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MARIGOLD has been the leading provider of wholesome and nutritious products for almost 50 years. Our commitment to providing consumers with healthy products to enhance their quality of life is reflected in the corporate slogan 'For Health. For Life'. Explore the world of MARIGOLD and discover the wholesome goodness behind every MARIGOLD product!

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(Updated: January 19, 2016)

Too much flavour for milk

Marigold HL Milk has been promoting their products aggressively on Mediacorp for years. The actresses always seem so happy, sipping on their glass of Marigold HL Milk. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

Sure, the milk is creamy, thick and smooth. But what I don’t appreciate much is the strong vanilla taste their original milk has. It tastes borderline artificial and too sweet for my liking. I prefer my milk to have a milky taste, not vanilla. Marigold HL Chocolate milk tastes good though. It’s really chocolatey and not too rich to the point where you feel jelat after a few gulps.

If you’re crazy about vanilla flavoured milk, you will like the Marigold HL. But personally, I’ll just stick to their chocolate milk.

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Creative advertisements but the products are okay

Marigold produces creative advertisements but I'm not a fan of their products.

I believe HL milk represents Marigold because it is the most popular product among the rest. However, the milk isn't creamy enough for my liking. The milk is too thick and it coats your tongue.

I would say I prefer another brand with the initials DL.

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(Updated: November 13, 2012)

My all-time favourite

I've been consuming Marigold HL low fat milk for as long as I can remember. I've tried all 4 flavours - plain, strawberry, chocolate and banana, and my favourite is the chocolate flavoured milk. As someone who's conscious of my weight, the chocolate milk is definitely a good choice to satisfy my sweet tooth yet at the same time maintaining my weight. I don't really like the plain flavoured milk though, the taste just doesn't appeal to me.

I recently tried warming up the milk because of boredom and to my surprise, it was great! The warm fuzzy feeling that encapsulates you when you indulge in a cup of warm milk, I still can’t get over it!

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(Updated: November 13, 2012)

Bacteria invasion?

I am an avid milk lover. To me, almost everything goes well if not perfectly well with milk. From original to chocolate to strawberry flavours, all are my favourite.

I have been drink Marigold fresh milk for almost two whole decades and my top choice of milk brand never changes. I love how refreshing and chilling it is whenever I drink it. However, throughout the years, my very picky taste buds tell me it has definitely changed.

Just talking about their original Marigold fresh milk, the strong fragrant of authentic milk has been diluted ever since few years back, compared to what I have drink in the past since I was very young. The milk seems to be diluted and the difference can even be felt by my mum who does not really care about the changes of food, as long as they are still up to her nutrition standard.

I am not exactly sure what had happened. Another con I would like to point out is their packaging, I can see their effort in providing top class hygienic milk with the cap double-sealed. However, whenever I start choosing the milk in supermarket, I could say about 90% of the cartons there are bloated with air, showing signs of "bacteria invasion".
Being particular about the hygiene of food I consumed, I am upset a couple of times when I had to settle with cartons that are bloated. Even though I did not fall sick after the consumption (well, most of the time. But I had food poisoning once), it irritates me alot thinking that other consumers, especially young kids who have really weak immune system may be susceptible to food poisoning.

Nonetheless, I must say that their milk is still what I am drinking even until now. Not that I am stubborn about my choice, but I could not find another suitable substitute for Marigold fresh milk.
Sincerely hope they can do something about their packaging.

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Good brand, bad milk

Marigold is fantastic, producing quality fruit juices and purees. However, their HL Milk is a different thing altogether.

Despite claiming that it is fresh milk, it is anything but. If you compare authentic fresh milk with their produce, it is totally different. I have nothing against pasteurised milk, but this branding is a lie to their customers. I remember this so vividly as my dad once had gastric flu, and the doctor recommended him to consume fresh milk. Lo and behold, HL worsened his case. Luckily he made a full recovery in time.

Ought to step it up.

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Loving Marigold drinks!

I L-O-V-E Marigold HL Milk to the deepest core! It is, to me, the best chilled chocolate milk to buy from NTUC, as compared to other brands like Dutch Lady. I remember back when I was in secondary school, I often bought the small packet for only 80 cents! Totally worth it, and would probably never find anywhere else other than schools that would sell the exact thing for less than a dollar. It can be a little painful to purchase a small carton for a dollar plus, but sometimes, HL Chocolate Milk makes a delicious treat, especially on a warm day!

Other than milk, I also like to drink Marigold fruit juices! One of the flavours I love the most is their Peel Fresh Powerberries. It's like several kinds of berries mixed to become a flavourful and lovely drink!

Although Marigold drinks can be a little on the costly side, it's always nice to have really delicious yet healthy drinks to enjoy in the comfort of home, or outside, even (if you plan to purchase a small carton). Look out for promotions like 2 for the price of 1, because it will be really worth buying, and who would resist great deals on great products? Not me, at least!

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(Updated: November 02, 2012)

Juicy Couture

Isn't it odd that Peel Fresh orange juice lists, amongst the usual preservatives and stabilisers, milk solids in its ingredients? Why would milk be added to orange juice? Doesn't it curdle? I suppose that's what emulsifiers are for.

I like the Peel Fresh mango juice best. Then again, I like anything mango flavoured. The apple and aloe vera is also quite good. I also quite like the pink guava. The vegetable juice with the carrots on the carton is the only one out of the lot that I don’t like. In general, the Peel Fresh range is quite realistic-tasting despite the sugar overload.

Marigold is also responsible for HL Milk. HL stands for High in Calcium, Low in Fat but it really ought to stand for Horrid Lactation. Doesn’t taste like milk at all. Really makes you wonder what they did to the poor cow to make it produce milk that tastes that bad.

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Peel Fresh!

I rate Marigold's Peel Fresh range of products highly. So much so that I don't think that other than Sunkist, there's another brand out there who can compete with the Peel Fresh line-up in terms of quality and freshness. There's always a carton of Peel Fresh orange juice in my fridge.

Another favourite of mine is their HL range of milk flavours. With Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and the normal milk type, these flavours are all distinguished from other brands. A small carton of their HL milk is filling enough for people like me who are on the go, plus the great taste is something to crave for!

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Love their Fruit Juices

Marigold has been a popular brand in every family for many years. They had produced so many products from fruits juices to milk and yoghurts. They have also constantly been improving their products by introducing more interesting and well-received flavours for their juices and milk. For example the banana milk.

For me I prefer their fruit juice more than their milk. As their fruit juice are 100% made from fresh fruits without any sugar added which are suitable for health conscious people just like me! But for their milk, I feel it's a little too thick and too sweet for me which I made me felt a little fattening if I were to drink a full glass of their milk everyday.

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Not a fan of juices

Juices are not my personal favourite, especially those that are packaged. Marigold fruit juices are not what I like too, as I prefer other brands. One reason is that the juices are indeed a little too sweet.

Even though I do not like fruit juices from Marigold, I enjoy their milk products (the famous HL milk) and their fruit puddings. Every time I go to a supermarket, I try to take a packet of Marigold pudding with me to the cashier. The chocolate-flavoured HL milk is the one I enjoy the most, and unlike the fruit juices, HL milk is moderately sweet.

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