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The Shop @ The Arts House

The Shop @ The Arts House

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The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 04, 2013    

The Shop located within The Arts House features a broad selection of books, artworks, design objects, gifts, jewellery, apparels, as well as exclusive items developed and produced by The Arts House.  

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10pm to 10pm


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Expensive Look and Taste

Walking through the door frame, I entered a little cosy shop adorned with beautiful little trinkets and neatly positioned notebooks on the table. I thought to myself, looks like a pretty decent shop to buy gifts for someone - just as well, since this looks like the only shop in the Arts house.

A little notebook that was prettily made caught my eye, I picked it up and checked out the price, and to my horror, it was extremely overpriced. I quickly put the adorable notebook back and continued browsing the place.

While this place is filled with little gems (yes girls, you're bound to love this place), the prices are horrendously exorbitant. To be brutally honest, purchasing an item would have burnt a hole in my wallet. Then again, what can you expect from the only shop in the Arts House? The interior of the shop really appealed to me; traditional floor tiles lined the floor while the furniture in the shop were mostly lacquered woods. Definitely a beautiful match with the old feel of the arts house. Despite the price, the place is a lovely cove.

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I brought home a piece of Singapore

To be honest, everything here is overpriced.

But to be honest-er, you'll love it here.

I walked in and it felt like I was walking into a literacy disneyland. Books, pens, poems, postcards and intricately designed bags/ clothes filled every corner in perfect artistry. There were so many things I wanted to buy but I had to cry at the price tag.

(plays wrecking ball)

"Don't you ever say/ I just walked away/ I will always want you"

And one day when I feel rich enough I will come back for you. Until then darlings, please stay strong and try not to whore yourself out to any other buyer other than me please.

Was almost leaving the place in misery when I saw their Singapore authors book section. One of it was "what gives us our names". I thought this would be a lame horoscope-esque book so I opened it up.

And it turned out to be the only thing I bought.

At 50 pages, this book was $10 and definitely priced way out of its league but the content of it was so depressingly lovely that I had to have it.

A review on that will come shortly but in the meantime, come check out this place and bring home a piece of Singapore.

I've never been a prouder Singaporean.

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Local products everywhere!
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Arts House
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