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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

*SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit organization with its mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development. The organization aims to facilitate youth-oriented programmes and support within various communities of youth interest. The youth of today will be inspired and empowered to DREAM IT AND LIVE IT at *SCAPE! Since its inception in 2007, *SCAPE has been the heartbeat of youth culture in Singapore, where thousands of young people were engaged across a broad spectrum of interests with creative and cutting-edge events, ranging from music, dance, urban sports and theatre, to fashion, visual arts and entrepreneurship. Through these youth interest programmes and activities, the youth will get to pursue their interest passionately and develop their potential for greater things for the future.

*SCAPE also offers visitors unique and exciting lifestyle products and services, with more than 20 retail outlets under its wing. As a non-profit organization, *SCAPE also desires to aid young hopefuls by offering organization support from a network of *SCAPE.s partners and supporters, and through venue support and sponsorship. Maintaining *SCAPE.s sustenance model relies heavily on external funding from government agencies, private donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations. The donated funds are channelled back into various initiatives to fulfil the needs of our youth. With this external support, *SCAPE aspires to further develop and strengthen existing programmes, and initiate personal development programmes to equip and educate Singapore.s young people for today.s challenging world.

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Having the name *SCAPE, it does sound like it would be a lively and youthful place. However, I did not feel so when I went there.

Apart from the regular flea markets that are held around the basement or rooftop area that I believe are the main crowd-pullers for this mall, there is nothing much that would really make the place lively. There are very few shops within and even when the flea was going on when I visited the place, there were very few people inside the mall itself.

The F&B outlet that I had dessert at was at a corner tucked away, with cemented floor, instead of tiling, and cemented walls with no overlay, giving the whole place a very run down look. Although it may have been the kind of grunge-look they may have been going for, it did not appeal to my appetite sitting in such a place.

The good thing about the mall is that its location is convenient, just alongside Cathay Cineplexes, so if you get bored, you can simply drop by into another mall! Also, you would not have to have specifically travelled to Orchard just to visit it as it could be a random visit among your regular shopping at other malls.

Overall I would not recommend visiting this place unless you are going for the flea markets.

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Boring Place

Scape has always been a part of my childhood/ younger teenage days and a go-to place on the weekends. Over the years, scape has changed tremendously but has still remained a popular haunt amongst the youth. Scape is like a dead town on weekdays but totally different on the weekends when the youths are present. From gaming hubs to food stalls and clothing shops, scape has almost everything a teenager would need.

I’ve got to admit that scape is pretty boring after you’ve been there twice or more. Heck, once is enough for you to get sick of it. (Or maybe just to me.) There isn’t much to do there unless you’re a fan of Play Nation, I would suggest to go with a group of friends. However, if you run out of gift ideas, scape would be a perfect place to hunt for small gifts.

If you’re in the area, I would suggest to visit the cute cafe situated right at the back of Scape, it has a pleasant ambience and it’s also a lovely place to hang out with your friends.

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My dream wardrobe in one area

Most youngsters today follow local blogshops on Instagram, are in love with all the outfits, but are simply too lazy to go through online shopping… wait, I was just describing myself. Blogshops are way too inconvenient for me, so I’d usually prefer to physically shop at *SCAPE Underground instead. Strange, I know.

With the shops being manned by youth in Singapore, the style of clothing sold is always trendy and in season. I used to have to wait until weekends in order to get fashionable clothing for cheap, since the flea market was only on then. But with *SCAPE Underground, I could do my shopping any day of the week during my holidays. What’s more, the place is nicely air-conditioned, and is always the preferred option compared to scouring through clothes in the flea market.

The only downside of *SCAPE Underground would be that you couldn’t try the clothes, nor return them. But, clothes aren’t the only thing you can get here. Handphone covers, bags, shoes - almost anything and everything a youth in Singapore needs to survive can be found in this one place.

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Ghost Town?

