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Nestlé started its operations in Singapore in the year of 1912 and has since been building on its success. It aims to provide consumers the highest safety and quality standards in their food and beverage products.


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Old Skool!

Nestlé is definitely a household name. It has produced many popular products such as Kit Kat, Milo and Sjora. As a Nestlé consumer, I can assure the high quality standards in their food and beverage products.

I have to say that Milo and Kit Kat pretty much made up a huge part of my life. Every morning, breakfast has to be accompanied by a cup of hot Milo. Kit Kats are meant for a bite during breaks.

Nonetheless, I have to thank Nestlé for being part of my childhood!

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That familiar birdie logo

Milo, Kit Kat, Coco Crunch, Nescafe, Nespresso, Maggi ... Nestle has been part of my life probably since the day I was born. They have nearly every category of food product that there's no way anybody could have not bought anything from Nestle at least once in their lives. I have already lost count of the products Nestle carries. From baby food, junk food, health food to pet food, you name it and you'll have it.

Milo and Kit Kat have been my all time favorite and I actually stock up on these items whenever they are on sale.

Nestle is just everywhere ...

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Eat Well, Be Active, Stay Healthy Together!

For those who do not know, 2012 is the year which Nestle celebrate their 100th year establishment in Singapore. From the days of milk powder and the condense milk to the present where Nestle products can be in the home of almost every Singaporean. What is there not to love about Nestle?

Household brands such as Kit Kat, Nescafe, Omega, Maggi, Koko Krunch and probably the most famous of all, one of our all time favourite drink, Milo. I am sure almost everyone growing up in Singapore remembers the Milo truck! It was one of the most anticipated portion of any sporting event in school. The Milo from the truck is still one of the best i ever tasted and till today kids are still enjoying it and that really says a lot about their popularity.

Nestle is constantly bringing in new products to cater to the evolving market. Yang Sheng Le for cooking healthy soups, Nescafe Dolce Gusto for the coffee lover and many more. Nestle attitude towards our needs deserve more than a clap on their back.

Here's hoping that Nestle continue to come up with more products and improve on the current selection!

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It's everywhere!

Nestle products are everywhere in Singapore- from breakfast cereals to milk powders to instant noodles and even chilli sauce- I can safely assure you that almost all Singaporeans had tried their products before.

On moody days, a tub of Nestle ice cream can cheer me up instantly with the guilty pleasure I derive from it. The quality of their ice cream is comparable or maybe even better than brands like King's or Wall's. Nestle's KitKat is also my all time favourite chocolate snack because of its rich taste!

For the health savvy individuals, Nestle also sells health products such as the adult milk formula Omega Plus and Yang Sheng Le herbal products. With a brand offering such a wide variety of quality products, what else can I ask for?

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(Updated: December 12, 2012)

Can you turn round the corner and not bump into Nestle?

Nestle is everywhere in the world and in a place like Singapore, there's nowhere to hide. There's a Nestle for everyone at every age point. But one thing I do agree is that Nestle makes quality products.

What wowed me is the fact that they have an excellent customer recovery. I once had an issue with a product. I wrote in and I was expecting a nobody to be on my case. One day after writing, I received a call from their director.I got an apology and was fairly compensated.

That, I say makes Nestle special in my book. Not the compensation, but the fact that I am important to them.

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My favorite childhood cereal!

When I was young, my everyday breakfast was a bowl of honey stars or coco krunch from Nestle. However, my breakfast today is a wholewheat cereal with strawberries from Nestle. Today, Nestle has grown into a much larger company, specializing in wholegrain cereals to cater to the more health conscious.

Prices of Nestle's cereals are rather affordable and not as expensive as compared to other brands like Post. Also, the supposed benefits you can reap from consuming wholegrain products are plenty. This is indeed a good cereal brand that you can consider if you are looking for something delicious yet healthy!

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Childhood memories.

First thing that i remember upon their name is their cereals! i have always loved their cereals since i was a child. It was a routine to get two packets of their cereals for our fuel throughout the week. The two flavors of choice would be the honey stars and koko crunch. We loved dousing the already sweet cereals with more milo, then we would have it for a meal. And boy, were we happy.

My brother and I could easily clear one huge packet in one sitting and we would just keep pouring and pouring, and about the end of the packet, then would we be satisfied and done. Accompanying the cereal is also Nestle's milo. Oh, how we love our Nestles.

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Energy boost

The first thing that comes to my mind when you mention Nestle would be the 3-in-1 coffee powder packages. They are super duper awesome! I just love how the way the coffee tastes. And I like how they have different types of coffee which would suit different people's liking. For example, rich and normal. I like the normal one the best.

Another significant product would definitely be their energy boost powder - Milo Powder. Milo is something so staple for me. It is such a familiar beverage to me which I've drank it so much during my childhood time. It is still my all time favourite drink till then.

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Food for champions indeed

Nestlé has been a household name on Singapore shores for many years, and with good reason too. It satisfies all of our nutritional needs, all day, every day.

Living in a generation practically breast-fed on Milo, I grew up with a penchant for Nestlé products, being especially fond of the beverages and breakfast cereals that they offer. I would always reach for a Kit Kat bar for a quick snack during a study break, and those late-night studying sessions would definitely require a piping hot bowl of Maggi mee to reinvigorate myself and replenish my energy for more studying.

Nestlé brings convenience to every household, with their packet drinks, microwavable frozen meals and instant meals. Their products are also available at any supermarket or neighbourhood minimart.

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One word - Milo!

I don't have any particular issues to raise about Nestle. Having grown up with it, I have a slight bias towards it. I feel that this brand is something that resonates with most Singaporeans. After all, how many of us can say that we have never drank Milo or Nestle coffee?

Even today, my house is stocked with a few tins of Milo, either for breakfast or an evening drink. It's extremely versatile, and is indeed a favourite with many a student, especially when he or she has to gulp down something before rushing to school. Ahh, the memories of school...


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