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A website operating under Giosis Pte. Ltd., Qoo10 is Singapore's online marketplace for sellers and buyers. Its vision is to bring together diverse buyers and sellers worldwide and strive to provide enjoyable and great shopping experience at the convenience of our home.

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Cheap thrills, occasional disappointments

Online shopping is not new to any ordinary Singaporean teenage girl. There are sooo many online blogshops out there these days, I’m usually spoilt for choice when I surf the net for clothes. However, one website that sells amazingly cheap clothes and accessories is Qoo10.

I wouldn’t shop so much at Qoo10 though, despite their super attractive prices (prices go as low as under a dollar). The quality of their goods clearly reflect their prices and they can barely last for a year or two. Qoo10 is merely a website for different suppliers to sell their goods and hence, you are at risk of being scammed by one if you’re not careful. I was so upset when my item arrived and the design was totally different from the one displayed. I felt so cheated! Some suppliers can be quite deceptive, so do beware.

Other than that, I do enjoy getting cheap thrills off Qoo10. They sell a variety of items from IPhone covers to clothes. Their online website is packed with many undiscovered and cheap things, it’s definitely worth a browse.

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Dishonest. Ignore my legit return request.
procedure. I went back to Qoo10 again. The emails exchanges went on for a few days but all refused to honour the return policy claim.

I have made my payment via PayPal and is now trying to claim my refund via PayPal instead. What an unpleasant experience!

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Rogue site that robs from its customers

Terrible customer service! Beware!
I had shopped on qoo10 for months before I fell victim of it. My complaint is not about the seller, but about the qoo10 itself. Here's what happened to me:

In one order totaled S$103.24 which was composed of 7 individual orders from different sellers, one of the sellers cancelled my order 6 days later. This order was S$51.70 but qoo10 only refunded me S$31.70. I contacted qoo10's customer service and have been going back and forth on emails with them only to get myself super frustrated. The brilliant reasons?

(1) There was a S$2 item coupon that was applied to another seller's items in this cart, but qoo10 took it away.
(2) There was a S$3 redemption of my Qpoints (100 pts= S$1), they took it away.
(3) There was a S$10 off S$100 cart coupon, they took it away.

After rounds of communications, they said they had credited the coupons back to my account. If you know qoo10, they issue a lot of coupons (with expiration) and there are enough coupons for every order. Giving it back to my account means nothing since I already have plenty of similar coupons. That simply equals to removing the discounts that I was entitled to in this order.

It was not my fault that one seller canceled my order to make my total below S$100. At the least qoo10 should've honored the partial value of the S$10 coupon for my other items. If I knew this item was going to be canceled I could've used another S$5 off S$50 coupon.

After many negotiations qoo10 still refused to refund me the correct amount. What difference is this from robbing from its customers? And this could happen to anyone as many sellers there don't keep proper track of inventory. I can't even dispute with my credit card company because this is only part of the order, and other sellers have already delivered my items. For credit card you can only dispute the whole amount.

qoo10 isn't like Amazon or Palpal or any big companies that value customer experience. If you want to return an item, usually the seller has the say and often times you have to pay for the shipping and restocking and whatever the seller names. I ordered one swim suit which was not truthful to the size it described on the website. It ran more than two sizes smaller. But the seller demanded all those charges to make my return not worth it.

With this kind of customer service level, qoo10 is making itself a rogue online retailer. If things go smoothly, good for you. Just don't let anything go wrong with qoo10. I find myself helpless in defending my right and my money in this situation and the best I could do is to let everybody know how terrible qoo10 treats its customers.

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Worst website ever, sold fake cosmetics and refused a refund when busted

Beware of this seller called Cozypick, they sell fake Dolly Wink stuff.

Bought 5 pieces of eyebrow mascara in shade #1, Milk Tea back in April, never received it, seller claimed it was lost and proceeded to re-send it the following week. Only received it on 3 July. The colour was Mocha, so I messaged seller to ask for an exchange, they went on with their absurd claim that the order was processed based on number of shade input, so I counter claimed with the screen shot to prove I picked the right colour.

To my horror, I discovered colour was labeled as shade #1 (shade #1 was supposed to be Milk Tea) and Japanese text said it was Cocoa shade. So I did a bit of research and confirmed it was fake. Contacted Qoo10 for a refund and they said because it was more than 7 days they refused to butt in.

Big bloody bully, do not fall for this whole jackshit of a scam.

Email me and I'll be happy to provide with more proof. I can guarantee this whole bloody website is only out to get your money and have no interest in protecting you. Oh, and that seller should be sued, cozypick, remember.

Don't believe me? Meet me! Face me!

