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Brewed since 1932, Tiger Beer is Singapore's premier beer. Tiger claims to use the finest malt, hops and yeast and employ over 200 quality checks as part of a strict brewing process that takes over 500 hours. Tiger Beer has garnered over 40 international awards to date. Today, Tiger is available in more than 60 countries.

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Beer for non-beer fans

Have you guys tried their recent lemon beer? For people who hate beers like me but occasionally want to order some beers with friends, the lemon beer is definitely a must try.

I first tried it during the after-party of the electric run and instantly fell in love with it. It tasted so fruity, kind of like lemon soda? I guess the lemon covered the whole bitterness and so it totally doesn’t taste a bit like beer. But of course there are people who dislike it as well. For some of my beer-fans friends, they coined it as the “lady-beer”. Not to be stereotypical, but I do agree that it is a beer for people, especially girls, who dislike beers.

And I didn’t know that Tiger Beer is a Singapore product! Pardon my ignorance but I’m really quite proud to know that now.

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Tiger beer is definitely a household name in Singapore. No doubt it is the to-go beverage for any occasions. The pale golden drink has a distinctive taste - slightly malty yet dry. Some may argue that the mild bitterness gives a stale, bland aftertaste. Others may debate that it is a refreshing aroma. Whichever it is, the grainy body makes it drinkable.

Tiger has proven to that its marketing efforts and promotions are so successful because I am constantly impressed by their creative advertisements.

I will recommend Tiger to people who only wants some bitter taste to freshen themselves up. If not, there are more palatable beers that suit our taste buds.

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Tiger Time

What time is it? It's TIger time.

The advertising for TIger Beer seems to have been successful in my growing up years, making Tiger the only beer brand that sticks to me like the sweat on my skin. Even after all these years, I have found Tiger to still be one of the more prominent brands in Singapore - regardless of whether it is in the neighbourhood coffee shops or the small cafes, it is a chill drink that most drink. The advertising has also left me remembering the fizzy quality of the Tiger beer when it is served when chilled.

Personally, however, I don't really like the taste of beer, and anything alcohol actually. I find the taste a little too overwhelming for me, which makes the drink a lot harder to take in than other drinks due to the alcohol content.

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Nothing impressive

In my opinion, Tiger Beer is just beer. When you drink a mouthful, everything you expect from beer is present. The pungent, bitter taste of alcohol and the warm feeling as it makes it way down your gut. However, there must be a few reasons why it is the most easily recognised when you bring up the word 'beer'.

Firstly, the advertisements it spreads in the main media. Tiger Beer sponsors catchy advertisements, which includes hot ladies and the glamour of partying that makes you unable to contain the urge to want to join in. Moreover, the frequency of the advertisement means that the message is simply drilled into you.

Secondly, the hot beergirls that always come with Tiger Beer at bars. I always knew that the company had a hand in this. After all, who can resist hot ladies trying to get you to drink the beer?

Thirdly, its availability for social functions. The availability of large amounts of Tiger Beer at a cheap price means that its the alcoholic beverage of choice at mass events and social functions. Hence, the propagation of its brand name through mass consumption (often for free) as mess events, carnivals, weddings etc.

Have a Tiger?

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Good Ads

I don't drink but the one thing that strikes me about Tiger Beer is their advertisements. Their advertisements are simply memorable, almost everyone of them. The ad agency behind their ads must be paid a fortune as many of the ads have a layer of glitz to them.

Most of all who can ever forget the tag line,"Get that man a Tiger!" ?

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Doesn't do it for me

Tiger beer simply doesn't do it for me, in fact, it is one of the worst beer that I have ever tasted.

The beer lacks that oomph factor. I am not a connoisseur of beer but to me, it is tasteless as compared to many other brands, especially western beer, in other words, it tastes like water although it costs a lot more. When given a choice with other beer brands on offer, I would definitely order other brands of beer like Hoegaarden. And if I did not have a choice and am only offered Tiger beer, I would gladly and politely decline it.

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Singapore Pride

Often, one hears the coffeeshop aunty shouting for bottles of tiger to be served to tables of uncles watching soccer at the coffeeshop. More then a Singapore brand, Tiger has established its name to many other countries and it is a Singaporean pride to be drinking Tiger beer.

However, as proud as I am to be a Singaporean, I honestly don't like the taste of Tiger. It is too bitter and does not go down your throat smoothly. Alothough I am not a huge beer fan in the first place, I remember the first mouthful of tiger was agonizing. I was hardly able to swalow it down and there was a puking sensation shortly after I manages to get it down my throat.

Other then Tiger, having tried other beer brands like Carlsberg and Paulander, I would say Tiger is not high on my beer list. Even avid beer drinkers that I know do not opt for Tiger if they have a choice. Even if Tiger uses the best ingredients, if the taste is not to the liking of most people, it will still not be a popular choice.

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Beer that gives pride to singaporeans

When I was younger, I used to think that Tiger Beer was inferior quality beer simply because it is priced so much lower than its competitors. It wasn’t till I started travelling around the world that I realize how popular this brand of beer is.

I quickly learned that I should never judge beer from its price but its taste. The superb blend of malted barley and hops gives it a nice bitterness that is smooth down the throat. The taste is not at all overpowering which also makes this a good beer to complement a meal.

I am glad to say that I have since learned to appreciate my own local brew and have since made it my preferred beer choice at pubs.

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To me, Beer = Tiger

Tiger beer has got to be the most popular beer ever. I'm a social drinker and I prefer to have liquor, but when it comes to beer, it's always tiger for me.

Everywhere we go in singapore, we're destined to see Tiger beer adverts, be it old torn posters, bottle caps on the coffeeshop floor, random cans at the void deck tables or beer aunties in tiger beer attire. It's everywhere. We regard tiger as beer the same way we regard Colgate as toothpaste. This is how established and well distributed the brand is here in singapore. This is more or less a national pride. An identity. I've overheard our Eurasian compatriots saying they really like Tiger beer when I'm at bars.

We may not have natural resources or even land space, but we have Tiger.

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Tiger or Lion

If you watched soccer, you would know that Tiger was a big sponsor for soccer matches. If you watched soccer, you would also know that the Singapore soccer team called themselves the Lions and the Malaysian team called themselves the Tiger.

So when you were watching a soccer match sponsored by Tiger featuring Singapore and Malaysia, would you be confused by which country Tiger was from or which Tiger the people watching the soccer match in a pub was referring to.

Personally I don't drink beer that much and if I do drink beer, I prefer beer direct from the brewery like the German beer at Riverside Point or Thai beer at Suntec City. This does not mean I am not a patriot. I will always support the Lion.

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