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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 14, 2013    

This formidable duo formed a team that persistently conquered several charts and swept multiple awards in Singapore's music industry. Their popularity rocketed even higher after collaborating with an artist across the causeway, Najwa. Alyph and Syarif. These are the names, the identities of the duo who bears the name 'Sleeq'. Both of them are born in the 1989s. They're also related by blood. They're cousins. Both of them enrolled and graduated in the same school. Temasek Polytechnic. However, they both took differing course. They were merged together musically at the age of 16, thanks to other fellow cousins. 

Their music injects litres of rejuvenation into the music industry the moment they debuted. They implanted their personal flavours into their songs. They whipped out their own tracks, produced their own beats. They moulded independence to a whole new level. They released their first EP in 2007. That EP contained impressive tracks that were either in English or Malay language. Thereafter, they began conquering Singapore's radio stations, be it the English ones or Malay. Soon, scooping up awards in each award ceremony that they attended yearly became a regularly frequent event.

Their music captured Syarif's soothing croons dripping everything any fans of the soulfulness wanted to hear, perfectly. R&B approves. Alyph belted out strings of rap verses that fused into the music ideally. Their lyrics are usually intermingled with humour and the current affairs. The bass via the beats on their tracks are sufficient enough to make any nearby windows vibrate violently, in sync with the music. The balance between several heavy bass, diverse rap flows and canorous honeyed vocals led Sleeq to be a genre of their own. The genre like no other. 


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