I will keep these fake shits until the day someone dares to confront me and tell me in the face that I'm wrong.

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Awesome deals

Qoo10 is like the local version of Taobao. I love how it's shopping made easier, because I can just shop all I want without even stepping out of my house, and the items get delivered right up to my doorstep. Qoo10 sells lots of stuff, and the variety of the items is astonishing. I can probably shop and browse through items for a whole day.

However, I find the arrangement and design of the website too messy. First-timers looking to buy items will probably be confused by the layout of the website. The information of the items and the sellers, shipping info etc are all squeezed into the same page, so it's a bombardment of colours and information, and can be extremely confusing for potential buyers.

That being said, I've been satisfied with my buys so far. All the sellers which I brought items from were really helpful and friendly, my items arrived on time and were of high quality. Now I'm addicted to online shopping at Qoo10, where I can compare prices from different sellers, find items of different varieties and snag great deals.

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Cheap but Cumbersome

Qoo10 is your Gmarket Singapore. I've heard many good things about it from friends and family, and being an online-shopaholic, I decided to go check it out.

I didn't quite enjoy my time the few times I shopped there though. They do have a vast range of products, from houseware, to beauty, to even electronics. And you can find really good deals there too. But what fazed me first and foremost was the navigation around the website. It appeared really cluttered to me, and could to any new patron of the website. Scrolling through a specific category also revealed many similar products sold by different sellers, at varied prices. It's also really hard to find something you want since they only reveal a tiny thumbnail of the seller's products, thus requiring you to click and open multiple windows, quite a hassle in my opinion when many turn out to be very different from what appeared to be in the tiny thumbnail. The scrolling and clicking can get really frustrating and dreary.

Finding a product is further hassled by how different sellers name the same product. (For instance, you're looking for a school bag: you search 'school bag', 'bagpack'. 'backpack', 'bag', etc). And because you want to get the best deal, you will tend to look through many different sellers with the same thing, which ends up taking up a lot of unnecessary time. This basic factor is a major obstacle between me enjoying and liking Qoo10.

Otherwise, they do offer unbelievable deals and the few times I've made purchase with them, I've been lucky. The sellers I dealt with were really impressive with their efficiency and enthusiasm at getting back to me. Between ordering my product and receiving it, it all probably took place within a week. The fastest was 3 days. The sellers were really enthusiastic and helpful and prompt too.

But because of the scrolling and cluttered interface, I wouldn't come here to shop. Unless I have ALOT of time to spare, and am not under any stress. And if you don't mind such stuff, do go ahead and grab those unbelievably hot deals!

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Unreasonable customer service from COZYPICK

Recently I had a very bad experience with one of the sellers in Qoo10 - COZYPICK

Not only are the staff rude but the BOSS too. The staff will always push the question that was asked to their so called BOSS's email. I wondered if they were the same person as the replies were are all rude and not what you would expect from customer service.

How it happened:
I happily purchased an order on 18 OCT, 2013. The amount was not huge so I opted for normal mailing. The money was not the concern - it was the service that they provided. The seller didn't accept my order request immediately or even in the later part of the day. I didn't think about it and just waited for my order to go through.

On the 20 OCT, 2013 - I was curious why the seller didn't accept as it was two days already so I sent a message via Q-Box to check if there was any problem with my order as it was still under ON "REQUEST".

The Seller's Staff replied: due to overwhelming orders, my order will only ship within 14 DAYS. I was told to email directly to the cozypick email, their bosses would help me out.

This was very misleading as I'm wondering why they didn't state in their ads that there were shortage of stocks with them. They have mislead consumers in buying products with them & didn't even brother to send a msg until I asked what has happen.

So I emailed the BOSS to ask for estimation of delivery? (just for assurance) BUT the boss said the same thing about the shipment delay & asked me to REQUEST A CANCEL ORDER IF I CAN'T WAIT. I asked curiously that why they didn't mention in their ads that it is sold out - BOSS answered the STOCK JUST SOLD OUT....
(FUNNY.... Meaning on 20Oct the stock just sold out and they don't even care to send out my order on 18OCT??)

Since I have made payment & I wanted the product & this was the 1st time I ordered I had no choice but to wait. At the time of purchase there wasn't any Group sales going on by COZYPICK..

On 21st OCt I went into their ad again to check their review & found out that they have offered a Group sales and delivery will only be available after 4th NOV. (They had no stock but still was running a promotion.

While waiting anxiously for my items to arrive, I purchased other item from other sellers on FYI - all items brought from other seller had arrived on time. Only COZYPICK items have yet to arrive.

