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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 28, 2013    

Winner of Singapore Idol Season 3. He attained the title, third Singapore Idol, in December 2009. Sezairi Sezali is also known for his penchant in penning his own songs, accompanied with a lacquered acoustic guitar. He dabbled into a different sector by interviewing the Twilight casts and ever serenading them with the aid of his ukulele. He released an album "Take Two" in 2010. He dons his iconic thick framed glasses both on and off stage. Apparently, he even expanding the collection of this iconic feature of his. 


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I wouldn't say Sezairi has the best voice ever. I was honestly rooting for Sylvia to win Singapore Idol but oh well, Sezairi does have a great voice. He has a very soulful and pleasant voice, and when coupled with good charms, ladies are sure to be smitten.

I've always preferred Taufik too and inevitably, people will compare all the Singapore Idol winners. In this case, I've not seen Sezairi excel as much as Taufik did, which is a pity given the sheer amount of talent and potential that he has. It's pretty mortifying how most reality show winners (Singapore Idol, American Idol etc) seem to disappear in oblivion after releasing a record or two.

I do hope that Sezairi makes a comeback soon enough because his talent should not be wasted. Ultimately, he CAN sing and he sings WELL so why aren't we seeing enough of him?

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Has his own merits

His voice is so seductive, and I absolutely love the richness in his voice. Although he may not have the perfect broadway voice like Adam Lambert, he has his own merits.

I am attracted by the low voice of his that is able to sing the verse "Dropped off your keys last night" smoothly. While based on his looks he may not be a heart-throb like Taufik was, his voice and character are his saving grace. On stage, he is a friendly and cheerful performer with a strong stage presence with strong audience engagement. With all his merits about his performance together with his abilities, I'm sure many will agree.

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I didn't vote for him on Singapore Idol. I always preferred Taufik, the first Singapore Idol, to him. After he won the competition, he cut an album, and subsequently disappeared from the scene. Sure, he made appearances on shows and graced events, but he never really got famous. I didn't think much of that, until I discovered his YouTube channel.

Sezairi has a good voice, pleasing and soothing. I love that he writes and performs his own songs, because that brings about a connection. His songs aren't flashy or have electronically-tweaked riffs, but more of a good old-fashioned kind of sit down and sing to you. He doesn't release videos very often, but when he does, it's usually all good. A pity he doesn't have much subscribers though.

It would be too much to say that I hope he becomes famous again. But I do wish that he never gives up writing and singing, because this guy's sure got the talent.

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