I really think that Scape is only visited due to the events that take place which attracts many youths. It's a great place for youths to get together and hang out, especially for dancers, so I've heard from my friend. She frequents the place to meet other dancers and learn from them. I haven't seen this for myself because I really don't go to Scape at all since the place is pretty boring.

Apart from the flea markets that sells pretty much the same things you can find at other malls, there is nothing attractive about the place. Inside is basically a replica of a ghost town as there's nobody inside. The shops are boring and pretty random, and Scape just really lacks in providing shoppers with what they want.

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Flea Market Paradise

I'm going to be completely honest and say that *SCAPE is one of my favourite places in Singapore. I love that this space was created for youth like me and I think the energy there is infectious. I'm not a huge fan of crowds, and *SCAPE is always crowded, but I still find myself drawn to it and that is saying something.

The best thing about *SCAPE in my eyes is their weekly flea markets which I frequent. I never fail to find extremely affordable clothes and accessories there that you can never find anywhere else. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll be able to score last season's Topshop of Forever 21 pieces at a fraction of the original price. I'm talking $5 to $10. I know, sounds too good to be true.

If you're ever in the Orchard area around night time and want a place to hang out with your friends cost free, then *SCAPE is the place to go. There are various open spaces where you can sit on the floor and chit chat or ogle at the incredible dance moves of the students who attend O School, the dance school in the building. *SCAPE is definitely one of my go-to places on the island.

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Affordable, chic clothes
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Orchard Road
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Perfect Hang-out spot

*Scape is a place more for the youths. Every weekend, there will be a flea market in the area selling items ranging from trendy accessories and tops, to phone and laptop casings.

One thing about *Scape is that, there is nothing much apart from the little retail shops and weekend flea markets. It is mostly a quiet empty space in *Scape itself. I would not recommend that place if you constantly require entertainment from around you. *Scape will appear boring to most. The only exception is when you want to hang out with a group of friends.

Buying drinks from the multiple bubble tea shops in the area, then sitting around at any random corner of the place or roof. In a way, it may appear as a cheapskate method to hang out, but being students, we don't have that much money.The place is not crowded so we don't have to worry about being an obstruction to the public.

The bubble teas at *Scape serve as our cheap thrills. There are Tea Tozz, Gong cha and Artease. I recommend all of them. Tea Tozz has really nice Thai Milk Tea, and a variety of desserts that I will never get sick of trying. Artease sells really unique mixes of tea. I love their chocolate mint milk tea and cinnamon milk tea. Their list of drink variety is never ending. Gong cha is still the best for their Earl Grey milk tea and drink quality.

Overall, if you don't mind chilling with your friends on the floor or on the roof over cups of bubble tea and desserts, *Scape will be a good place, especially if you hate crowds. However, if you're here for retail therapy, don't expect *Scape to keep you in for long.

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Tea Tozz
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(Updated: December 18, 2012)

Flea market's great, but there's nothing much to see in the complex itself

Indeed, when one thinks of *SCAPE, one thinks of the flea market, because when one actually explores the shopping complex itself, there actually ain't much to see. The place is small, and there aren't many shops inside, and I cannot remember if there is actually anything beyond the 2nd level.

The only worthwhile places to go to in the shopping complex are STAGE (a.k.a Show Luo's brand - everything's very expensive though), the AKB48 cafe + shop (which doesn't have a huge fanbase here), the AFA shop (which is really small and is always closed when I go there) and Play Nation (nobody's complaining about another Play Nation in town). That's really all there is inside, so unless there are more crowd-pleasing shops inside, *SCAPE's name is going to be synonymous to that of a flea market for a really long time.

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(Updated: December 16, 2012)

bursting with life on weekends, empty on weekdays

Scape has always been my go to place for cheap buys on the weekends. Weekly flea markets are held there and they attract hordes of people. The crowds can be suffocating, especially on hot days so probably not the best place to bring an impatient friend along. The flea market is the lifeline of that place, cause sometimes I do go to Scape on weekdays and it's like a ghost mall.

