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Tzire the stage name of rapper Toh Yifan, who has become a well-known Singaporean rapper from his youtube videos. TheSingaporeanRapper, where he raps to popular songs and even composes some of his own.


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Unimpressed, Bad Impression on his trying too hard

Having heard that he was a local youtuber that was surprisingly popular, I decided to check out his Youtube page. To my disappointment, I did not like his style of music at all. While he is indeed funny in some aspects, he strikes me as trying too hard to be funny - almost as if he were forced to be funny.

Sometime later, I also happened to chance upon his twitter through a friend's retweet of his tweet, I then decided to check out his twitter too to see what he was like. Upon coming to his page, I was yet again disappointed and a little repulsed. His tweets just confirmed that he was trying too hard to be popular or famous - his tweets were taken from other funny twitter accounts, both pictures and words, and he did not give any credit to them. Scrolling down his timeline, I saw many tweets that I had retweeted from American Twitter accounts on his account.

Maybe he's desperate for retweets, but all I can say is I'm not impressed or attracted by him at all.

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Tzire is a pretty cool name. When I first heard his raps on YouTube, I thought that he was talented and creative. Not a genius of course, but given his young age, definitely with potential. However, his upload activity slowed dramatically and he was practically unheard of for a long time. Then came his Twitter saga.

Tzire was accused of copying tweets and passing them off as his own. He never publicly commented about it, but it was obvious to anyone. Despite the backlash, he continues to do so and garnered even more hate against himself. He also has a nasty habit of following and then unfollowing people on Twitter. He does not communicate with his fans/followers, and I think his Twitter is purely there for the followers. I don't think he has any intention of building relationships with his fans.

No longer a worthy rapper/online celebrity to follow. You'll be better off with people like Tan JianHao and Dee Kosh.

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(Updated: November 18, 2013)

Tzire raps too fast for his brain to catch up

Oh man where do I begin.

I know I'll probably get some flack - assuming anyone even reads this - making a fairly negative review about some big well-loved star in Singapore but here goes nothing.

I honestly do not like this guy. Really. Notice that I said how I don't like this "guy", not this "rapper" or "this guy's rapping" or whatever - because my main contention isn't about his rapping but him as a person.

To start off, I'm not someone that's big on rap - I mean sure, I do appreciate the occasional rapper (see: Kanye West, biggie smalls, tupac, busta rhymes, etc.) but it's just not my thing, ya'know? It's like how some people think dubstep's just a bunch of random stupid sounds (or as they put it, 'transformers having sex') or how people don't understand where Miley Cyrus' talent ends and her twerky butt begins.

That said, I do think his rapping's decent enough to say the least - it's certainly pretty darn good for a Singaporean. Then again, that's not saying much considering the lack of talent to be found within our tiny population. I believe that it's his ability to conjure rhymes relevant to our society and its happenings that's made him really popular - consider how his major breakthrough was rapping about "adelynn hosehbo" during that massive stomp saga thingum.

But therein lies the problem.

Let's quote a line from his recent rap about the haze, shall we?

"I really hope Indonesia does something about this
And I don't understand how Singapore freaking allows this"

Wow tzire. Wow. You don't understand how Singapore allows this. You don't understand how Singapore ALLOWS this. Because obviously, Singapore has the power to stop Indonesia from doing what's in their country's interest simply by desiring to, right? And of course, our dear prime minister really was just lounging around in his mansion doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to alleviate the situation, right?
Right guys?

But wait - it gets even better. Here's another line, not from the rap but said in normal-speak:
"something should be done to deal with something about this; the countries that are causing this - maybe fine them?"

1) He assumes nothing is being done about this

I'm sorry, my blood vessel just popped from the level of stupidity on display. This is a guy who writes raps without thinking, who perpetuates idiocy and swag-culture, who doesn't even bother to pick up a damned newspaper and just read it. He can't even just read off the headlines of online news or briefly scan the 10 o'clock or 9.30 or 6.30 or 11.00 news WHY DO YOU DO THIS TZIRE WHY?!?!

*deep breaths, deep breaths*

This isn't my only gripe with him. A year ago, I was at this charity concert, and he came along, dressed in his swaggy attire and being so cool and hip, rapping "stereo hearts" and all.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I say he was rapping? I meant he was awkwardly standing around, fiddling with his pockets and being an eye-sore in general on stage because he FORGOT THE LYRICS. I understand that people aren't perfect and musicians are people so yes, they are prone to screw-ups, but damn - for you to act that way just to muck your performance up so badly?

All in all, I'd say don't support him. Really. He's an example of someone with talent that's just putting it all to waste (writing about being too tall to fit into maseratis and not being in the illuminati? Really? Are you serious? Are you - oh screw this. If I was some old dude in a chinese drama I'd be falling back on the couch clutching my heart from amount of anger his thorough brainlessness caused me).

Don't support this kid (who's admittedly my age but still a kid because dammit I will not call someone so ignorant anything other than that) until he's grown some brains, until he's become more intelligent and learns to actually use his brain before he pens his lyrics down, until he's lost that stupid air of arrogance and entitlement.

Now I'm just waiting for the next person to come along and say "oh man david you're just jealous!!!!"

Oh dear.

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an inspiration

Tzire is such an inspiration to me. At a young age of only 16, he has tremendous achievements appearing on 91.3 FM crowned as "Singapore's fastest rapper" as judging from the following video, i would honestly agree completely! (Refer to video link 1)

And the youngest (and probably the only Singaporean) to be on Singapore Youtube Stars Concert along with Tiffany Alvord, David Choi what a remarkable acheivement. He has indeed done Singapore proud in many ways. (Video link 2)

From the media interviews and video clips you can tell that he isn't your typical outspoken, confident, show-off kinda guy, he is in fact, pretty quiet, and humble. For his performances, he doesn't try too hard and dresses flamboyantly but wears what makes him comfortable, shirts, hoodies etc. Even when his on stage and doing an introduction you really just seems like any other Singaporean boy, nothing too outstanding but once he starts rapping, he owns the stage, all eyes are on him, all jaws are on floor. It really inspires me to be daring about what you enjoy doing even though you may be normal, you may be young and even though your talent isn't commercialised unlike singing or dancing.

Besides songs/covers, he also raps on major Singaporean happenings like the Ferrari accidents, Steven Lim, Aaron Tan which is highly entertaining and relevant to us locals. I noticed he also has this special ability to mimick accents like whenever he doesn an American song he sounds like a true blue American rapper, and when he does a Singaporean rap he speaks Singlish. And also he sounds almost exactly like Aaron Tan when acting like him! (Video 3)

What an inspiration he is, do check out the video links below, you'll totally get what I mean :)

1. (fast rap)

2. (Singapore Youtube Stars Concert)

3. (Steven Lim VS Aaron Tan)

4. (Payphone Cover - My personal favourite)

Owner's reply

I agree with you! He makes Singapore proud.

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