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A leading player in the food and beverage arena in Singapore and Malaysia which carries products in more than 20 markets.

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Too sweet

F&N is definitely a household name in Singapore. We are often spoilt for choice by the huge variety of drinks with different flavours. These drinks provide thirst quenching refreshment with some fizz at any time of the day.

I believe that F&N Seasons orange flavoured drink is one of the most popular beverage in Singapore. However, I thought that the drink was too sweet, as least for my taste.

Not recommended for people without/has a mild sweet tooth.

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Hari Raya would not have been complete without F&N

Drinks by F&N were synonymous with Hari Raya. Go to any house on that day, you have a 90% chance of being served drinks made by F&N especially orange, cherry ade, grape, sarsi and even rose syrup. You'd probably drink yourself silly.

The problem with the carbonated drinks from F&N is that they are pretty strongly coloured and are pretty sweet. You probably would end up with stained tongues after drinking cherry ade or grape.

The good thing is that they can be rather cheap. You can get a whole box of 12 1.5 litre bottles of carbonated drinks for as little as $8. That's what I paid for a box of Clearly Citrus at Sheng Siong this year.

Carbonated drinks are going to be sweet whether we like it or not. The key here is to practice moderation, so go on and drink up....but not too much!

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Even as a child, I knew there was something not quite right about F&N's Fanta Orange, Grape and Cherry Ades. The day-glo fluorescent colours. The chemical-tasting flavours. The bubbles. Thanks to F&N, I decided never to touch brightly-coloured aerated drinks - a decision that I am convinced has enabled me to maintain my tiny waist measurement while all in my peer group have grown fat as hippos. Serves them right for not laying off the Fanta Grape.

Times have changed, and F&N has changed right along with the best of them. Nowadays, Fraser and Neave are more known for less artificial-tasting offerings such as Nutri-Soy and Seasons.

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Great on a hot day for all ages.

Other than people who have sworn to never consume carbonated drinks, who can resist a nice cold bottle of F&N on a warm, sunny day, or perhaps after a long, tired day of work or exercise?

When you drink F&N drinks from the bottle, cold, with no ice, it definitely tastes nicer when you pour the drink into a cup with ice, because the ice will eventually melt and dilute it, and it will lose its sweetness and taste. My personal favourite flavour is Groovy Grape, just because grape is my favourite flavour for drinks.

Other than drinks, F&N also holds simple contests for people to stand a chance to win concert tickets (such as the most recent BIGBANG concert contest) and other prizes, and all you have to do is buy a bottle of F&N, or two, and submit the receipt via email. It's that easy!

However, despite its nice and refreshing taste, I do not recommend drinking F&N too often, along with other carbonated drinks. It just is not healthy to take in so much of such beverages into your body, so consume with care!

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Attractive colourings cover up a stale brand.

Among all F&N drinks, I love their Flashy Fruitade and their Cheeky Cherryade, my perennial favourites. I have found the drinks wanting in quality in recent years, though. It's like water, the change never changes. And unlike water, there's this element of unhealthiness recently. It's as though their drinks are getting more carbonated as time goes by.

Although F&N's super-sweet drinks are often tempting, especially on our sunny island where sometimes teperatures and humidity can combine to make us long for a cool drink, I think it's not advisable to consume such drinks regularly.

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The old days

Remember those days? Groovy grape, Miranda, ice cream soda and many more! I remember this for the fact that at a point of time, I chose F&N drinks over coke due to the really attractive colours and flavourings. I have to admit I was addicted for quite awhile.

Drinking too much of these drinks will make you lose your voice, and your throat would feel that you are being forced to swallow a tennis ball. I have been drinking these drinks for so long, yet I do not stop and as a result, I get this problem many many times. I feel that if F&N wants to strive to be a better company, this problem has to be overseen.

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From Young Till Now!

The name of my favorite soda was F&N which was the Ice-Cream soda, and the Goofy Grape which I remember, Correct me if I'm wrong. However this is the company that have being selling these awesome fizzy drinks for years till now, and I still love!

Even If you might not really like fizzy drinks, or sweet drinks, however F&N also offers the 100 PLUS which is a sports isotonic drink which was always sponsors many sports competition and games in Singapore and features the 100 PLUS drink which was low in sugar and it will be the taste that you'll looking forward to drink right after a game of sports!

F&N Beverage industry have been always trying to improve and so research for the healthier choice for singaporeans from time to time, in sugar level, and even now probably no sugar and fat in these delicious drinks that they have produced from a long!

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funky flavours a favourite among kids

Think of all the bright vivid colours your drink can come in. F&N is sure to please you. While the company has many different ranges of food and beverages such as yogurt, milk and fruit juice, it has formed the strongest impression with its range of fizzy bright-coloured drinks which have become a must at children's birthday parties and other family gatherings. With wacky names and colours such as Outrageous Orange and Cheeky Cherryade, F&N have wooed every kid to their side.

Needless to say, parents have to restrict the amount and frequency of such drinks as they are extremely high on sugar content and all that colouring couldn't possibly be good.

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(Updated: November 16, 2012)

Outrageous orange & Ice Mountain

Whenever I see F&N, I think of F&N Outrageous Orange. Of course, there are many other drinks such as cream soda and sarsi, but I always stick to orange. When I first tried it, I felt that the drink was too sweet for my liking. Which is why I usually add extra ice cubes. For the record, I still do. The drink is so concentrated to the extent that your lips and tongue actually turns orange. I still buy them regularly. Beats the hell out of me, I find them refreshing for some reason!

Anyway, a word of advice, buy the 1.5L bottle. It's much more worth it. 3 cans can cost about S$1.50 while a 1.5L bottle costs S$1.90. Ultimately, it depends when and where you buy them. For me, I usually buy them at Sheng Siong and ABC. True to their words, they are the cheapest store around.

How can I forget about magnolia milk! The texture is not as milky as HL. It's pure, chilly and smooth, which I love.

The one and only Ice Mountain! I remember I used to buy countless bottles of them when I was in school. I had a bad memory, I kept forgetting things. I would buy them from the school canteen and start drinking away. Some brands have an unpleasant taste and smell, but not Ice Mountain.

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