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She is a Singaporean singer and song-writer.


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Alluring Vocals

I happened to stumble upon a concert poster of hers while doing some exercises for Chinese oral - my teacher decided to give out random pamplets to prepare us for the possible format of pamplets that could come out for the exam.

And in that one exercise, I had seen Tanya Chua's name, and the thing was I didn't even know she was a local talent until I read the caption. Subsequently after that I decided that I had to go and find out who she was. When I did, I was pleasantly surprised with the type of music that she composed and sang. Her voice was layered with richness that was pleasant to the ears - the type of vocals that are easily mesmerising and attractive.

It's just such a pity Singapore hardly has enough space for local talent to grow.

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Very good singer

When I first heard her songs, I knew Singapore would have another commercially successful singer. Singapore being such a small country with not so much local population, people kind of never expect Singapore to produce a lot of talents.

But Singapore do have talents and loads of them also. At least, based on the number of singers that had went overseas and been successful, it had proven Singapore talents were well accepted overseas.Tanya was one of such talents. She had even won the prestigious Taiwan Golden Melody Awards as Best Annual Female Vocalist and Best Album Producer. Yes, she is truly multi-talented, not only has she got a good voice but she is also a good producer and song writer.

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(Updated: March 08, 2013)

My Sunny Island

The little red dot.
Garden city.
That tiny country next to Malaysia.

There are so many terms to refer to Singapore but 'my sunny island' is the only one that tugs at my heartstrings.

"Where I Belong" is notably one of the most memorable national songs to me. This song stuck by me throughout the years while newer national songs failed to catch my attention. When I was living in Shanghai for five months, I had missed home dearly and I found myself humming to the melodious tune of this song.

So thank you, Tanya Chua, for the music that reminded me so much of home.

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(Updated: March 07, 2013)


She should totally attain more recognition in Singapore!

I attended a festival which had her as a performer there alongside a Korean girl group and other local acts. She was the performer that was placed second last; before the girlgroup from Korea. I was impressed by a vocal cords and tunes that she penned down herself! I applauded. I was all smiles. She was a true talent that went beyond a national day song!

Unfortunately, I was mortified when the audience began jeering. They even chanted for the Korean girl group to dominate the stage! They demanded Tanya Chua to even leave the stage! Outrageousness! The audience that day needs to answer the urgent call for a trip to an ear clinic!

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(Updated: January 26, 2013)

Our National Pride

Tanya Chua is our national pride, truly! I will always remember for her unique husky vocals, drawing me to almost every song she sings. An awesome lady with so much stories to share in her almost powerful vocals.

I remember hearing her sing the national song "Where I Belong". A song of Singapore, so dear to us. She certainly makes me feel home.


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That chick that sings National songs

Probably my fixed image of her.

All Singapore singers, the talented ones at least, look the same to me. Same jawline same hair same skinny frame. And not to say anything's wrong, but it becomes quite the bore, doesn't it? If you didn't give this page a name, I'd think she was Olivia Ong. I can never tell.

Tanya Chua is most noted to me for her great national songs. I have no shame singing her songs in primary school and using it to annoy my secondary school friends because in all honesty - singing about my love for Singapore never felt so melodious.

So thank you for the music.

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National pride

Although her name is not frequently mentioned, Tanya Chua evokes the sweet memory of the famous national day song, Where I Belong. As a primary school student back then when Where I Belong was released, I memorised the lyrics by heart and idolised Tanya. Her voice was so melodious with a subtle tinge of huskiness that made it sound unique, and it still is now despite a decade or so has passed!

She is our national pride for having won so many music awards and being a sensation is the early 2000s in Taiwan. It is such a pity that Singapore's MandoPop market is too small for a talented singer like Tanya.

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"Where I Belong"

I will always remember Tanya Chua for her 2001 National Day song, "Where I Belong". It is without a doubt one of the better National Day songs I've heard in recent years. The fact that the song was written and composed Tanya herself makes it all the more of an achievement to be celebrated by a Singaporean!

After writing and producing songs for a number of other celebrated singers, Tanya is still going strong and her husky vocals continue to soar as she recently "Just Say So", her most recent English album. She's definitely a Singaporean we can all be proud of.

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Childhood Hero!

I will never forget the years when Tanya's voice filled the shopping malls of with her voice, mostly from the NDP songs. I will always remember her as one of my childhood heroes.

Personally, I love singing. I have always been enthusiastic about music and especially singing since a young age. I remember singing to almost every song I know, and at that point of time, Tanya was really popular. My classmates and I would gather in a small group during recess and print/copy down lyrics to her songs and we would sing them together, in parts.

As the internet previously was not as widely accessible as it is now, we could only find faces of these celebrities from magazines, newspapers and cd covers. I remember my first impression of Tanya to be one of admiration. I told myself that if I were to make it one day, I would want to make it like she did.

I guess she was one of my musical influences for a period of time and I know for sure that I would never forget who Tanya Chua is. I eventually got to perform some of her songs in events at my polytechnic and man, was it nostalgic. I know also, that I would never pass a chance of saying hi to her and letting her know how awesome she is.

Support local talent!

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