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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

A family-oriented mall that boasts a unique mix of stores and eateries, mostly catering to the needs of sophisticated shoppers and families with young children. 


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Big Sun Building

Famous for being the building with the longest 'Toys R Us', forum has come a long way since the old days. From what I remembered, in my childhood days, forum would be a frequent weekend location. My mum would love the kids clothing selection while I would definitely spend so much time at 'Toys R Us' looking through the new collections on the shelves. This place does hold many memories.

Compared to the old days forum does look past its prime. Its traditional architecture that hasn't changed since is constantly competing with the new and modern interiors of up and coming neighbouring buildings like ion just down the road. However being located where it stands, it still holds its charisma in the area that gives off a more 90s feel. Within the compound, it still plays host to the ever young 'Toys R Us', with big brands like Club 21 and Emporio Armani taking the ground floor. In my opinion, this mall would appeal most to families with young kids as there are a wide range of kids apparels and middle class adult clothing to choose from. The kids would love the range of toys available while the mothers can be busy shopping all within a distance. Furthermore, there are occasional events being held and lucky draw prizes to be given away. At the end of the day, the kids too would love it especially when there is McDonald!

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Expensive Mall

Even with its positioning along the busy stretch of Orchard Road, it seems that anything down from Far East Shopping Centre be it Forum or Tanglin Mall experiences a thin, sparse crowd that trickles down from the crowde Orchard Road.

Unlike the clustered centre of Town with the flashy Urban malls like ION Orchard and the gigantic shaw tower next to the majestic Marriott Hotel, Forum stands alone, at the side of the min road, hoping to be discovered. And got discovered it did - on one of my exploration trips of Singapore, I decided to take a walk down the road less travelled towards Forum.

Upon entry, the cool wind of the air conditioner blew into my face as soft elevator music played. The shops seemed empty except for a lone customer or two. Although most of the shops here seemed to be selling merchandise of a higher quality and price and had a warm, welcoming ambience, it was a ghost town.

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For rich parents

I used to bring my daughter there for Art lesson. So while she was having her class, I would walk around the mall. The mall had a lot of shops catering specially for children, expensive shops.

There was a hair dresser shop that specially served children. I brought my daughter to have her hair cut there once. The hair cut was nicely done and the hair dresser was able to clam my daughter while having her hair cut. But the charge was a bit high so I had not gone back there.

There was also a Toy R Us at the highest level. I always liked visiting a toy shop and imagined how nice it would be for me if I had all those toys when I was growing up.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

The "parents" mall

It's not surprising to see most of the shoppers with baby strollers around in Forum, the shopping mall for most of the shops are catered to young children.

The first time, and perhaps, the only time I would and have entered Forum is when I'm making a purchase at Qishan 2 blocks down and needed to withdraw cash from ATM (Qishan charges extra for credit card payment). The mall is definitely good if you're a parent. One of the top level has a huge Toy'r'us which has ample supply of toys for you to keep your child occupied till he/she grows sick of them. There's also a young children school, where you can see parents or even maids waiting for the young children to end the class.

On a side note, since I got trapped in the mall due to the heavy rain and couldn't make it back to Qishan, I toured around Forum for quite a bit. There seemed to be a missing crowd as compared to other malls in Orchard and would definitely provide you with a suitable place to rest your legs after shopping to have a latte or tea since the cafes are almost empty and you wouldn't need to queue for a place (like the TCC at Ion).

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A change from the packed Orchard malls
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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

Why do I love this place

Because it holds the 3 great loves of my life: Bread & Butter, ck Calvin Klein and Commes des Garcons. Seeing the 3 of them come together in such a classy place is like seeing my friends, family and boyfriend hugging each other and crying. Such a lovely image.

This is the place I go to when I occasionally feel like money is inconsequential and that I can afford to splurge and cry tomorrow. This is the place I go to when me and my girlfriends decide we can afford a little fat and try out the quaint classy cafes here. This is the place I go to when I want to spend unnecessary money buying my unwilling baby brother clothes in brands he can't pronounce. This is a place with a touch of understated class with the most debatable (literally) name.

This is a place I will enjoy if I ever get a membership into luxury, and this is a place I hope to enjoy for years to come.

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The kids mall with many things to eat.

Forum Shopping Mall was a place where I used to go for my car grooming sessions. There is a car grooming service at the basement carpark and I must say that even though the price of each grooming is not expensive, it did not meant that there was any slipshod work. Usually each session includes waxing, leather works, tyre works, and it cost less than 100, and cheaper if you get a package from him.

Above, Forum is really a kids mall. Toys r us is upstairs taking up the whole floor and has a fantastic range of toys for kids of all ages. For parents who want to buy clothes for their children, there are various stores like Fox Kids, Guess Kids, Club 21 kids and some other brands as well for you to choose from. It is really easy for parents as many shops are all centralised in one area. This makes it easy to compare all designs before buying.

For those interested in some activities for your child, there is a children gym in the lowest level. There is also a professional photo studio that takes photos for kids. I have seen some of the photos that they displayed and it is really good.

Of course, there are food like California Pizza Kitchen, a Sze Chuan restaurant, and even a Ramen place which is currently the hottest trend in town.

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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

Quiet and Peaceful

Hidden at the end of Orchard Road, is a traditional mall which many might overlook due to the new and upcoming ones along the centre of town. However, Forum, the Shopping Mall is a really nice and quiet place to just sit and hang out.

I usually frequent the place once in a while as my boy is a collector of action figures, which makes him, go to Toys R Us very often to check if they have restocked the latest wave of figures. I however, enjoy that mall itself. It is very clean, and usually doesn’t attract a rowdy crowd. It is usually filled with kids during the weekends, but that just adds to the fun of watching them with their parents.

I have a friend, who has close ties with one of the hair dressers at one of the shops, so I occasionally follow her for a haircut. They have a McDonalds there as well, so whenever we feel hungry, we just drop by for a quick drink or a meal.

The mall is pleasant, and I usually have no complaints when I visit. If you haven’t been, you should try going sometime!

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will never go back there unless I become a parent

This mall is very quiet both on weekdays and weekends. The building mechanics look quite old to me and the overly few people walking around makes me feel uncomfortable, like as if I am not supposed to be there. The Mcdonalds outlet is also pathetically small. There was nothing that caught my interest there. The goods sold are priced way out of my comfort zone. Three digits for a pair of sweatpants? No, please. It looks like something I can get from Cotton On. I did not enjoy window shopping here as I did in the Shoppes at MBS. The atmosphere is way off. It feels like an office building with designer boutiques.

The mall has a variety of children boutiques which I have no business with. I would definitely frequent this mall when I become a parent though. Has everything there including a ToysRus store where you can bring your little ones to.

I guess the target consumers are middle-aged shoppers? It absolutely does not have anything that caters to the youths and young adults, with the exception of Mcdonalds which I have already said is pathetically small. From here, you can probably see the connection.

Will not go back there unless I become a parent or if I become a spendthrift who feels zero ache for a 3 digit plain black sweatpants.

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