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Yeo Hiap Seng Limited (simplified Chinese: 杨协成; traditional Chinese: 楊協成; Commonly known as Yeo's) is an investment holding company as well as a drink manufacturer in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a multinational corporation that has offices and market presence in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Pacific Islands, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Japan. It produces its own Asian drinks and has the license from Pepsico to produce Pepsi, 7 Up, Mountain Dew, Mirinda and Mug Root Beer. In addition, Yeo's also exclusively manages other international brands such as Red Bull, Gatorade, Evian, Volvic, Uni-President, Allswell, Hain Celestial, and Erika Dairies. Some of its house brands (See Below) include H-Two-O, Yeo's Asian Beverages, Justea, and Pink Dolphin. The company has its history dated back to 1900. Founded by Yeo Keng Lian, a native of Fujian, China, it was established in Singapore in 1935 as the Yeo Hiap Seng Sauce Factory. The company was incorporated in Singapore on 20 December 1955 and was listed on 7 November 1968 and renamed to its present name. The 1950s saw the company to can curry chicken and pioneered the bottling of soy milk, and package Asian drinks in Tetra Brik aeptic containers using the Ultra-high temperature processing system.

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Flavours that will suit every Singaporean's tastebud

Whether it is green tea, soya bean milk or chrysanthemum tea, we are spoilt for choice because Yeo's has a variety of drinks which suit our Asian palates.

Every drink has a fragrant aroma and a delicate sweetness that leaves a memorable note. I can't decide which drink I love more. Being a gym-aholic, I am very precise about tracking the amount of calories I take in daily. This naturally sweetened beverage gives me a bonus reason to drink one packet daily because of the healthier-choice logo stamped on almost every pack. It's totally a guilt-free indulgence!

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The best Asian drinks around

Yeo's is one of those brands that you just take as a natural part of life in Singapore. I can't go without my favourite chrysanthemum tea which is just the right taste of sweetness, after they adjusted the formula all those years ago. In fact, all their drinks have the perfect touch of sweetness, which makes Yeo's my brand of choice for Asian drinks.

When I go overseas, sometimes I will get a little homesick and I will hunt all over the place for a Yeo's drink, just to remind me of home. The drinks are refreshing when served chilled, and I've even gotten my European friends hooked on these drinks! The only thing that puzzles me about Yeo's is that their quick-serve food is so much easier to find overseas than it is in Singapore, which is why it's known for drinks here more than any of its other products.

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Trusted household brand

Yeo's seem to be an all time favourite beverage choice for Singaporeans for all occasions. The brand had succeeded in winning the trust of Singaporeans by constantly offering a variety refreshing new flavours at a very affordable price. During Chinese New Year, almost all of the households I visit serve their guests with Yeo's drinks, and mine is no exception. My mum will never fail to stock up a carton each year when preparing for CNY.

Some of Yeo's drinks like chrysanthemum tea and winter melon tea also comes with the "healthier choice" label as it has less sugar added compared to other brands, making it great for health conscious consumers. That aside, I wouldn't recommend drinking them everyday as less sugar doesn't mean no sugar -- best to go for pure water whenever possible!

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Known also for their canned food

Think YHS, and everyone would think of their drinks and rightfully so. Their drinks are simply great. I love their version of lemon barley and winter melon. Tastes just right for the local tastebuds.

But they are also known for their canned food. Once at Outward Bound, I was issued a can of Yeo's Mutton Curry as dinner ration. I ate it straight out of the can after heating it over a fire with freshly cooked rice. It was beautiful. I can say that it wasn't hunger that swayed my opinion. I tried it again at home, this time their chicken curry and it tasted just as I expected it to be.

I'd keep a can or two just in case at home.

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My favorite childhood drink.

When I was in primary school, my allowance was so little. I remembered having 3 dollars a day. So after buying a plate of my favorite chicken rice, I would spend $0.50 on my favourite Yeo's drink. Every day, I would alternate the flavours. One day it would be green tea, while the next would be chrysanthemum or something else.

Today, I realise it is not really healthy to drink sugary packet drinks every day and so I only do so once a week to reward myself. I really enjoy how refreshing the drink is, especially on hot days. The chrysanthemum tea is also highly thirst-quenching and cooling, and is especially good if you feel a fever coming.

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Proud that my surname is Yeo too.

Is there really any drinking brand better than Yeo's? Yeo offers a myriad of great refreshing drinks to quench your thirst with.Sometimes I think Yeo's products quench my thirst better than water! My all time favorite has to be winter melon tea. The sweet (despite them proclaiming to be "less sweet') and healthy drink really cools me down whenever I feel warm.

Yeo's is also cheap and worthy to spend on. My school sells their drink packets at around $0.50-$0.70. This definitely will not burn a hole in my wallet, and I part with my money willingly too.

As a proud customer of Yeo's, I'm proud to say that my surname is Yeo too! Long live, Yeo's!

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"The Natural Choice!"

Yes, compared to other brands, this is indeed a better choice. The drinks that Yeo's are selling and distributing around are indeed much healthier than the other high calorie, high sugar drinks around.

This is a great choice for celebrations. The drinks come in many different packagings to suit different uses and occasions. Like tote paks, tall bottles and individual cans and 500ml bottles. They would always be present during Chinese New Year, where my family never fails to stock up on their teas and drinks, as a healthier alternative.

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Yeo's always in my fridge

Yeo's is a must-have necessity in my home. The moment I open the fridge, there will be packets and packets of Yeo's drinks packed in rows of 2. My favourites are the winter melon tea and the chrysanthemum tea! I always get them when I'm in the supermart!

It's everywhere. In school, when I'm thirsty, I'll pay 50 cents for a packet. At a park, after cycling, you get a packet of Yeo's at the vending machine. At home during chinese new year, you distribute packets of Yeo's to your love ones! Yeo's have become part of my everyday life and it'll be there for me whenever I'm craving for one.

Every now and then, when I'm restless, I opened the fridge, and I'll get a packet of Yeo's to make my day!

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Yo Yeo

I want to love Yeo’s drinks, I really do. The old school logo. The nostalgic flavours. The down-to-earth, homey vibe. What’s not to love?

The taste, for starters. Other newer players in the beverage game seem to have taken Yeo Hiap Seng’s innovations and run with them in tastier directions. Yeo’s was probably one of the first, if not the first, to come up with local familiar favourites like Green Tea and Soya Bean Milk, but now they are falling short in the taste department when compared to their competitors. The Heaven and Earth green tea is more fragrant. The Nutrisoy soya bean milk is more full-bodied and comes in a choice of 2 sugar levels to boot.

Aunty Yeo, wake up and smell the coffee.

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(Updated: October 11, 2012)

wonderful for festives

Yeo's is a famous brand known to every Singaporean. Their products are everywhere in Singapore, supermarket, mini-mart, 'mama' shop and vending machines. I believe most Singaporeans have tried their products, such as lemon-barley (which is my favourite), winter melon tea, ice lemon tea and many more. The drinks come in either packets or cans. And now they somehow changed their sweetness, but still it tastes great.

For me, I like all of Yeo’s flavoured drinks except it's green tea. I have a sweet tooth and I feel that Yeo’s green tea is not as sweet and fragrant as Heaven and Earth’s green tea.

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