31, OCT 2013 - Received acknowledgement from Qoo10 that Cozypick finally delivered the item.. So Excited & happily waited - its a thursday so I assume my item will arrive on the following week latest by tue/wed. On the 5th NOV I received a qoo10 alarm mention that the item should arrive at my doorstep soon.

Waiting anxiously & keep running to my mailbox, on the night of 6th Nov I received an SMS from the Seller's Staff mentioning that they have click wrongly on the sent item - the item will only be sent after 14th NOV.

OMG!!! MY heart sank with disappointment. - NOT AGAIN? Why is it delayed?? I mention I was so disappointed with their service... how could they accidentally press on the wrong button?

Guess what the staff replied - REQUEST CANCEL ORDER IF I CAN'T WAIT.

.... I was so furious with the answer that they replied - I replied back saying why shall I request cancel the order since it is not my fault?

Their reply was - IT IS UP TO ME!!!!

(OH NO!! FIRE WAS BURNING HOT NOW) - I ask what does it mean by UP TO ME ?????????

Their Reply - This is the packing department only - kindly email to BOSSES to help me.

There was alot of ???? in me now & I was furious of the way they handled things.

So I emailed the BOSS AGAIN to tell the whole story. Waited for TWO days & finally got a reply from the BOSS.
"Do u mind to cut your story short n let me know what I can help you with?"

My mind was - FINE, is this the way they handle their CLIENT?

I went in to see their other reviews and found out that some of the other clients have received orders on the window period that they mentioned OUT OF STOCK. Was so irritated with it - why am I the only person who did not receive? I also found out from their reviews that a minority had this problem too. TOO LONG to receive stocks. Do they choose consumers? Why were some orders processed fast & others not?

Now I'm still waiting for my item to arrive.

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Pathetic experience, very disappointed

Just wanted to report terrible service by qoo10. I ordered 3, 12 x 1.5L from VISIONMART SG on qoo10 on 19th October. I was fooled due to good reputation of Gmarket in Korea, where anything you order is usually delivered within 2-3 days. Well, I was wrong. I emailed this seller multiple times and even inquired on their page about order status. Not a single word update until today (1st Nov), let alone any phone call to apologize for delay.

There are plenty of similar complaints like mine that orders have not been delivered since weeks/ months on their qoo10 page. So, I thought I can ask to cancel my order and called qoo10. Worst customer service ever! I cant believe they are even remotely affiliated with a Korean company! My first contact was on 30th October during which I was asked to call a day later and they could cancel my order. I called two days later and now they say I need to wait two more weeks! The lady even hung up on me, I have no words to say anymore.

All reviews I see here are fairly positive but here is my experience:

Pros: None
Cons: No update on when order will be delivered, seller (VisonmartSG) doesnt respond on any queries, qoo10 customer representative in Singapore is pathetic.

Glad they don't associate themselves with Gmarket Korea anymore! Very disappointed.

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Awesome online shopping experience!

I have bought from Gmarket or now known as Qoo10 several times before. I recall the first time I bought something from there were stationery items such as stickers. I opted for registered mailing as it has a tracking number, just in case the the package has not arrived and that I wanted to check it's status. The product arrived promptly and I was extremely happy.

Subsequently, I have had many successful purchases but recently, one was not very pleasant. The seller was supposed to send me some codes through email but it had been more than a week or so and still I received nothing. Worried that it might not come at all in the end, I decided to terminate the deal and retrieve my money. The sales people from Qoo10 were kind enough to answer any enquiries I had and I managed to safely get my money back.

Despite this tiny incident, I still believe that Qoo10 is a reliable online shopping tool and would definitely use it for my future purchases.

For online shopping newbies, Qoo10 is an awesome platform to try out for it is reliable and trustworthy!

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The customer service
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Good if you're willing to wait!

Known and loved by many, Qoo10 was formally (and in my opinion, will always be) known as Gmarket. I remember getting heavily addicted to the site during my first year of tertiary education in a polytechnic. As our timetables were pretty flexible, I could have many opportunities in a day to login ad start online shopping. I was, after all, stuck in school with a couple of hours break in between classes. 

My friends and I would all gather at one laptop and start surfing and commenting on items shown. Usually the remarks would be on how cheap and affordable the items are, then followed by, "can trust a not, so cheap." That kinda made us all worry at first, but after buying from different sellers a couple of times, we eased in on trusting sellers on the site. 

I personally look for and forus on clothes, accessories as well as small items on the site. If you spend the time finding, you will probably stumble upon a deal worth making. The downside would only be that these dealers usually take a longer time to ship than other dealers locally. But if you are in no rush, I really don't see the need to pass on such an offer. 

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