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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on August 19, 2013    

Farisha Ishak made it all the way to the finals of The Final 1. At time of writing this, the finals has not finished. She is a petite girl with a very powerful and mature tone.

I actually picked her as one of my two favourites when I saw her youtube audition before the show started. Go me! You can read my favourite picks from the auditions here.

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I've heard Farisha sing during school functions because she was my senior in secondary school. When I saw her audition clip, I was certain that she was going to make it very far. She is a lil' diva powerhouse in the Final One and she deserves the title of being 'The Final One'.

Among all local singers, she has one of the best voices. Her singing has a lot of technique to it and she never fails to connect with the song. You can tell that she's putting in her heart and soul into it. Her covers of Adele songs are amazingly great and that's saying something.

She's putting out an album soon which is pretty cool. However, I do hope that the fame she has garnered is long-lasting and not like other winners of reality singing shows who disappear into oblivion (think American Idol).

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