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IMM is conveniently located near the Jurong East MRT Interchange (NE 1/ EW24) and the Jurong East Bus Interchange. Thanks to the varied retail mix, clever use of space and thoughtful interior design, IMM has since become a popular mall with the young and old, and families residing in the western part of Singapore.

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Out of the way, try the other malls

IMM was once a mall which I loved to go to. My family visited it often because of its free parking for the first three hours. However, it is currently very quickly being phased out by the newer malls that cater to the Jurong population now.

Now with all the construction going on, it is, get me straight, VERY difficult to get there. The walking itself will take approximately 15 minutes, while taking the shuttle bus would mean a long wait. It is unbearable on a hot sunny day and totally disgusting experience if you are in a rush. I would not be bothered to go there unless I had an urgent need for an item from Daiso. Otherwise, the entire mall is disposable with the new malls popping out in the area.

The only consolation is that it is quite empty now that the crowd has been poached by the other malls, so it means a nice shopping experience.

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IMM is a mall that i would not set foot into unless there is a need to. It is big and spacious but really, there is nothing much. The only thing i remembered doing at IMM is just to eat at one of its fast food restaurant and then going up to Daiso on the second level to shop for cheap $2 stuffs. The only nice thing about IMM would be its Daiso store. And that is when you are interested in looking for cheap $2 stuffs that are cute and creative.

One bad thing about IMM that i really hated alot was its accessibility. It is located at Jurong east but it is very very very far from the MRT station. I always have to walk an ultra long way under the hot sun to reach to IMM, the problem is even worse now with the building of the Jurong east hospital and another shopping mall. We, shoppers, now have to walk even further around the whole construction site to get to IMM. Everytime i finished walking that whole stretch to reach IMM i would be very hot and perspiring and not in the mood for shopping anymore.

Is there another way to get to IMM then? Yes there is, the shuttle bus. However, the shuttle buses aren’t helping much either. You have to wait approximately 20-30 mins for one shuttle bus to fetch you over from Jurong east MRT. The waiting time is enough to make you bored and sick of getting to IMM.

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boring mall

This is not a place that's suitable for you if you are looking for a good place to shop and dine at. I think the purpose of IMM is to solely serve the needs of the people living near there. But with the recent opening of JCube located not far away from IMM, I predict that the small crowd would get even smaller in time to come. It also does not help that the mall is not the most accessible one around. You have to walk over to IMM from Jurong East MRT Station and if you are going to walk in the afternoon, better get your sunscreen ready.

I have been there a few times and on those occasions, I was there to accompany my parents who liked the place for its low noise level and huge spacious walking grounds. I was underwhelmed when I went there. Nothing caught my eye and the food sold are those commonly seen all around Singapore. Fast-food restaurants, franchises of the same few restaurants.. Really nothing special at all. The clothes sold are also of normal brands like Giordano. It is as boring as it can get. I would advise you to not even take the effort to go there. If you are at that area, I would recommend that you go to JCube instead of IMM.

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Family-Oriented Mall

IMM was THE mall of the area, up until came Jurong Point with its new extension, JCube, and the upcoming JEM. Its main drive is that it is a family-oriented shopping mall, definitely somewhere to go with your family while looking out for new gadgets, furniture, etc. There’s nothing special about the food offered there, just the usual fast food restaurant chains, Swensen’s, Fish n Co, Ajisen Ramen, Café Cartel, and some others. If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your friends to do window shopping or find something to do, IMM is not the place to go. It is seriously lacking in entertainment facilities. It is hard to relate anything at IMM to entertainment. There’s no cinema, no arcade, nothing. If you’re just looking for somewhere to walk and kill time, this is the place. IMM is spacious and no matter how many people there are, it just does not feel crowded.

Furthermore, with the recent construction of the Jurong Hospital, it makes the shopping centre more inaccessible by walking. There is still shuttle bus offered between Jurong East MRT Station and IMM. If you drive, you better be patient as the parking is normally close to full.

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Many outlet stores but would only go once in a long while

IMM has been around for many many years. This shopping mall has changed over the years and now, it consists of home décor stuff on the higher floors and shopping outlets on the lower floors. There are also plenty of food and beverage outlets on the first level.

What I do not like about IMM is that it is not very convenient to get to. From Jurong East MRT, one has to take a shuttle bus in. Last time it used to be within walking distance, but with all the construction going on now, it would be quite a long walk.

What I like about IMM is all their outlet shops. They carry popular brands like Fox, Cotton On, Espirit and more. At the shopping outlets, usually I can find quite good buys and would go home with a lot.

As IMM is seldom crowded, it is pleasant to shop in the mall. There are also a lot of food choices, from Japanese food to Hong Kong fare to fast food. My parents also went to IMM to look for furniture for our new house. So I guess IMM is quite an all-in-one place.

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Outlet stores
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one stop mall!

