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UNISOY® Instant Organic Soya Milk (soy milk) offers great nutritional benefits in a delicious and convenient way to ensure that you and your family enjoy all the best that life has to offer. 100% Pure Goodness · Only made from 100% top grade, non-GMO organic soya beans. · Contains no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. Nutritious and Delicious · Fully de-hulled beans bring out tasty smoothness and nutritional value. · Cholesterol-free, low fat and low sugar with added calcium. Sealed with Quality · USDA organic and Healthier Choice Symbol for highest food safety and quality standards. Ideal for Everyone · Lactose-free & nutritious alternative for those who are lactose-intolerant or do not enjoy the taste of milk.

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Far cry from the authentic soya milk

Unisoy, a product of 21st century food technology, is a far cry as compared to the traditional Soya Bean Milk one can buy from wet markets.

The grainy taste and sweet aroma is lacking. Instead, it is bland and does not taste like the authentic soya bean milk. Apart from the taste, it costs more than the soya bean milk from the wet markets or processed soya milk packets.

No thanks, but I'll stick to soya bean milk from wet markets.

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Doesn't really taste like real soymilk

I never really quite liked Unisoy from the first time I tried it. It didn't really have the full "milky" flavour of real soya milk and my milk was a little lumpy because the powder didn't dissolve properly.

Also, I think Unisoy processes their powdered soymilk too much in an attempt to make it healthier, ruining the taste of the soymilk. I also didn't quite like the idea that soymilk could be made in the powdered form as real soymilk is much harder to get (in other words, much harder than pouring hot water onto powder from a sachet.)

I wouldn't recommend Unisoy, but I suppose I'd drink it if I had a sudden, urgent craving for soymilk. Besides that, nah.

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Lacking the essence of real soymilk

Unisoy has always ranked as one of the bottom brands of soymilk I've ever tasted. Indeed, it is my opinion that because of the company's numerous modifications to make it everyone's healthy choice of soymilk that the essence of how soymilk should taste like is lost in the process.

Take lactose, for example. Whilst I acknowledge the removal of lactose has indeed made soymilk drinkable for a larger group of people, lactose is what makes milk milk. Without lactose, the delicious milky taste is invariably lost in the process. Moreover, artificial removal of natural sugars has further reduced the original quality of the soymilk.

Another point that deters me from buying Unisoy would be the price. A packet with 12 sticks of Unisoy powder can easily cost more than $150. And since I don't get the quality I expect from paying so much for a sachet of soymilk, I see no point in buying it. I would rather buy a $1.30 cup of warm soymilk from Mr. Bean anyday.

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Not for me

I've never been fond of Unisoy from the first time I tried it. I don't know why, but I can't comprehend a soya milk made from powder. Having seen the actual process in making soya milk and bean curd from scratch, I can't put it pass my head that Unisoy is powdered, though they taste similar.

I humbly pass on Unisoy and will rather stick to the soya milk from the wet markets.

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Soya drink craze

There was once a soya milk craze and the machine for making home made soya milk was selling like hot cakes. I could not recall what the craze was about but it got something to do with the health benefits of drinking soya milk.

Of course, the healthy soya milk does not apply to those packet sugared drinks from Yeos or Marigold or similar products. The type of healthy soya milk cost a bit more than those. I was a lazy person so I did not get myself the soya milk machine but instead I looked for instant soya milk. This was one of the brands I found and it tasted nice to me and since then this was the brand I would go to for instant soya milk.

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Ideal Breakfast!

Unisoy is definitely one of the ideal choice in a supermarket if you are seeking for a dieted lifestyle. I certainly am! Hence, I relied on Unisoy for breakfast.

I was an chocolate milk-aholic. I was addicted to it! No drinks could satisfy me in the mornings as much as a mug containing litres of chocolate milk could! My perceptions took a turn when I first attempted Unisoy.

The flavour is definitely far from amazing. It sometimes wavered treacherously near the word 'bland'. However, Unisoy isn't merely an ordinary drink that lingered near bland realm. Surprisingly, I was full with merely a jug of Unisoy soya drink. There was barely any space left for cereals or sandwiches! Hence, I relied on Unisoy for some sort of a light breakfast that aids in my dietary mission!

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An alternative to my morning coffee

4 sachets of Unisoy were in some goodie bag I received from an event and that was how I came to sample it. Before that, they were one of those brands I will allow my eyes to skip past conveniently on the shelves of supermarkets. I would have categorised them under 'boring tasteless organic food'.

Ponders. It could have been the coming of age that I became more health-conscious and one fine day, decided to test out the sachet. It's easy like all sachet drinks- add hot water and ta-dah! As the name says it, soy, soy bean milk it is. I was amazed by how creamy and rich the drink is and how similar it tasted to a regular cup from Mr. Bean, less the powdery texture. I always have them around for rushy mornings. Wouldn't say I love the drink but, yup, it's an alternative morning beverage which can keep me full till the next meal.

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(Updated: November 15, 2012)

Yummy but expensive

My mom introduced me to UNISOY a couple of years ago. Initially I wasn't fond of them. I had no idea why, I just did. Anyway, a few months back, I decided to try them again. It was because I've run out of Milo so you can say that I had no choice. I was sick of drinking canned drinks and water.

UNISOY is a lot different from other soya drinks. It's mouth-watering and soothing. It's the type of drink where you find yourself having another round.

There's two types of soya drinks-not counting cereal and oatmeal. I normally buy Instant Nutritious Soya Milk Powder, as it's cheaper. For 15 sticks, it cost... Are you ready? Wait for it... S$6++! I know what you're thinking. It's way too exorbitant. Instant Nutritious Soya Milk Powder 'No Cane Sugar Added' costs S$7++. Also, for 15 sticks.

If you happen to be a fan of soya drink and am not afraid of spending more moolah, then this is the drink for you.

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