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Taufik Batisah is the winner of the first season of the reality TV series Singapore Idol.


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Charismatic individual

From the start of Singapore Idol, I was swayed by Taufik' s personality and charm through his warm smile and charismatic dialogue when he was interviewed. Although in the beginning his vocal talents were not very impressive at first glance, his on connection and his willingness to engage with the audience made him a hot favourite.

I still remember seeing mobile shout outs from his fans declaring their love for him at the bottom of the screen as he was singing. In the audience at the scene, there would also be people who had foam singers and LED boards with taufik's name - obviously they shared my sentiments and were also captivated by taufik's personality.

All the way to the end, I followed Taufik - and I was glad he won.

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I Voted For Him

I remember being glued to the very first season of Singapore Idol and watching the final where it was Taufik versus Sylvester Sim, if I'm not wrong. Taufik is a very likeable and charismatic guy and that made me vote for him in the final. I cannot remember if he won by a large margin or not, but he did anyway and that got him a recording contract. He released his album which was quite successful.

Sadly though, he has largely disappeared from the music scene in Singapore. Although he is still active on social media sites and he talks to his fans regularly on Twitter, I don't see much music coming from him anymore. I think he has more or less stopped producing music and based on what I see from his social media platforms, he is more interested in keeping in touch with his fans.

Perhaps the supporter base for local music is still not strong enough and we still have a preference for international stars rather than supporting our own local talent. I think it's quite sad, considering that there are truly some exceptional musical talents in Singapore. I hope one day, such people will be given better opportunities to showcase what they have, and as Singaporeans, we will learn to better support them. Why rely so much on foreign talent when we have our own?

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Sad idol

It was the first Singapore Idol and I had to follow it. I could not say I supported Taufik from the start but as the competition progressed, I was swayed by him. It was his good voice coupled with sincerity that captured my support.

I thought being the first Singapore Idol would have created a smooth path for him to raise to stardom just like Zoe Tay did when she won the first Star Search. But I guessed the market for actress and market for singer was different. Taufik was forgotten after only a few years. I did not know whether he had enjoyed any success in his music career after winning the Singapore Idol but it must be sad that whatever success he may have, it was so short.

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He's got style yo!

Of all the Singapore Idol winners, I think the Batisah will remain the best performer for me, He not only sings well, he has alot of charisma and stage power. I remember when i was young, the face-off between him and Sylvestor brought us to the edge of our seats. Taufiq knew who he was, and his personality brought us closer to him.

Unfortunately, I don't hear much from him nowadays. Honestly speaking, the domestic music industry in Singapore is still in its infant stages, but I;m glad for the passion and commitment of people like Taufiq. Taufiq laid the stage for the success, albeit limited, of the first Singapore Idol, and through people like him, the local music industry will expand and become more viable,

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Dreamy heartthrob..? Maybe.

I'd say when Taufik Batisah first won Singapore Idol, 90% of my girl malay friends was crazy over him. Their wallets, notebooks, files, all full of Taufik's pictures and doodles of his name.

8 years on, even though the craze about Taufik has pretty much died down, I still have a few friends who's still really into him, and some of them who used to follow updates on Taufik near-religiously still does check up on him from time to time. I think they would always have a soft spot for Taufik in their hearts.

Personally, I'm not a fan, and never have been, but I think he's a generally likeable guy and has a good singing voice. Oh and I heard he's a mama's boy, and the stories I've heard about him regarding how he treats his mum will make you go "aww.."!

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7-11 Guy! Wait, what?

When Taufik Batisah won the title of being the very first Singapore Idol, I believe that the public reaction and recognition for him was much greater than Hady Mirza. However, after a couple of months, his fame seemed to die down, and eventually I stopped hearing for him, that is, until he appeared on television.

But wait, he wasn't on television for music, he was in an advertisement for 7-11! I remember joking with my brother and other friends about how he went from Singapore Idol to 'that guy in the 7-11 commercial', and I found myself noticing this similar topic going around Singaporeans, or was it that the I was lucky and heard everyone saying what I was saying with my friends? It's funny, because to me, it felt like a downgrade of his career, especially since I did not hear any music from him on radio or whatsoever during that period of time.

Recently, though, he released a song with Rui En, called "The Sky Is The Limit", and when it hit number 1 on 987, I had to hear it. To my horror, it was a song with cheap lyrics and overly-processed vocals, with autotune enveloping their true voices. I will never understand why the song is so well received by Singaporeans. Seriously.

I don't deny that I believe Taufik Batisah has a good voice, and I'd expect his career to only go further. I recently saw his website, and that he was nominated for an award or something, so good for him. Just hope that he keeps pursuing his music career, and not end up giving people who don't hear him see him as a personality with a different career path, heh...

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Our first!

Wait that came out wrong. No matter.

Taufik Batisah is our first Singapore Idol. At a time when American Idol (and all it's ripoffs) was the rage, he capitalised on it, and won himself a lifetime of recognition and pseudo-fame. I was 11 when he first made his claim to fame, and I have to say, he was almost like a rock star to me. His rendition of I Dream was the tune of the year, and although his fame has sort of fizzled out in recent years, he is without a doubt one of the most recognisable faces in Singapore today.

Despite our nation's limitations, he has defied the odds and has crafted a decent enough music career for himself. Although he is far from Kurt Cobain or Adele, I feel that Taufik is a talented musician, and could have achieved so much more, if he was born in a country that appreciated local talents. All the best to you Taufik.

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