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Axe Brand Universal Oil (also known as Axe Brand Medicated Oil in some countries) is made from a unique formula and has been used throughout the world for nearly 60 years. It is pure in colour, pleasant in odour. It is mild yet suitable for use by both adults and children for relief of giddiness, headaches, travel sickness, stomach-ache, insect bites, rheumatic pain, muscular pain, blocked nose and cold.

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(Updated: March 03, 2014)

Extremely effective

This medicated oil is amazing. I may sound off like a quack but this oil is extremely effective in relieving pain, nasal congestion and discomfort as well as itchiness from insect bites.

It retains a proud permanent spot in my father's car to ease anyone from car sickness. The small, travel-friendly magical ointment bottle makes it so convenient to bring around. I personally hate the smell of ointments but the aroma of Axe Brand Universal Oil is very pleasant. Perhaps it's because I grew up using it.

Whenever I go abroad to visit my friends, I will always purchase some Axe Brand Universal Oil bottles and give it to them. Of course, I highly recommend this product.

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Piercing smell yet soothing relief. :)

When I was younger, I used to hate the smell of Axe Brand. It’s an odor so distinct engraved through my senses. Nevertheless, I do think it’s the smell that gives a soothing relief. I may hate it before but loved its calming effect. I use this mainly for insect bites and clogged nose. It has never failed me eversince. ☺

Now, most of the time I use it for my girl. Just a drop on a hanky and “bye bye clogged nose” for her. This is really a must in my handbag during travel and in my medicine cabinet at home. After all, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

It is universal indeed in the sense that aside from it has been widely used by people from all ages, it has also been used by people from different parts of the globe. In fact, a lot of products came out with almost the same smell and effect. That only proves of Axe Brand’s efficacy and success.

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that oh-so-distinct smell ...

Axe Oil seems to be the miracle oil for the older generation, and you can be almost 100% sure that you can find at least a bottle in your grandparents' home. It is THE cure for headaches, common colds, fainting spells, aches, insect bites ... you name it! It has such a distinct smell
that you can never forget, and I have not come across any other medicated oil that smells like it.

Personally I do not quite like the smell but I must say it works pretty well in relieving the itch from insect bites. I always have the fear of accidentally rubbing my eyes with my fingers whenever I have come into contact with Axe Oil.

I was surprised to hear from some friends that their relatives who come to Singapore on holiday have been tasked to buy Axe Oil back for their families! Looks like it is really that iconic!

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Number one medicated oil!

This is honestly the best medicated oil I have ever used that can be applied to anything and everything. In fact, my whole family loves it. From time to time I hear my parents asking me if I have seen it. I think we need to buy the bigger bottles because we keep losing the smaller ones. From headaches to stomachaches to itches I can just apply it on all of them. It is so effective; I just apply it and literally one minute later its effects can be felt.

Sometimes when I have several mosquito bites on my leg I just pour it over my entire leg; if that part isn't itchy it doesn't matter for it has a cooling effect too. It also has a smell which I personally like. There is another medicated oil which smells better than this, but I think that is more effective on stomachaches. And universal is as true as it can get, because all of my friends use it too. I believe this will always be my number one medicated oil!

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Funny moments with this oil

Axe Oil is almost a legend to most Singaporeans. Well at least it is in my family for the fact that axe oil seems to be the one and only offer of solution for aches and pains. For headaches, use Axe Oil; for tummy aches, use Axe Oil; for mosquito bites, use Axe Oil. It's always Axe Oil for the last 24 years of my life... (or maybe 19 because I can't remember it before I was 5 years old).

I remember once when my silly grandpa used this medicated oil for the silliest reason.There I was innocently answering my mother's phone call (I was 12 years old) whilst rubbing my itchy eye when my silly grandfather pressed a hand towel with Axe Oil onto my EYE!

I immediately screamed and dropped the phone with my mom panicking over what had happened over the other end. My poor grandfather just stood there dazed with the towel in his hand and staring blankly at me. My eye hurt and I started jumping everywhere till the burn died down. Though it was a shock to me at one point, it was really funny afterwards. My parents and uncle laughed at hearing what my grandfather had done. It was hilarious, the way it had happened. It hurt at that point, but I couldn't get angry with my grandfather since he was sincerely concerned over getting rid of the itch in my eye.

Now this is what Axe Oil means to my family - one stop solution for all pain and itch and whatever else I do not know of.

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Good things come in small packages

The axe brand universal oil. Almost every single Singaporean may have used it, be it in their younger or older days. This is one small package we should never underestimate.

If I could ever show how grateful I am to the creators of this 'miracle water'. This is a one-stop relieve for whatever ailments i usually get. Stomach pains, rashes, headaches, body aches and so much more. The axe brand oil never fails to offer relief to me. Sometimes I even wonder what would I do without it.

However, the same axe oil ( which I call it ) has not helped in various situations. Whenever i try to give my mother an excuse like I'm having stomach pains to escape school, axe oil has to come into the picture. My mother always hands me the bottle in my hand and sends me off to school. Nevertheless, the importance of this oil cannot be more elaborated

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Oh, that familiar scent.

It is indeed commendable that this transparent oil packed in such a small bottle (of course, there are varying sizes but I'm just stating the one that everyone mostly uses) has so many functions.

Although it may be an object that is often overlooked, neglected and even belittled for it's actual abilities in our daily lives, I have learnt that I should not ever again underestimate the Axe Brand Universal oil.

More commonly known as "Feng You" - the oil almost instantaneously soothes headaches and stomach discomfort, and it even ceases sore and itching bites from various insects while it functions as an insect repellent. At least for me, it has been a handy companion throughout my years of childhood.

"Universal" oil - what an aptly put name. Though it might not be as widely-known as what "Universal" implies - I'm certain that most of the general public in Singapore must have some recognition for this product.

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Tiny bottle sure packs a punch!!

Axe Brand Oil is a sure-fire cure for all ailments of the minor sort. From being amazingly effective at curing headaches to warding off nausea and even to stay awake while mugging for exams, I've experienced the best with this tiny bottle. I make sure there's always a small bottle of it in my bag whenever I'm out simply because you never now when that headache might decide to pop up and ruin your day.

Then there's the nostalgic smell where I get taken back to my childhood days where my grannies n aunts would use this old to relieve their aches and pains. I can certainly foresee myself being the same when I'm that old!

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Hate the smell.

I've always hated the smell of this ointment, and when I have to stand near someone who seems to be bathing on this Axe Brand Oil for more than a few minutes, I could seriously pass out.

I've tried to smear on some when I have the occasional headaches but it never works, in fact the throbbing pain I feel intensifies (probably because of the smell). There are a lot more alternatives for me like drinking hot tea or lying in bed in a dark room that would help my headaches, but not this ointment.

The one thing I can give them credit for is how affordable it is, and for people who doesn't mind the smell and can attest to it's quality, it's well worth it.

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useful regardless of race or religion

Axe brand universal oil is commonly seen in Singapore. I believe most people; usually elderly have one in hand. Although my mother does not really like the smell of this medical oil (she described it at elderly’s perfume), but she cannot disagree that this medical oil is useful in many ways. It helps to relief headaches, good for mosquito bites and whenever you feel giddy, because the smell freshen people up. Of course, there are many more uses for this medical oil. The little bottle has also made it easy for people to keep, for ladies to keep in little handbag and for men to keep in their pants’ pocket. However, it feels terrible when this medical oil come in contact with your eyes.

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