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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on February 23, 2014    

A specialty specifically in Malaysia and Singapore, the curry fish head is prepared with a large fish head (preferably very meaty) in a big tub of curry brewed from traditional Indian curry powder and an assortment of spices. Other ingredients, such as vegetables and tofu are normally added in as well. 


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Singapore’s delicacy

Curry Fish Head is one of the notable Singaporean delicacies and could be said to be at the frontline of Singaporean food’s propagation on an international level. I LOVE curry fish head. The tender flesh of the fish (especially meat from the cheek), crunch of lady’s finger and a bowl of piping hot white rice make the perfect meal. It is my family’s, and I’m sure many other Singaporean families’ go-to for a satisfying and sumptuous meal.

Available at food courts, hawker centres and even restaurants that specialise in brewing this delectable delicacy, it is a MUST TRY dish for all Singaporeans. I especially love the one sold at Ocean Restaurant in Toa Payoh.

Affordable and tasty, everyone should give it a try.

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Bones everywhere

I love curry but...I absolutely hate curry fish head. Don't get me wrong, I adore the gravy but I just don't like eating fish head. There's too many bones and not enough meat!!! I would go for curry chicken any day.

But, I must say that curry fish head is among the most popular dishes in Singapore and it's not surprising why. It's absolutely delicious, if you don't think about the amount of bones in the fish head. I'm sorry. It's like second best to chilli crab and if you're visiting Singapore for the first time, these two dishes are a MUST to try.

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Very Singaporean

I remember my Korean friends telling me very excitedly that they hope to try the curry fish head when they touched down in Singapore. No doubt, curry fish head is one of the best loved dish in Singapore.

The tender fish in a blend of a big variety of spices spells D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. The curry itself is spicy, savoury, fragrant and sweet. The curry compliments with the fish hence one bite and you're sure to affirm that it is a taste of goodness.

Even if you're health conscious, you'll not regret having this dish.

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All time favourite

Curry fish head ranks among one of my mum's best dishes. Concurrently, its one of my favourite dishes too! In my experience of being a curry fish head taster over the years, I find that almost all parts of it can go extremely smoothly with a meal.

Take for example, curry. The smooth, spicy liquid curry, often enriched with coconut milk, results in a mouth watering mixture that goes well with any medium, be it rice, noodles and bee hoon. It is hard to describe the ecstatic feeling of the full, rich curry in your mouth and flowing down your throat. Seriously a piece of heaven on earth.

The dish by itself often suffice for a meal when accompanied by rice. The fish head, often gigantic with large chunks of meat, serves as a good source of protein. The lady's fingers and curry vegetables provides you the vitamins you need from a meal whereas the tofu and occasionally hard boiled egg serves as a source of protein and carbohydrates. Just watch out for curry leaves in the mixture, it feels extremely unpleasant upon consumption.

Overall, my perspective towards curry fish head would be one where I can't get enough of it!

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Favourite Spicy Dish

One of Singapore's most delicious creation in the midst of other charming and glorious food, this dish is the Fish Head curry. Somehow, there is a certain familiar smell to it whenever I take a taste of it. The stalls in Singapore that sell the Fish Head Curry always have a taste of home - it is as if I'm coming home to Fish Head Curry.

While the gravy is usually unhealthy, the rich and thick goodness of the orange, spicy gravy never fails to entice me. Where else can anyone find such tantalising hotness consuming your entire mouth? I'm a sucker for spicy food even though I can't take it - but every bite, every spoon, is worth it. The mouth-watering smell is enough to get me drooling like a dog, and when I take my first spoon, oh it is heaven in my mouth. As the spiciness engulfs and impedes my ability to taste any more after the third spoon, I am still content. The sweet after taste lingers on my craving tongue that is desperate for the numbness to subside.

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