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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 15, 2012    

Kaira Gong (pinyin: Gong Shi Jia). She is a Singaporean singer. She sang the theme song for Singapore's National Day Parade in the year of 2006, titled "My Island Home".


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My island home

Please spare me as I let out this necessary outburst.


Contrary to other singers who shot to fame after singing for a national day song, Kaira Gong remained unfamiliar to many Singaporeans up till now. Not many people can remember her but she has left a deep impression in me ever since she sang the national day song, "My Island Home", in 2006. It was one of my favourite national day songs as it was sentimental and unique, unlike the monotonous "What Do You see" in 2009.

I love her radiant and contagious smile that is a bonus to her flair at singing. It has been years since I last heard about her and it seems like she is not continue singing.

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