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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 06, 2012    

The invention of ChocoMarvel™ gives modern women an effective alternative to painkillers. ChocoMarvel™ takes care of the well-being of women with its plant-based menstrual relief beverage overlaid with a chocolate flavour that target to help ladies manage symptoms and discomforts during menstruation through all natural and non-painkiller means. Let’s drink to comfort with ChocoMarvel™, your natural menstrual relief with no side effects of painkillers.

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It works!

Oh my, I was not even aware that this product was Singaporean made until I saw this listing!

That aside, I would just like to give my vote of confidence and I say this works! I have been having pretty bad cramps (although not to the point of vomiting or anything, just the kind of pain bad enough to warrant crawling into your bed and doing nothing) and noting this, my mother bought this from the pharmacy.

I was quite skeptical at first, but I was taken by surprise. Although it does have a weird mixture of herbs, the bitterness blends with the chocolate taste, so I don't have any big issues with the taste, which is pretty amazing for a herbal drink. The pain also stops within an hour of drinking which is pretty impressive. Also, as I drink it once a month, I have much lesser spasms of pain the next month. The bleeding seems to be less as well! This drink really makes that once-a-month bother much more tolerable, so I would recommend fellow females to try this drink!

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Not sure if it really works

I usually have bad cramps every month during my period so when this product came out I was interested to try it out. I requested for a sample from their Facebook page when they first launched. I do not think they give out free samples anymore.
It is sold in places like Watsons/Guardian for about S$19.90 for a pack of 8 sachets. About $2.50/sachet. The packing is pink and cutesy which makes it attractive to girls.

It comes in a powder form where you have to dissolve it with hot water. The taste is a bit strange, like a herbal drink with chocolate flavoring. It is not bitter though. It had no effect on my cramps and I'm not sure if the ingredients in it are really effective. I ended up taking my trusty painkillers which are cheaper and do not leave a strange taste in my mouth. However, this might work for other girls since we all have different bodies.

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It really works!

I don't always get menstrual cramps, but when I do, it's bad. Like, really bad. To the point where I would stay all day in bed, moaning and crying and wishing I was a man. So, when my mum brought home some packets for sampling purposes because I've been complaining far too much about my cramps that one day, I was intrigued. I felt really skeptical though, but decided there's no harm in trying.

It worked. Like, my cramps were gone in about less than an hour after I drank only ONE cup. Completely gone. It was like a miracle. Sad part is, the drink tasted horrible.. so much for "chocolatey". It smells awful too, and I had to pinch my nose while drinking it.

Even though it works wonders, I wouldn't buy it unless absolutely necessary. The taste and smell puts me off too much, and my cramps only lasts a day or two in which I could totally handle. If it tastes better and doesn't smell so bad.. I'll change my mind in a heartbeat.

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(Updated: November 19, 2012)

My savior

If you suffer from menstrual cramps, have no fear, help is here! Once a month, we experience painful effects from the 'cycle'. Well, ChocoMarvel provides a natural means to eliminate discomforts. Like what the name suggests, it is enriched with chocolate, which is yummy to consume.

The winner of Cozy Cot Holy Grail Award - Menstrual Care Product 2011, ChocoMarvel is suitable for long term consumption. Best of all, the choclate drink is low fat.

Anyway, it's really tasty. There's no hint of herbal taste. Well to me, there isn't. It tasted more like hot chocolate + mint. It's kinda similar to ginger. It was tremondously effective as my cramps stopped 10 minutes after drinking it.

ChocoMarvel is safe to drink at tender age, so long as you are menstruating. So age is not an issue. Beware: Do not mix it with cold water as it might increase the probability of discomfort. This is due to uterus contraction and blood clotting.

Oh, and it does not cost heatiness since the dosage of cocoa is well controlled.

It's best to drink ChocoMarvel 2 to 3 days before your period as it relieves discomfort and replenishes iron loss.

Single pack(8 sachets) costs S$19.90 while a twin pack(16 sachets) costs S$36.90. Since we only need 2-3 sachets per month, I would say, it's fairly reasonable.

Definitely worth a try!

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