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OSIM International Ltd (傲胜国际企业), was originally established in Singapore in 1980 by Ron Sim, as an electrical and household appliance company under the name of R Sim Trading. With a small start-up capital, the company was mainly involved with the marketing of household products such as knives, knife sharpeners and mobile clothes drying rods. In 1989, the company registered the name Health Check and Care, and saw a shift in focus to healthy lifestyle products. The period following this saw tremendous growth for the company, and it developed outlets including Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 1993, the company officially launched the OSIM brand name and its distribution network expanded to 60 point-of-sale outlets in Asia. In 2002, OSIM opened its global business headquarters in Singapore at 65 Ubi Avenue 1. The Business Headquarters Status (BHQ) was awarded to OSIM by The Economic Development Board. In 1993, the company opened its first concept shop in Shanghai, in the People’s Republic of China.

In October 2005, OSIM made a strategic acquisition of US Nationwide specialty retailer Brookstone. OSIM is a combination of the surname of its founder, Sim, and 'O' that stands for the globe.

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Comfort for the elders

On display in my living room is an OSIM armchair, purchased around 5 years ago by my father who tend seem to be complaining of muscle aches and back pain after a long, stressful day at work. It was, as he coined in, nourishment for the soul and hopefully, his back muscles.

On an occasion I tried it out, I was treated to a nasty surprise. Being young and athletic, I rarely found any occasion for muscle pain except after a rigorous work out, and trying the chair out when there is in essence, nothing wrong with my back muscles is the wrong choice indeed. 'Ouch!' was often uttered when my back was grabbed by the machine in a vice-like grip and being machine in nature, of course my pain and discomfort when unnoticed. Hence, I was glad when the session was over and i was ejected out of the chair.

However, my father often tells me of how he enjoyed the massage given by the chair. Whilst he might have enjoyed an actual massage more, distance, convenience and the fact that he can't afford a massage by a masseur everyday (but the chair can do it for him) explains why the contraption ended up in our living room. I felt quite glad though, that at least the chair can give my father some respite from his stressful life (compared to my results).

From a personal standpoint, having OSIM mechandise is actually quite useful, albeit if you are older and prone to back pain. For the young and uninitiated, please leave your back muscles alone when there is nothing wrong with them.

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Best massage chair hands down

All OSIM products have been endorsed by famous celebrities such as Andy Lau. I must say that the products are indeed fabulous, especially the massage chair.

Massage chairs can be big investments, and they can be turned into white elephants in no time. Hence I suggest you to check out OSIM's products because those amazing machines have specific massage strokes or sequences, and tons of features as well.

Overall, I think that it is worth the buy because it is always a pleasure to sink into seventh heaven after a tiring day at school/work.

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Yet another household brand.

Had a tired day at work? Need a massage? Look no further with OSIM's amazing massage equipment. Since the days of old, massage has always been an option to alleviate aches and pains in one's body. However, since the original invention of OSIM, now massages can be done by machines too. I remember the launch of the OSIM massage chair - it sold like hotcakes back then. Everyone was trying to get their hands on at least one massage chair so that they could sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening of their day while being relieved of their day's stress.

Now, OSIM has expanded to include other more interesting devices that target other issues such as losing weight and so on. Yet another local brand that has foraged into the market with a brand carrying successful household products.

However, despite the quality of the products, machines are only built to last for a certain period of time. Looking back, if I remember correctly, an OSIM machine had actually malfunctioned and crushed a lady's foot while massaging it halfway. Machines, though amazingly useful, may reach a certain point where they can replace human labour.

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Best massagers around.

As one of the most popular health and wellness companies around, Osim has been frequently coming up with new massagers every year. My family owns many massagers from Osim, OTO and Ogawa, but our favourite by far has got to be Osim’s uDivine massage chair.

The uDivine certainly lives up to its name – it gives me 30 minutes of rejuvenation every day, which is great after long hours of doing schoolwork on the computer. Its massage really hits the spot, especially for the shoulders and feet. My dad, who often suffers from shoulder pains and backaches, says that the uDivine helps to relieve the pain, while my mom uses it every day for a good night’s sleep.

The uDivine may be expensive, but it’s a worthy investment for the wellness of the whole family. It makes a great gift for parents, so with Mother’s Day coming up, why not?

