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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    
Chinese tradition comes to you in all its splendour at Yue Hwa. Our Singapore store is a city landmark, situated right in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown. With a history of more than 45 years, the leading Chinese oriented department store is housed in a 1900 old former Nam Tin Hotel and conveniently located near the Chinatown MRT station.Combining contemporary and original architecture, the store features an entirely new extension, screen walls and stained glass skylights, all of which complement the building's rich historical character.

Yue Hwa Singapore store offers a wide range of reasonably- priced, authentic Chinese products, including: tea and foodstuffs, silks and cheongsams, handicrafts, Chinese herbs & medicines, household items and antiques. The store also holds regular seasonal promotions, which feature such delights as hairy crab-Yue Hwa is indeed a " one- stop- shop" for authentic Chinese goods.

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Yue Hwa occupies a huge building in Chinatown, and is a popular destination for tourists and also for locals during the CNY period. They stock a wide range of products and the first level is usually always the most crowded due to the presence of various Chinese herbs and supplements. Yue Hwa also sells clothes which I found quite weird because I always thought it to be a pure Chinese selling shop. It is funny to see them selling Adidas when I walk in!

The subsequent levels of Yue Hwa has a variety of different food products. Some are quite unique and price range is good and affordable. However, I have qualms about the quality of their products. I went down there to get a bottle of haw candy once and was astonished to find that it was going to expire soon. Given that Yue Hwa is an established brand, I found it simply unacceptable that products so near their expiration date were still on the shelves.

Overall, not a place that I will go to regularly but it is for sure one of the best places to head to if you are on the lookout for good Chinese herbs and products. Make sure to check out the expiry dates though.

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Authentic Chinese products found here

It is no doubt that Yue Hwa has a very long history behind, having a variety of authentic Chinese products which I would not be able to find elsewhere in Singapore. This would be the place where most of the Chinese would go to during Chinese New Year to get some goods- tea, foodstuff, traditional Chinese herbs, etc.

I must say that this is the prefect place to get Cheongsam during Chinese New Year, they have a wide variety in different designs and most important of all, the price is rather reasonable. It is really hard to get nice fitting Cheongsam in Singapore, especially during non-festive seasons.

Other than that, the range of foodstuff and tea from Yue Hwa is worth checking out. There's a range of foodstuff and tea there which I would find it hard to find in other parts of Singapore, or rather, they are imported from China directly.

Having a hard time hunting down some authentic Chinese foodstuff and tea, this is definitely the place to head to!

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Reasonably priced Cheongsam, tea and food
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Rich in culture but will not go in a second time

The exterior design of the building might take no less than 10 seconds to capture your attention. Located at Chinatown, it is of no surprise that this place focuses on selling authentic chinese goods. We are talking about clothes, medicinal herbs, decorative items and tea. Loads more there, you just have to take the first step in.

The moment I enter the store, my nose was hit with this unpleasant smell. I don't know what it is but I am guessing it might be chinese traditional medicinal herbs? Not sure about that though so don't quote me on that. It might just be chinese tea. Ha! The whole place is very Chinese-y and not a tinge of anything modern at all. To be honest, I was not fascinated nor interested in anything there. If it wasn't for the fact that my mother wanted to get something, I think I would still be walking past there and never actually go in to see what's in there. Now that I've seen it, I'm sure that I wouldn't be there a second time. If you are looking for authentic chinese tea and herbs, this would be your place to get them, especially since this store has a long history of providing such goods!

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