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Denise Chia
Listing created by Denise Chia on July 13, 2014    

Find out estimated arrival times for the next bus and subsequent bus by selecting the desired service number, travel direction and bus stop using the iris NextBus app by SBS transit. 

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unreliable and honestly pretty useless

SBS Transit IRIS served me well for a few months, providing reliable information about bus arrival times and helping me plan my journey on my mobile phone. Nowadays, I find that the bus arrival timings are becoming more and more inaccurate, which is pretty frustrating since I downloaded the application for this function in the first place. I’ve had instances where the application would state that a bus is arriving in 3 minutes, but in reality the wait time was almost 10 minutes. Otherwise, the application would overestimate the time, causing me to miss the bus entirely.

It’s a great application - the journey planner is pretty helpful and it does indicate when a wheelchair-accessible bus is arriving. I don’t know why iris became so unreliable, but if they don’t fix it this bug then this application is useless to me.

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