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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

When it comes to street fashion, this grubby five-level mall just off Orchard Road is the spot, offering everything from common Korean imports to rare cult items such as $2,000 sneakers. Basically, the more decrepit the shop, the cooler it is. Sub-culture types flock here to stock up on clothes, scoff cheap but delicious food and get tattooed and pierced – Far East Plaza has the largest concentration of tattoo parlours in Singapore.


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A little different

Aha! A breath of stale air. Just what the affectatious aficionados of Scotts and Orchard Elegance avoid. And thank heavens for it. Along with Lucky Plaza, they provide us with relief from up market shops that almost require the services of a concierge to allow you in.

Dress suits on staff? They don't have them here. Marble floors? If you ripped the marble off Paragon's and ION's floors you would find the same concrete underneath so blatantly celebrated at Far East Basement.

OK, it is probably designed for the funky crowd, and I graduated from fund when I turned 90.

It is an odd and different place but it has one advantage over many of the mighty mega monstrosities that manage to manipulate you with magnificent munificence into misplacing your money. That advantage? It is cheaper, if you can find something worth buying.

Pop in, by all means. It is what the west of the Orchard area is not. Different.

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(Updated: April 24, 2012)

A Shopping Haven

Far East Plaza is a shopping haven in Singapore frequented by many, especially students and teenagers on a tight budget.

The most popular level will be the basement, where many fashionable shops as well as some take-away shops like Chippy and Shih-lin resides. With a piece of XXL chicken in hand, you can browse through many different shops selling a wide variety of items, from shoes to bags to dresses and accessories. What's even more amazing? The items are all pocket friendly priced. Some shops sell repetitive stuff so I'd encourage you not to be lazy and browse around more before making a purchase. There might be a chance of you clinching a sweet deal!

If the number of shops in the basement are not enough to satisfy the shopaholic in you, fret not! There are still a few more floors up to go! Although there are lesser shops on Level 2 and 3, and the levels not renovated to be as hip as the basement, there are many shops worth checking out on these levels as well!

As for the men who are accompanying their girlfriends for shopping, Far East Plaza also has various shops that can appeal to them as well! Other than food, there are also camera shops where they can hunt for a brand new photography equipments on the first floor, and on some of the other floors are also tattoo parlours if they are adventurous enough! There are also some comic and old school toy shops on the highest level which may appeal to the little boy in them.

After combing through the various levels in Far East Plaza, you are bound to get a little worn out, and that's when you will really appreciate the top level! Regenerate your energy and give your sore feet a rest in one of the many award-winning eateries on the last level like the Chicken Rice stall and the Ra-men stall. Ladies who would like a little pampering can get their nails done at one of the many affordable manicure parlours or get a haircut!

The Far East Plaza is indeed an awesome place to spend a whole day. You are sure to leave the place satisfied and glowing with pride from all the shopping and good food there!

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(Updated: April 24, 2012)

Worth exploring

Far East Plaza is one of Singaporean teenage girls’ favourite shopping haunts for sure. Here you can find relatively cheap deals on shoes and clothes if just spend a little more time searching. There are selected shops which are pricier than others but generally there are plenty of reasonably priced and trendy items that can be found.

The shoes here are similar to those that can be found at Bugis Street and are usually very up to date with the trends. It is an especially good location for searching for boots and other fancy shoes. With the opening of the Blogshopping shop, there is even greater variety from the higher-end clothing to the more basic and cheaper clothing.

The location is not very convenient as you have to walk quite a distance from the MRT station thus it may be a little troublesome to reach.

However, it is a mall where you can spend the entire day with your friends just walking through the whole area and going to each shop one by one for you may be surprised what you can find if you are very meticulous in going about it! After shopping, there are also a large variety of eateries to choose from to rest your tired legs and enjoy a meal or dessert.

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Cheap Shopping

Far East Plaza may not be anywhere as eye-catching as the newer shopping malls such as Ion along the Orchard belt, but don’t be too quick to judge this seemingly outdated building.

In it lies hoards of cheap treasures waiting to be found. Far East Plaza is popular with students on a budget for its inexpensive buys. Although one may have to sift through many clothes racks before stumbling upon a good find, the thrill when that does happen is infinitely rewarding. I still remember the joy on my friend’s face when she found a pair of shoes she liked for only $15.

If you’re running low on cash but can’t find a way to curb that shopping addiction of your’s, head on over to Far East Plaza today! You’ll probably be able to get 2 pieces of clothing for the price of that one Forever 21 dress.

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Far East Plaza - The land of cheap goods and sushi

Love Far East Plaza, this place was with me when I grew up. We would often head over after school to have lunch/ shop for cheap goodies there!

Besides, there is also sushi bar there now? Absolutely NO REASON not to go to Far East. ^^

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Cheap cheap!

Far East is ideal if you, like me, are on a tight budget and you need a fashion fix. You're not going to find products of the highest quality here but they don't cost a fortune either. Let's just put it this way; you get what you pay for.

Other than cheap clothes, Far East is also a great place for services like manicures and if you need to get your hair done before a big party. I got my hair done for prom here and its pretty decently priced. There's a shop called HairyCulture on the 3rd floor which specialises in cornrows! I've also heard you can get express manicures for $3!

All in all, affordable and a relatively fun place to hang out with your girlfriends!

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Not that amazing

Fareast plaza has been known to many teenagers as a place where you can find affordable apparels with tons of designs and in the latest trends. But well, I beg to differ, about most of the shops sell apparels that are about alike just maybe in a different material. They usually sell what you can find on the net, in blog shops online, and these blog shops sell apparels cheaper as they do not have to pay for rental. Also, some stores do not label their apparels with price tags and might try to charge you a tad higher especially when you look weak and naive.

