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Denise Chia
Listing created by Denise Chia on January 12, 2014    

Milo Dinosaur is the name for ice Milo with undissolved, powdered Milo added to the top. It is a popular Singaporean drink which is relatively cheap. 

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Better, sweeter, nicer

Well, let me just say I love this drink to bits. For a few extra tens of cents, add scoops of milo into your already nice-tasting drink. It is a really nice feeling to chew the delicious milo powder, while drinking the drink.

Milo itself is a really nice and sweet drink, a thirst quencher and something that cools you down. Add a couple scoops into your milo and it tastes that much better and sweeter. Really nice drink to have.

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For that extra crunch!

Milo Dino is basically one of my most bought drinks whenever I frequent my school's canteen or a kopitiam. Iced milo is great on its own, but the extra scoops of powder floating on the top really gives it that extra burst of flavour.

If you're a bit hungry or just looking to much on something sweet along with your cup of iced Milo, Milo Dino really gets the job done —and well. The scoops of milo powder on the top dissolve slowly in your drink, letting you savour that little crunch in every of your sips. Or if you prefer having a bigger scoop, just dip your spoon of milo powder into your drink and wet it a little.

Though, that few extra scoops of powder can be rather overpriced. Overall, Milo Dino is a great drink, especially on a hot day.

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Imagine a large cup of chilled Milo topped with generous amounts of Milo powder, sitting on in front of you. Your saliva glands are activating. You know you can't stay away from this cup of goodness. Gosh you can't resist it anymore!

As you take a greedy sip, the mixture of malt and chocolate gushes into your mouth while your tongue rolls playfully around an ice cube and some Milo powder. So smooth, so creamy and so sweet!

One word - SHIOK!

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Absolute love

LOVE IT. If you love milo, you'd probably love milo dinosaur. Milo is definitely my all-time favourite drink and sprinkling milo powder on top of it all really adds to the flavour.

The only thing I don't really fancy is that it tends to get a bit messy. And it's really filling so if you're looking for a drink to quench your thirst, or just gulp down, milio dino might be too thick for your liking.

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Fatteningly good

Milo Dinosaur is awesome. Whoever invented this deserved an award, for making such a sinfully good drink. Personally I love ice milo, and when I was young eating milo powder on its own seemed like a really good idea. Combining the two things together to form a drink? Genius.

A must try drink for foreigners and anyone who doesn't have milo in their own countries. When I was in the states milo was one of the things I sorely missed. This can be consumed at any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper. Milo forever!

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Not A Fan

I'm sorry all you Milo Dinosaur (M.D) lovers out there. I actually don't really like M.D. I like Milo, Milo's good. I like eating Milo powder, that's good too especially if you eat it with bread. But, I hate the two combined. Milo powder on top of iced Milo doesn't do it for me.

I hate how if you don't eat the powder fast enough, it'll "dissolve" into the iced Milo. The word is in quotation marks because they don't even dissolve properly since it's cold. You're left with chunky bits of Milo powder which tastes super weird.

I'd stick to regular ice or hot Milo. But not MD. I'll probably drink it when I crave it but I don't think it'll be anytime soon.

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Homegrown Recepie

Who was the ingenious local that came up with this tasty little treat? I will definitely have to treat you to one of these and applaud you for your originality and creativity. Who needs a mundane milo when you can have a milo dinosaur.

Although I don't know the origin of the Milo Dinosaur, I do know that the clump of powder at the top of the cup always struck me as a volcanic mountain - almost as if it were going to erupt. I don't see any resemblance to a dinosaur there but all the same, the drink is as tasty as it looks.

With ice milo at the bottom, the milo powder at the top creates a texture that is unique to the drink - while slightly clumpish, it is powdery and sweet. The dry milo powder goes well with the milo drink that creates the magical combination of the different forms of milo. The best part? it is always available in the hawker centres for a reasonable price.

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So special

I fell in love with Milo Dinosuar when my friend first introduced it to me a few years back!

To begin with, I was, all along, a milo fan. Ever since I was enrolled into primary school, my breakfast has since been a bread and a cup of milo. The satisfying and filling Milo has always been my favourite cup of drink for breakfast, and no other tea or coffee can ever replace it.

The introduction of Milo Dinosaur makes me fall even harder for my love for Milo. However, not everyone loves it as much as I do because it may turns out to be too sweet due to the addition of more heaps of milo powder on top of the dissolved milo powder.

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Nothing beats the awesome feeling of eating raw milo powder. Thats always the prime objective when I order a milo dinosaur, which I perceive to mean that there're loads of milo powder since dinosaurs are supposed to be huge right?

Milo dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes, in any location within Singapore. However, I feel that only the size matters, as different places show different levels of generiosity. If you're lucky, you'll get this establishment where they give you a whooping big plastic mug full for a cheap price (i.e. $2.50 is the cheapest I've come across) or they can give you a ridiculously overpriced small cup (I was charged $4 once, angsty angsty)

The taste of Milo Dinosaurs are simply superb! Its just simply Milo in solid(on top) and liquid(below). They can come with add ons such as ice-cream or your typical extra condensed milk. Very fattening, it must be agreed, but the calories should be gone after a jog. Think of a simply heavenly taste of rich, sweet milo, together with the smooth goodness of the icy blob of ice cream and the aftermath of crunching solid milo powder. Awesome!

A really wonderful drink that should be tried!

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Everyone loves Milo Dinosaur. It's a lovely, rich and thick Milo drink that is sure to put a smile on your face and happiness in your stomach. It can be found in hawker centres, coffee shops and food courts. However, I do personally feel that the best Milo dinosaurs that I have tasted come not from the air-conditioned food courts, but in hawker centres.

A good milo dinosaur consists of a wholesome number of scoops of milo powder, followed by more than usual amount of condensed milk. Mix it all up to formulate a super thick and sweet milo solution. Then pour into a cup and add ice. Then add more milo powder on top such that it floats on the surface. This is the general formula. But don't let the easy recipe fool you, for a good milo dinosaur is hard to master. Sometimes it's too thin, sometimes it's too sweet and other times, it just tastes so bad.

A very heaty drink though, so make sure to drink lots of water after. Or else, you probably will end up with a sore throat the next day. Personal experience. Meh.

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