There are restaurants within the mall, like Sakae Sushi. On the outside there's snack and drink stalls like Old Chang Kee and Gong Cha. Beware though, on flea days the queues are frustratingly long. You'll never go hungry at Scape but you might get irritated with the crowds on flea days.

The mall itself on weekdays is a stark contrast to it's weekend life. On weekdays it's silent and empty, since there isn't much to shop within the mall itself. It gets overshadowed by the more attractive shops in Cathay Cinneleisure beside it. However, with the recent opening of Scape Underground the situation seems to be improving a little, since Underground is always open throughout the week.

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Youth hangout

*SCAPE does really well as a mall for youths to hangout - there is a big sky terrace upstairs where youth dance groups practise from time to time, a large skate park which anyone can use for free and also a little room that offers free coffee, tea and WIFI just for youths to chill and hangout or study.

No one really frequents *SCAPE much during the weekdays, except maybe to go to Play Nation which is a gaming hub. I usually only visit *SCAPE on Saturdays for the flea market where I can get trendy clothes and accessories at a steal. The flea market is usually packed with a lot of people, so you need to be a bit more tolerant of crowds if you want to have a good shopping experience.

I really think *SCAPE mall is a great initiative and I wholly support it because it gives youths a place to hang out without breaking the bank.

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Rather than it being a mall, it's more like a flea market

Don't get me wrong, I'm judging Scape based on the fact that it's a mall and not a full-fledged flea market.

Perhaps it being on a Saturday that I made my visit but while it's already hard to maneuver into the mall itself with all the flea markets' tables set up at the entrance, the interior of Scape is also filled with flea market stalls. While I do understand that Scape wishes to promote entrepreneurship among youngsters, the littering of flea market stalls within the mall has made it hard for shoppers to actually move around. Not only it gives the place a low-classed feel, and you can't blame me for feeling that way for there's heaps of clothing thrown on the ground for sale, I've actually encountered a bad incident at Scape.

Due to the tight spaces, I've actually saw two lady flea market owners arguing with each other over their stall spaces, hurling abusive words at each other. It created such a commotion that police was actually alerted to resolve the conflict and this incident alone probably leaves me a very bad impression of the place.

What I do like about Scape is its design with youngsters in mind. The famous dance school, O school, has a branch at the top level of Scape and you can often find their students practising at any empty spaces around the mall. While I do enjoy looking at them practise, I must admit that they too do clog up the paths at times. There's also a place at the basement used as a skate park, be it intentionally or not.

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Youth entertainment hub!

Scape is hopelessly empty during the weekdays, but give it a visit during a weekend, and you'll definitely by surprised by how crowded it'll get, and the resounding throb of youth excitement throughout the mall will leave you wondering if it's the same mall you visited just a few days ago.

I usually visit Scape during the weekends, because that's when the mall emerges from its dormant boring trance and turns into a place that is literally packed with teens and young adults.

During weekdays, Scape is pretty much a ghost town. The whole mall is strangely quiet, and there are hardly any other shoppers. It's not surprising though, because there are hardly any quality shops at Scape and the nearest shoppers will get to fashion there is probably Flesh Imp. As for dining options, it's a little more varied, housing some restaurants and fast food outlets like Sakae Sushi, MacDonalds, and Long John Silvers. There's even an AKB Cafe at Scape which I found strangely interesting, and is probably worth checking out as there aren't many of such themed cafes in Singapore.

During the weekends, Scape is very different. There are flea booths set up across the mall, and clothing and accessories can get very cheap. That's probably when the mall comes alive, as people start filling into the mall.

Scape also houses several entertainment spots and facilities. There is a gaming shop at Scape, as well as K Box, and even Crown Pool.

Don't dismiss Scape for the sorry state that it's in during the weekdays, for appearances can be very deceiving, and it is in actuality, where all the youths are at during the weekends!

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