Maybe in the past it would have been a place where teens do their shopping spree but not anymore. Prices have gone up and it takes a real long time before they bring in new styles which usually is already styles from past season or blog shops' previous collection's styles.

Crowd died down over the years and it isn't a place where you get affordable outfits with many choices anymore.

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Great deals

Far East Plaza is a shopping haven for people on tight budgets like students. My first impression of Far East Plaza was that it is really old, and really thought there's nothing much to shop inside. Of course my first impression failed me. The moment I step in, there's so many stores to go through, and mind you, one day isn't enough to shop through the whole building!

They have a whole range of stores that you can shop around, there are those expensive ones and those that are relatively affordable so you just have to look around. The shops in the basement are more towards the relatively affordable area. I love shopping in the basement, most of the pricing are pretty good, sometimes there are additional discounts so you would have to look out for it. However, there are always repeated stuff being sold by different stores (like shoes and clothes), and their price are usually the same, so you would have to sift through them. It can get weary on the eyes to see the same thing over and over again, but that is how it is.

Personally I think it is like Bugis Street, just that the quality of clothes are, on average, higher and it is not as packed like Bugis Street is which is good, who like to shop feeling like a packed sardine? So far I just get my clothes and shoes from Far East which is quite affordable and trendy, they have stores that sell good quality for affordable price, i.e. Hollyhoque. It changes its fashion pretty fast like, clothes that you see last week might be gone this week and they would bring in new pieces. I don't think they stock up much each design as well, so you need not worry that one day someone on the streets would clash clothes with you.

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Too young for me

It had been many years since I last visited this shopping centre. But recently, I was given an excuse to visit this shopping centre.

My sister-in-law was working as a part-time sales girl in one of the boutiques in this shopping mall. I was there to fetch her from work and arrived slightly earlier than her shop closing time. So while waiting, I walked around the shopping centre a bit.

The shopping centre gave me a "back to the basics" kind of feeling. The floor of the basement of the shopping centre was not tiled, it was concrete. The ceiling was also not covered up with false ceiling. All the pipes and air-con ducts were exposed.

Also, the crowd here was much younger, even most of the shops were run by younger people. While walking around, I felt some strange stares directed at me. Luckily, my young daughter was with me so I played the part of a good father accompanying my daughter for shopping.

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You pay for what you get

As most shopping malls become increasingly upmarket and unaffordable, Far East Plaza remains as pretty much the only salvation along Orchard Road for those on a tight budget.

The building is old and both the interior and exterior looks like it hasn't been renovated in at least 20 years, but this is probably the reason why things sold here remain affordable. Most of the fashion outlets seem to aim at young teens and adults, with mostly fashion inspired by Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese tastes, and many of the things sold in the shops can be found online on blogshops as well (they probably buy from the same distributor). As such, do not expect the quality of the clothes/accessories to be of any good, but it works well for youngsters who want to look good and need to constantly refresh their wardrobes with something new.

There are also foodcourts on the top floor which are probably the most normally priced food in all of Orchard, but be prepared for your clothes to smell like fumes. because the ventilation isn't any good.

In conclusion, you pay for what you get - and for the price you pay, don't expect anything much.

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A hidden gem in orchard!

Compared to the other malls in orchard, this place is really a hidden gem which sells teenager's fashion at so much cheaper a price than the ones you find at Ion, Taka etc. I remember last time i didn't use to think much of this plaza because of its outlook. The dirty exterior just sort of made me not want to enter. But after hearing positive reviews about it, i went to take a look and my, was i shocked.

The basement level have many shops selling the latest fashion trends which were very attractive. However, after shopping quite a while, i realised that most of the items were overpriced for the type and quality of the clothes. When it comes to clothes shopping, I do know how to see it a piece is worth the money or not. Most of the clothings there had no brand whatsoever, one thin or small piece costing 20 bucks is absolutely appalling.

There are some pretty good deals there, but that requires some searching. I did manage to grab some great deals there. Overall, a great place to shop at for a one stop shop of all things trendy but do take note of the prices there.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Budget shopping

For a student on a budget, when you mention shopping we would immediately think either Bugis Street or Far East Plaza. Having its reputation as a affordable and trendy shopping center, students come by the flocks during their shopping trips.

Budget clothings comes with budget quality of course. More often than not, you'll find poor quality clothes that comes apart after wearing it once or twice in numerous shops. However, there are definitely gems in this seemingly cheap shopping center. If you look hard enough in its nooks and crannies, you'll find boutiques tucked away at the corners you normally wouldn't bother to walk towards.

Other than apparels, there are plenty of mani/pedi shops and tattoo shops around, especially in the third /fourth floor. Food is usually located at the top floor or the basement.

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For the new generation

Far East Plaza has come a long way and has changed a lot since my teenage years. It still offers clothes but in more fashionable styles. The variety of shoes that are affordable have increased and yet the prices are pleasing to the wallets. I can grab a pair of flats or short heels for about SGD$20, which is pretty good and able to last me for a couple of months.

On the second level, there are a chain of hair extension, eyelash extension and etc boutiques that have opened up its doors to Singaporeans. I've personally tried the eyeslash extension, costs me about SGD$50 in the natural looking style and last me for about a month or so (depending on how well you take care of it). However, there is a price to pay for beauty - some of my real lashes dropped out, during the process of removal.

Overall, the shopping experience is great, you can purchase office clothes, casual clothes and complete it with shoes and accessories.

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