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Gold kili embodies over two decades of great tasting Instant Beverages. We began in 1985 as a local coffee manufacturer and distributor. Now, Gold Kili has a great selection of Instant Beverages which includes our ever popular Instant Honey Ginger and Instant Honey Chrysanthemum. Over the years, Gold kili has been tirelessly generating an ongoing series of innovative Instant Beverages that is not only high in quality but also novel, enticing and extremely appealing to all our Consumers, both locally and globally. Gold kili continuously invest in proprietary, hygienic and modern manufacturing process to preserve the fresh taste and flavour of the natural ingredients used for all our Instant Beverages. At Gold kili, we insist on stringent quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. What sets Gold Kili apart? Gold Kili puts you, the Consumers, diverse preferences first prior to any product development. Consistency, reliability and an impressive array of delectable Instant Beverages make the company, Gold Kili both unique and distinctive. Locally in Singapore, Gold Kili retails its Instant Beverages in all major supermarkets including provision/convenience stores as well as majority of coffeeshop establishments. Internationally, Gold Kili exports to over 25 countries around the world. With Gold Kili, you can sit back with a peace of mind and enjoy a great cup without any hassle, remember Just Gold Kili & Water. In the near future, be on the look out for new Instant Beverages and other products bearing our identity mark Gold Kili logo.

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Coffee that got me through university

Gold Kili was the brand of instant coffee that I always stocked in my hall room. At that time, after comparing the costs, instant coffee was cheaper than those bought from coffee shop and being an university student with no income, cost was a big concern for me.

Of all the brands that I tried during that time, this was the brand that suited my tastes better. It was not the best taste but it was the best price that I could get for something acceptable. During university days, my intake of coffee was much higher and I need re-stock quite fast so cost was my consideration also. I was thankful for this brand to help me get through my university days with enough coffee.

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Great instant Chrysanthemum tea...

Goldkili is not a brand that advertises itself to widely. But from experience I could recommend their instant chrysanthemum tea. It must be said that the taste is close to home brewed chrysanthemum tea with a hint of bitterness but a tad too sweet for my liking. Not a big problem, a little more water can help.

I'll try the coffee next. Then I'll update this.

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(Updated: November 16, 2012)

Traditional Kopi O

I have been a loyal fan of Goldkili. Among all their products, Chrysanthemum tea and Traditional Kopi O are my favourite ones.

20 sachets of Chrysanthemum tea ranges around S$3.50-S$3.90. It's instant package so you do not need to add sugar. It is also extremely convenient. Goldkili’s chrysanthemum tea has a very pleasant and comforting smell to them. I enjoy drinking them during a chilly weather.

When it comes to coffee, I’m more of an old-fashioned. I’m not particularly fond of lattes, cappuccino, iced coffee and black coffee. I prefer a good old traditional cup of Kopi O. I like having them in the morning as a perk-me-up drink. It’s of instant package as well. Likewise, for 20 sachets, it costs S$2.70.

Keep an eye out for sales where you can get two for S$3.90. If my memory serves me right, it’s at Sheng Siong Supermarket. Sheng Siong may not have the freshest fruits, veggies and poultry, but they do have great sales sometimes. (To clear their old stocks, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise if you ask me)

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