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Massage haven!

I have always casted frequent furtive glances at the humongous OSIM massage chairs on display. Unfortunately, the price that comes along with this ginormous beauty is tremendous too. Hence, I settled for two shoulder massagers instead.

It is wrapped in a comfy cotton texture and beholds features that mimics massages that I usually received when I head to a manual massaging parlour. It is designed to be wrapped around the neck like those boa constrictors. However, it is neither stuffy nor does it constricts the passage for oxygen. It has padding equivalent to any ordinary sofa cushions and pillows from Ikea. I could doze off within the nick of time the moment this OSIM shoulder massage has been secured at it's rightful position. It is even armed with multi functions or modes! Soft, hard, continuous, pace by pace. It has it all! This is definitely a gadget to be reckoned regardless of it's size!

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Clever strategy

My brother is a big fan of Osim. His current massage chair is his second Osim massage chair. He also had a whole range of other Osim products from the surf board, to the horse ride to the smaller product like the massage pen.

When I asked him whether he is a VIP in Osim because he bought so many Osim products, he told me Osim always sent him promotional letters and he always found the offers too good to be missed so he would go down to buy more Osim products. Also, they offer trade-in offers to enable you to "upgrade" your existing products to newer products, that was why my brother changed his massage chair. A clever strategy to hold on to your existing customers.

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Great massage equipment!

My parents adore Osim. In fact, each time our family heads into an Osim store, we almost always end up purchasing something, and I suspect that it's becoming a near dangerous habit. I can see where my parents are coming from though, when they rave on about Osim, as I have personally tried out a few of the gadgets and they were pretty good.

My favourite family purchase from Osim would probably be the iGallop. Granted I was a little younger when my family purchased it, there's something oddly fun about being able to sit on a machine that simulates riding on a horse.

However, Osim products can be a little pricey. They come with warranties though, and they're surprisingly durable so I suppose the price is worth it. I'm still not the biggest fan of Osim masseur machines though. Give me a pair of good strong human hands any day.

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Good massage chairs.

My mum has constant back aches, especially since she has a desk-bound job. We decided to go to OSIM one day to look for massage chairs. While they were undoubtedly effective and comfortable to sit in, the prices were far too expensive. The cheapest massage chair was at least a few thousand dollars. Thinking about it, we did not feel it was worth paying such an exorbitant amount for massage chairs that we would only use once a day.

Instead, we got ourselves a leg massage machine. This was because OSIM had a really good return policy, where you could return your old machines in exchange for rebate on the new machine you purchase. This deal was indeed worth it, allowing us to save a few hundred dollars. Today, the leg massage machine that we have still comes in handy but I would only recommend people to get it if they deem it as a necessity. Apart from that, it is an unnecessary indulgence.

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First of all, putting an “i” in front of everything doesn’t make your product as cool as Mac. iThinkurunoriginal.

That iRide thing was downright vulgar. Perhaps iHump would have been a more appropriate title? Very disturbing to see grannies and kiddies in the heartland malls riding like pro lap dancers.

I am just not convinced these vibrating devices Osim comes up with every so often really do what they claim to do. If it was so easy to tone up and lose weight with some glorified vibrator strapped to one’s paunch, there would be no fat people left on earth.

The massage chairs are great though. Very fun. But still doesn’t beat a proper massage. That said, I’ve had masseurs that were not half as good as an Osim chair.

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No. 1 brand for massage chairs!

Ask any Singaporean about the brand OSIM. At least ninety-percent of them will know what you're talking about.

My mum bought a massager from OSIM, and it really worked wonders. I have also used their massage chairs at my mum's friend's home, and it felt really great for me. Some massage chairs make you hurt a lot, especially when the plastic parts push onto your spine. Instead of getting a massage, all you get would be an aching backbone. OSIM, however, puts that into consideration. Somehow you feel that the massaging chairs don't make you hurt at all. The chairs also give you a whole lot of functions and options, including the strength and the frequency of the massage, whichever suits you the most.

However, I do feel that their products are a little expensive, given that some of its competitors offer a much lower price. Of course, you get what you pay for, so I'd say that buying their products is very worth it.

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