further" her music career. For her husband, she may well turn out to be his worst ever "investment".

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Speechless.. should I begin? How about this? How does an entire church consisting of thousands of members think that it is great that their pastor's wife and co-founder is dressed skimpily and gyrating in a sexually suggestive rap video? I don't know, but that seems like a pretty big, flashing, warning light.

Take a step away from the fact that she is supposed to be a church leader (heard from an ex-member that she is a pastor too?), and evaluate her as an artiste then. Her vocals aren't fantastic, her videos are so-so, and please don't tell me she is good looking. The only thing that kept me watching was the in-credulousness that she is supposedly doing all these to spread God's Word. The connection between rapping "China Wine" repeatedly while gyrating and spreading Christianity is lost on me.

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