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Michelle Racho
Listing created by Michelle Racho on January 07, 2016    

Grab headquarters are situated in Singapore, but they operate in Malaysia Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This application allows users to book rides with just a touch of their fingertips.

A selection of rides are available to suit each user's needs, and users are able to track their drivers' in real-time upon confirming their bookings. The Share My Ride function allows users to share their trips on social media or via private messaging for added safety.

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Modern, quick, and generous with the discounts

Singapore’s Grabtaxi service has saved me on countless occasions. Unlike many other apps, it uses all taxi operators at once to find you a driver, something invaluable when it’s pouring down with rain and you have an urgent lunch date to make. It shows you in real time which drivers are closest and if they are available or not, however this feature often just increases my anger seeing so many free cabs avoiding me. Don’t make this personal Grabtaxi.

The name and picture of your driver is a sweet touch, it also makes you much more guilty about cancelling on a cab, it’s impossible to do when their innocent face is just above the button. Impossible. The only issue that I found is that it’s not very accurate in detecting your current location, so it takes a little time to change the address it has automatically filled in.

Grabtaxi is a much more modern and practical take on taxi apps compared to what I was previously using, they send me notifications of special offers and one weekend I even managed to get two free cab rides with their sister company Grabcar, so I am one happy user indeed.

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Do not fret, grab a cab

I’ve always been too afraid of trying ‘dodgy’ book-a-ride apps such as Uber, but a hectic day that led to me running late for a job interview drove me to quickly download GrabTaxi to grab a cab.

The interface is easy to understand and simple to use, and getting a driver proved fast. It did frustrate me when the app did not have the location I need in their database, since I couldn’t enter a custom location on my own. But if your driver is patient and understanding enough, entering a nearby location and clarifying with him later would be fine. The call or text your driver option is incredibly handy, especially when you see your driver obliviously driving past you during pick-up.

Strangely, the GrabCar (Economy) option is usually a bit more expensive than opting for the Standard Taxi, being only a better option when midnight surcharges or peak rates for standard taxis apply. Otherwise, this app would greatly improve the efficiency of your travel, and I would recommend it greatly.

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