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Stefanie Sun is a Singaporean singer-songwriter. 

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From NTU

When Stefanie Sun first became famous, the first information that I remembered about her was that she was also from NTU. It always made me proud that someone from my school had made it.

She coming from the same school as me gave me more motivation to support her. Anyway, even if she was from NUS, I would also have supported her because she was from Singapore. But the real reason that I supported her was because of her voice. She had an unique voice and that made her songs also unique. Her most memorable song was "Sky Black Black", mixing the few lines from the famous Hokkien songs really made this song more memorable.

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(Updated: January 26, 2013)

Local ah lian who got there

Stefanie Sun looks and feels like your next-door neighbour, whom you see at the bustop everyday. Her image is neither ice queen cool nor excessively cutesy, definitely not the run-of-the-mill Mandopop singers that we are familiar with. If you've watched her on variety shows, you'll notice that her speech embodies Singaporean traits like mixing English and Chinese words together and of course, Singlish. She is also conservative in her choice of clothes as well as words. Perhaps this is why we like her so much - Stefanie Sun resonates with us.

The choice of her as a national day singer only prove as much. Personally, I think her song 'We will get there' is one of the best National Day songs ever. In a way similar to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we see one of our own rising to the international stage and is moved to cheer her on. However, this girl have amazing vocals so unlike her, we won't get there.

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Not just a pretty girl (:

I think Stefanie has done a really good job as a celebrity in both skill and the way she presents herself (: She's well-mannered, gutsy and demure at the same time and it's a wonderful fact to know she's Singaporean ;)

I don't admit to buying her albums and being an avid fan of hers but I do catch her on variety shows now and then and also read up interviews on her online. Even though she appears very girl-next-door-esque she definitely has star quality when she performs and her dedication as an artiste is definitely commendable with her huge fanbase throughout Asia. I heard she's doing a concert tour this year despite having only given birth recently so kudos to her! :D

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Flying the Singapore flag high

While hanging out with some Taiwanese and Chinese nationals when I was studying overseas, I noticed how popular and well-liked Stefanie Sun and her music was. As I listened to the unique sounds of her voice blaring out at barbeque parties, I can’t help but feel proud of her success.

I was then told of how fanatical the support for her was in their numerous north Asian countries. While listening to her music over the years, I am glad to say that Stefanie deserves her fame and success that she has achieved simply because she is indeed a one very talented artist.

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My idol!

Initially I didn't like Stefanie Sun's music when she first debuted when I was in Primary 5-6. However, her music are everywhere. Her MVs, album's advertising and songs were all over the media. Soon enough, I fell in love with her music since the very first album. I must say that her music is really addictive and you more you listen the more you will like her voice.

To me, her songs were amazing and inspiring. I listened to them whenever I'm stressed or sad and always got motivated after that. I was so happy when she sang the national parade songs. She is truly a part of Singapore everyone will be proud of :)

When you follow more news about her, you'll also love her personality. Despite her great sales in music, I still find her rather humble and always stay so true to herself. She is willing to show the public her fears, take a break when needed and do what she wants for herself.

Although she has stopped producing music for quite awhile, I believe that she still holds an important place in many Singaporean's heart. I do hope to see her perform again!

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

Amazing Singer!

I grew up listening to many of Stephanie Sun's songs, and I feel that is indeed an achievements because we are so steeped in western music nowadays. Even if we were to listen to chinese music, most of us would look towards Hong Kong, or China...

Stephanie Sun has an amazingly unique voice, I enjoy her listening to her songs and I would still sing along to some of them such as the National Day Parade songs.

It's a pity that she has not been producing as many great songs in recent years. Personally, I feel that if she had been more hardworking, she could have been more hardworking!

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(Updated: December 18, 2012)

If I have a favourite local Chinese singer, it's her.

If there's any local singer whose music and singing I love, it's none other than Stefanie Sun. She's done an amazing job gradually building up her music career all these years into what it is today. She's one of the few local singers who have broken into the mainstream Chinese music industry.

Though I'm usually fond of the 'bigger' female voices that pull off all sorts of vocal acrobatics in their songs, I must say that Sun is an exception for me. 天黑黑, a very early song of hers, remains my favourite till today. The lyrics and delivery are simple, nothing extravagant, nothing ostentatious. But they carry such great emotion and, listening to the song, I can almost imagine that I am the heartbroken Sun herself, reminiscing the past. The song itself is almost masterful, painting a clear story of Sun in her childhood days. I also appreciate the local flavour of the song by the interspersing of dialect.

I certainly hope Sun continues to write such songs.

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Unique Powerful Voice

Stephanie Sun is our local songbird which we are all very proud of in the mandapop industry. She is also one of the few successful singers from Singapore who managed to break into the Taiwan market and be one of the queens.

Stephanie Sun has performed for more than 10 years, held concerts, sang in National Day parades and i still remember some of her more popular songs like (tian hei hei), (yu jian) etc which i will still hum to the tune when i listen today. She is famous for her unique voice, a little bit low yet a powerhouse.

She just recently gave birth and i wish her all the best as a first-time mother and hope that she really comes back to rock the music industry soon!

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A rare talent - beautiful, stunning and brilliant

I am always astounded and amazed by her incredible fame and that extremely successful singing career she has managed to established for herself.

A breakthrough from the limited fame that local singers are usually served with, Stefanie Sun is an exception. Her talent and name is internationally -recognized.

Her success is based on her talent (and maybe her looks as well) but I have always loved her unique voice. It can go strong sometimes, bringing her lyrics to life and creating the necessary impact of the song, capturing it's essence. It can be as fragile and weak too, portraying the vulnerability of the song.

Her song lyrics are always meaningful and reflective of certain songs. It probes deeper into our minds, leading us on to interpret her words in our own ways, in a way we can closely relate to. It shows her highly professional attitude in her industry as it is apparent that she puts in utmost effort into her singing career, to bring to us songs that we would love.

I have always held her in great admiration for her multiple talent. The amazing singer comes for Raffles Girls School, making her not just beautiful, but intellectually-enriched as well.

Way to go Stefanie Sun!

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A nice surprise

God I love her music videos.

Besides singing songs of the strangest flavours, this woman actually acts decently in her music videos. I remember listening to Wo Huai Nian De. Take note here - all Taiwanese sings like to melodramtically run slowly along a beach while brushing pretty tears again. Not this fiery chick no. She was running full speed and the camera was panting to keep up with her. It was a scene on her running away from her memories and god was it authentic. Dat speed.

She always loves her bob cut and it defines her so easily as a person. I can't confuse her with other stars because she's the one with a hairstyle that says "eh please I'm not Taiwanese" and a public love for cigarettes.

What a stunner.

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