Located just 5 mins away from my place, i’ll normally walk over to imm after dinner for some window shopping.

What I dub as the outlet mall of the west, IMM has the most number of outlet stores for a shopping mall in the west. G2000, esprit, timberland (our favourite), cotton on... and not to mention the very first Daiso in Singapore located upstairs, i don’t see why anyone wouldn’t go there!

It’s true that IMM might be a little out of the way for some, but it is really a little treasure trove. For those looking for some home items, there’s challenger and Home-Fix. For those looking at doing some shopping, there’s the first level with all those stores that i’ve mentioned above. And for those looking for refurbishing their new home, IMM is really the place to go! They have quite a number of furniture stores at IMM and their items are really cheap. And I do mean cheap, the offer prices that are comparable to those at the recent furniture expo! Think a TV console at only $700, or a designer one at less than $2000. They have quite a number of interior designer firms and wallpaper firms there too! Its really an all in one mall for your home refurbishing needs!

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(Updated: May 08, 2012)

A suitable mall to hang out with friends, but quite a hassle to get there by foot

IMM used to be one of my most frequented malls, but I haven't really been to there so much now due to the fact that it is situated in a location that's blocked by an ongoing construction work. Imagine walking one big round just to get there by foot! (Unless you opt for their shuttle bus service near the Jurong East Interchange, of course.) One good thing is that the waiting time for the bus has been reduced from 10 mins to 5 mins now.

No doubt that IMM has become a much 'quieter' mall, especially with the recent establishment of JCube. I guess one advantage that IMM has over JCube is that it has a Daiso outlet. (Unfortunately, it is the only outlet in the west)

Nonetheless, its still a mall worth visiting if you wish to chill and hangout with your friends. They have your well-known fast food chains such as MOS Burger and Mcdonalds as well. If you prefer lighter food, there's a Four Leaf shop that sells mainly bread, and a Shihlin stall that specializes in Taiwanese street food. Their trademark Taiwan Chicken and Oyster mee sua are one of my personal favorites!

Oh, and not forgetting GIANT too, one of the well-known shopping marts in Singapore. You can basically get anything there - ranging from clothes, food, sushis, daily necessities, etc.

I believe more people will patronize the mall once the obstructive construction work is done!

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Suitable to go only once a while

IMM is a great place to shop for small furnitures and there are many dining places too! In the past, I always head to IMM when I need to get a small desk or chairs or cabinet. However, it is really far from my house, and to bring back my shopping rewards I need to take cab home. I don't like to take cab as the distance hike up my cab fare which is a pinch at my heart. Thus, my motives became shopping for apparels and buying items from Daiso. 

I like IMM's Daiso as it is huge! I think it is the biggest Daiso store in Singapore. My paradise is in Daiso for sure. So many items at the price of $2 each, even if you do a shopping spree, it might only cost you less than $50. Super worth it! Perhaps the dining experience is not as good as the shopping as every food places are similar to other malls. IMM is huge so don't get lost inside, if you want to save on transport fare, you can take shuttle bus to Jurong East interchange. 

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Never ending shopping spree!

The shops in IMM is never ending and the shopping mall itself is just huge! Looking left and right when you enter the mall, you would not know where to begin! There are many variety of shops and restaurants in the mall for you to choose from. In addition, well-known giant DIASO, NTUC EXTRA and more are in the mall, making it a popular attraction for the mall.

A complementary segment of the mall would be, there are comfortable coaches to fetch you from various MRT stations to the IMM mall! There is one from Boon Lay mrt, and there used to be one from Jurong and Clementi. Sadly there isn't any from the two, as if there were, more crowds would be able to get there with ease!

My overall shopping experience in the mall is rather great, as i always manage to go home satisfied with my spree over there. the shops there have all that i need, for fashion, health and beauty, food and more! I would love to go back once more, especially after it many changes and renovation.

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(Updated: April 28, 2012)

Outlet shops

I visit IMM mainly for the daiso outlet as it is the only one in the west side.

I think the main bad point that most would agree upon would be the inaccessibility of the location by foot. Because of the construction of the soon-to-be hospital, the path to walk there from the MRT has become a huge circle that is not only unsheltered but involves crossing a number of roads. Of course this is countered by the fact that there is a shuttle bus service that brings you right to the mall. There is no clear signage for where to take the shuttle bus from though, hence the time I wanted to take it, I ended up walking down the wrong stairs that was meant for chartered buses for office workers, and I had to walk all the way up the stairs and further down to the IMM shuttle bus stop instead.

Apart from daiso, the mall is also good for its number of factory outlets, so you can get good bargains shopping at retail outlets you would commonly find at other malls. However, only the first floor is livelier. The higher floors seem more specialized for home interior and electronics thus may not appeal so much to youngsters.

Overall it is still a good place to shop if you want to get good bargains.

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Factory Outlet stores
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