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Our company's philosophy is to be the best in product quality and efficacy and continuously strive to manufacture TCM of the highest standards. With new technology and production methods, we are able to fully utilize the effective ingredients of TCM while eliminating ineffective components. This allow us to achieve the production targets of 3 minimization(minimize size, dosage and side effects), 4 maximization(maximize efficacy, taste, appearance and stability) and 4 conveniences (convenience in prescription, usage, carrying and storage).

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When consulting a GP did not seem to work, checking out Tong Jum Chew clinic did!

I was first introduced to the medicinal tablets manufactured by Tong Jum Chew Pte Ltd under the label "Nature's Green" in year 2011 when I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine shop to seek consultation regarding health related issues.

The medicinal tablets that I was recommended made it easy for me to consume the medicine. There was no need to brew the medicine over hours. All I would need to do is to consume the tablets as if they were pharmaceutical tablets. Carrying the tablets about was easy, so it was easy to be compliant with the prescription because I was told that I would need about 2 - 3 months to see significant effects for menstrual pain issue that I have had. I was thankful that after taking the tablets manufactured by Tong Jum Chew Pte Ltd for about a month, I observed noticeable improvements. The menstrual pain issue was greatly relieved, and so were the headaches that came along during the time of the month.

Much later, by sheer coincidence, I realized that there was a Tong Jum Chew TCM Clinic near my home! At the same location as the clinic is a dispensary selling TCM products manufactured by Tong Jun Chew as well as other health-related products. Service was generally attentive. However, please do be more patient with the staff during peak hours and their meal hours. Overall, I have found the products to be fairly priced, and explanatory notes on the products were relatively clear.

Recently, I visited one of the Tong Jum Chew TCM Clinic as I was coughing for more than 4 weeks. The General practitioners prescribing Western medicine did not seem to find the root of the cough issue. As such, I decided to consider Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During my first visit for the treatment of cough, the TCM physician recommended acupuncture treatment. I could immediately experience better breathing and felt my throat was less irritable. By the third visit, the TCM physician managed to get to the root of my issue, and I experienced very significant improvements health wise. The cough was significantly reduced and my friends around me noticed it!

On the average, I would spent about $30 for five days of medicine at the Tong Jum Chew clinic. Consultation comes free with the medicine prescribed. Each acupuncture treatment costs $20 per person.

I learnt that TCM does take time to see the effects, so it helps to be patient. It took about 3 visits for me to see significant improvements in the cough-related symptoms.

Western medicine seems to be good at stopping the symptoms. On the other hand, Traditional Chinese Medicine is aimed more at improving the body's immune system by prescribing the relevant treatment mode based on the symptoms described by the patient.

I have learnt that it helps to tell the physician whatever symptoms that one experiences so that the physician can make a more accurate diagnosis. For example, I experienced a pain when I touch a particular part of my body. Although it appears to have nothing to do with the coughing, my physician was able to infer the root of my health issue and prescribe an effective medicine using the information.

It helps to call the clinic to book an appointment especially if you are visiting during the weekdays or during the late afternoon/ evening. This will help to shorten the waiting time.

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(Updated: November 16, 2012)

Practically my life savior

I try not to depend on western medicines. After I heard from the news that taking heavy dosages of panadol could cause liver failure, I cringed and vowed that I’ll never rely on them if my headaches were to act up. Which explains why I turned to traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM for short.

Tong Jum Chew features a wide range of TCM. Muscle ache, weakness etc… The list rolls on and on. We all agree that hectic schedules are a pain in the butt. Due to endless lists of home works and exams, I’ve come to the point where I feel giddy at several times. Fatigue is not cool.

The heat clearing and purification tablets have a minty smell to them. They’re light green in colour and round in shape. A little bit similar to the size of an average panadol, it is very easy to swallow. My chest felt a lot better after taking them. Just a side note, there’s a slight hint of herbal smell/taste. Each bottle (60 capsules) costs S$5.50.

If you suffer from dizziness, forgetfulness and fatigue, you might want to check out the Brain Nourishing Capsules. Each bottle (60 capsules) costs S$10.50. This is ideal for you if you happen to do a lot of memory work. This has no taste what-so-ever, which is great for people who can’t stand herbal smell.

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