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Super’s portfolio of 1 Master Brand and more than 15 Sub-Brands spans a wide spectrum of product categories. We are driven to continually deliver quality Branded Consumer products to our consumers while enabling us to enhance and extend our regional presence in Southeast Asia. At Super, our growth ambitions are predicated by our favourable Branded Consumer offerings and strategic geographic exposure. With our extensive distribution network and dedicated managers, we are well-positioned to continue to deliver stellar performance with a portfolio of brands. Today, Super has more than 300 products under its flagship spanning from instant coffeemix, instant cereal, instant soymilk, instant teamix, instant cup noodles, canned drinks, to non-dairy creamer.

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Relatively unknown

If not for a visit to the SUPER factory whilst on a field trip back in secondary school, I would have barely noticed the existence of 'Super' coffee. Having been a Nescafe coffee drinker almost my whole life, it was an amazement to see coffee beans on my visit to the factory. Sampling their coffee a while later, my friend told me 'Not bad!'. I agreed!

I like my coffee bitter, strong but fragrant with a sweet aftertaste. Whilst the coffee wasn't as strong nor bitter as I hoped, the mixture was warm and soothing when sipped, especially during a cold day or when you've just woken up all gruzzled and sleepy early in the morning. Moreover, there is a variety of other products SUPER specialises in, such as cereals, bean extracts. However, the name itself is not a household brand among the circles my parents and I are in, and we rarely had occasion to use any of their products.

SUPER has noticeably declined since then, which I've just realised when clicking the website link and it returns with an empty page, the conclusion of a brand which tried to penetrate local households but wasn't as successful as other brands.

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Favourite cereal

I've been a regular consumer of Super ever since I was in kindergarten, especially the 3-in-1 Cereal Drink! It is a unique blend of cereal-corn, oats, and wheat that provides for the body's daily needs. As a freelance camp instructor, I make sure to pack at least 2 sachets into my bag before I go for my camps!

The cereal is deliciously sweet which makes it very yummy. It can be consumed and enjoyed anytime, anywhere as well!

Highly recommended to people who are health conscious because it is low fat and trans fat free.

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Super sweet

I like to support Singapore brands but Super is one brand that I really cannot support. My company bought Super three in one coffee for our company pantry may be it is one of the cheaper brand of instant coffee.

I tried making the coffee a few times and found the coffee to be too sweet and did not have enough coffee taste. I know Super has a lot of other products but since the bad experience with their coffee, I am sceptical of their brand and so have not tried their other products. Recently I saw in the supermarket that they have more products of coffee, may be if my company change to one of these newer products, I will give this brand another try.

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A cup of home

When I think SUPER, I think of coffeemix. I'm a sucker for coffee and the best way to curb the crave is to always have sachets of coffeemix around. Add hot water and wala! A cuppa! Over the years, I have grown accustomed to Super's coffee and have stick to this trusted brand. I carry a few sticks of coffeemix when I travel as a quick cuppa gives me a feeling of home. I am taking the green pack one which has a stronger aroma and is less sweet. I have tried many other more expensive 3-in-1s but Super's still the best. It's economical and good.

Super has got many other products but I've yet to try. On that, I think I should go to the supermarket and pick up a pack of the Cereal drink everyone here is raving about one of these days. :)

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convenient and affordable

There are many products under the this brand but for me, two items will always come to mind - SUPER instant cereal and tomyam cup noodles.

I love their instant cereal and have been eating them since young. The convenient packaging, just-pour-hot-water-and-eat formula and great quality taste will always make it my first choice when it comes to instant cereal. Their cereal always smells so good and tastes so milky-licious.

However, their cup noodles is a major let down. Tom yam flavor will always be my top choice when it comes to cup noodles and I have tried many different brands. I got to admit SUPER's tom yam cup noodles is one of the worst I ever tried. Their noodles are always too hard and taste really artificial (including their soup base). Even when I'm really hungry, it is still hard to finish a cup of Super noodles.

There are many other super brand products but the most distinct to me are certainly the cereal and cup noodles. One being really good and one being the complete opposite. But one notable feature of SUPER brand is that they sell really affordable essentials. Thus, except for the cup noodles, I think all the other products are worth purchasing.

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Little packets of goodness.

-puts down empty cup with zero remnants of Super's instant coffee-

My mother has been bringing back different versions of their coffee and though not that great, it can serve for a boost to the lazy days or a tired day after school or work. Coming in wine red and cobalt blue little packets, one open and the smell of aromatic coffee wafts out, as though of freshly brewed coffee.

I also remember their cereal drink which is good when made with hot water, but BEST eaten powder form. No kidding, try it, im sure you won't regret it. I first got to know of this alternative form of eating was during my OBS trip where hot water was scarce so many of us resorted to this form of eating. Now don't smirk or give me a face of disgust.

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3-in-1 Cereal Lifesaver

Their 3-in-1 cereal drink is a real life saver. You can't really be choosy but it tastes pretty decent. The texture of the drink is pretty fine, you will not feel much of stuff in your mouth if you add one sachet to a mug of water. Those looking for such an experience would need to add 2 or 3 sachets.

But do note that more sachets would also result in a sweeter drink. So drink in moderation.

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(Updated: November 15, 2012)

Coffee, soydrink and cup noodle

I used to be a coffee addict. Coffee warms my heart, I can even write an essay about the drink. See my love for coffee?

Anyway, CAFÉ NOVA made a deep impression on me. The drink has a lovely smell and full bodied taste. True to their words, the drink uses freeze-dried instant coffee, non-dairy creamer and sugar to please your taste palette. However, I felt really thirsty after finishing the drink. It could be my taste buds or the drink itself. Go figure.

There are many stiff competitions between sales of cup noodles. Myojo, koka. The list is endless. That said, I'm not particularly fond of Super's cup noodles. They can't hold a candle to Myojo, enough said. The black pepper crab noodles taste rather ordinary, nothing special about them.

The organic soymilk was yummy though. It smells great. The drink sort of reminds of UNISOY Instant Organic Soy Milk. (Though I have to say UNISOY is still my favourite) What's more it's organic. Ideally, this is great for people who are health conscious.

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